How To See Who Liked Your Playlist On Spotify?

It is a known fact that if you are using Spotify then you will be provided the control to create your own playlists and even share it with others. Not just this but Spotify also informs you about your playlist popularity by displaying the total number of likes against it. Isnโ€™t it amazing? Seeing your music collection getting famous puts you in a confident position about your music taste.
As long as we are talking about the likes on our playlist we are good but the important question still remains unanswered i.e. โ€œCan I see who likes my Spotify playlist?โ€ Today we are going to answer this question with the help of some facts and figures. We will be answering all of your concerning queries one by one in this article so stay tuned with us!


Yes, you are able to see the total number of likes on your Spotify playlist. The procedure is pretty much simple, you donโ€™t really have to memorize the instructions as they are straight-forward. Follow the below mentioned steps to break the code behind How to see Spotify playlist followers.

STEP 1: Open the Spotify app and enter your credentials
STEP 2: Head towards the โ€œYour Libraryโ€ section
STEP 3: Select the playlist whose likes you want to know
STEP 4: The playlist will be opened and just below its title the total number of likes will be shown


We had it all covered when we were concerned with the โ€œLikesโ€ only. But now the main question comes which is โ€œWho likes my Spotify playlist?โ€ The tricky part of this question is that it makes you think that there sure is a way to see who liked your playlist, but this is not the case. Before answering โ€œWho likes my Spotify playlist?โ€ we will rather be answering โ€œCan I actually see who liked my Spotify playlist?
The former question will automatically be answered once we answer the latter one. Unfortunately, there isnโ€™t any way to see WHO liked your Spotify playlist. You will be able to witness the number of likes but nothing more than this which is definitely a big bummer. Many people are trying to solve this mystery of how to see who liked my Spotify playlist but they arenโ€™t getting anywhere.


If we talk about the past then we can say that the older version of Spotify did have this feature. Many people didnโ€™t know about this. Back then only a few people were able to use Spotify because majority didnโ€™t know much about technology. So only true music lovers who always had a connection with Spotify knew about its previously existing features.


The reason for the removal of this feature is still a mystery. This feature came with the launch of Spotify in 2013 but got removed immediately. People who had used this feature didnโ€™t accept its removal and started requesting to bring it back. After almost a time duration of 9 years, there is still no positive response. Due to the changes made in Spotify terms and conditions many things got updated. The upgradations made many people to stress over issues like Why Spotify deleted my account or Do I have to pay for Spotify?


Right after its removal the feature of โ€œHow to see who liked my Spotify playlistโ€ became the top requested feature. Lots and lots of people submitted their requests on the official forum of Spotify but still no luck. People are still submitting their requests to bring back this feature even after 9 years. Thatโ€™s how this feature got the title of the Top Requested One.


We have this theory in our mind that if we are not getting something by adopting the right way then there must exist an alternative for it. Unfortunately, there isnโ€™t any if we talk about Spotifyโ€™s top requested feature. I mean you can try to figure it out on your own but there isnโ€™t any hack or alternative for it.
Some people say there are 80% chances that your followers are actually the ones liking your playlist too. But it is not true always. There might exist a follower who hasnโ€™t liked your playlist and there might be someone who liked your playlist but isnโ€™t your follower.


Leaving behind the past and talking about the future is all we are left with. We are familiar with the past condition but what to expect in the future? Are the Spotify developers going to bring any change? Should we expect our requested feature in its new version? Lots of questions and only one answer โ€œIt dependsโ€.
When the number of submitted requests exceeded its limit then Spotify took action and labeled it as โ€œNot Right Nowโ€ and we all know what that means. Spotify users are still waiting anxiously for this feature to return.


You donโ€™t always get what you want and especially in the tech world. You either have to make compromise with the circumstances or give your best shot in trying to make it happen. Spotify indeed is a very popular and well-known music app but there are some important features that are missing from it. Although the structure of the app is perfect from the developerโ€™s eyes but the users demand more than this.
We can only wait for the Spotify developers to bring the desired changes in the app like how can we see the names of the people who liked our playlist. We are hoping that this feature might be released soon but we canโ€™t say much. If you have spotify related issue on Alexa then also checkout alexa wonโ€™t play music on spotify or you can also checkout our spotify issues category, you will get many solutions related to spotify;


Q โ€“ Why is it important to know who liked your Spotify playlist?
A โ€“ It is important to know who likes your playlist on Spotify because the users of Spotify are in variety. Some are music producers, some are artists and some are just the regular listeners. If you know who actually liked your music taste then it encourages you to keep your playlists in a more organized way and you might end up making lots of playlists for different users.

Q โ€“ What should we expect in the future regarding this feature?
A โ€“ By seeing the increasing demand it might be possible that this feature gets added to the Spotify featureโ€™s list. However, the final verdict hasnโ€™t been received from the Spotify official forum but what is the harm in hoping?



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