Can You Use Roku and Firestick on the Same TV? (2024)

Roku and Firestick are a great source of entertainment for the users. They allow people to watch maximum content on the television. So if you are also one of those people who want to watch everything on TV and wondering how to do this then don’t worry because we are here to help.

You can use Roku and Firestick both on the same TV. This can be achieved by using an HDMI slot. All you need is a smart TV with which you want to connect the Firestick and Roku. Look for smart TVs that already have built-in RokuOS or FirestickOS. If you have one of these TVs, you can connect an alternate TV stick instead.

Now if you don’t know how to connect Firestick to Roku TV or how to setup Firestick on Roku TV then don’t worry! As we will be discussing everything in great detail!


Generally if we were to tell the difference between Firestick and Roku then we wouldn’t have much to say because somehow they both are same in terms of working. Both of these streaming sticks allow users to watch maximum content on the TV. This content is streamed from the world’s top streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, YouTube, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video and etc.

But if we talk about features then there is a clear difference between the two. In the next section of this article we will be discussing the features briefly.


Firestick is an Amazon product and you know when it comes to Amazon you don’t need to describe how great its products are. The quality speaks for itself. Just like other products, Amazon Firestick is also a top-quality product. No compromise has been made on its functionality.


So if you have an Amazon subscription and you are using Firestick then you will be getting the following benefits.

  • Complete voice control on your TV
  • High quality display
  • Commendable streaming speed
  • 1000+ streaming channels
  • An easy and free access to various premium apps
  • Functionality of 4K resolution


Every product is different from another one. This difference could be in terms of usage, cost or any other factor. Talking about Roku, this streaming stick is popular because it provides a great ease to its users. The users can conveniently access the menu options and other functionalities without any confusion.

Users can easily scroll through multiple menu options, use search option and access apps menu. Some other cool features of Roku stick are as follows.

  • Availability of a headphone jack
  • You can have control over your TV with the help of Roku mobile app
  • 4000+ channels are available
  • 70k+ movies are available
  • Different TV shows are available with great quality
  • High resolution picture quality

There are multiple user queries which keep them confused all the way long. Like users not knowing how to turn ON TCL Roku without remote and similar queries like these.


Yes, Roku and Firestick can be used on the same TV. For this to happen you will be needing two HDMI slots. These two streaming sticks don’t interfere in the working of one another and you can use these two anytime you want.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that only one stick can be used at a time. You can either use Roku or Firestick depending upon your preferences. To switch between the two, you will have to switch the inputs by using TV media option.

Some people find it helpful to use both the streaming sticks on a single TV so they can binge watch their favorite content. On the other hand, there are some people who don’t like to perform switching between the streaming sticks. Now it is up to you whether you want to use Roku and Firestick on the same TV or not.


Using Roku and Firestick on the same TV will provide you with the following benefits.

  • Sometimes you want to watch different content unavailable on a single streaming stick. So you use one stick to manage content from its streaming site; similarly, another stick is used to watch content from its streaming site
  • Full access to various apps is provided
  • Firestick is good at providing multiple setting options while Roku offers a better user interface

So if you want everything to be at one place then it is recommended to use both Roku and Firestick on the same TV.


It can be a possibility that you have a TV with an already installed streaming device. It can be either Roku or a Firestick. In this case, suppose you have a Roku TV and want to connect Firestick streaming device. Is it possible? Of course, it is! Just follow the below-mentioned steps to achieve this.


STEP 1 – Firstly, you need to find the HDMI port behind your TV
STEP 2 – After finding the right HDMI port, take a USB cable. This cable will work as a power source
STEP 3 – The Firestick’s HDMI side has to be connected to the TV port
STEP 4 – If the connection is successful, the TV will detect the device and will show you the menu options
STEP 5 – Configure the settings as per your preferences


Yes! You can use Roku on Fire TV in the same way as you have used a Firestick on a Roku TV. The process for both the cases will remain the same. The difference will only be of the stick which has to be connected additionally. Follow the above steps as it is to connect Roku on a Fire TV.

Similarly, if we talk about other streaming options like wanting to watch fubotv on Vizio smart TV then it is possible too.


Another interesting case could be that you have a TV without built-in streaming devices. In this case you have to connect both the devices. The process could become frustrating if you don’t have any prior knowledge regarding this.

But we are here to help you, you just have to follow the instructions carefully to experience a smooth procedure.


STEP 1 – Pick your streaming stick that will act as a primary streaming device
STEP 2 – Get your TV a stable internet connection
STEP 3 – Now install Roku/Firestick software and perform a sign up procedure
STEP 4 – Connect the primary device to an HDMI port using a USB cable and perform the further setting
STEP 5 – Now connect the second stick using the same procedure and set it up also
STEP 6 – You have both the devices set, use whichever you want to


If your sole purpose is to just watch movies and TV shows then using Roku will be a better option. It provides you with unlimited content and easy to use menu options. The interface is extremely user-friendly so user has a smooth experience overall.

Talking about Firestick, this is also a great choice to consider. It helps the user to navigate through various streaming apps and will also search for your desired apps. As Firestick is an Amazon product so it favors Amazon Prime Video more as compared to the rest.


Q – Does A Firestick Work On A Roku Tv?
A – Yes, a Firestick works on a Roku TV. Perform the connectivity procedure correctly and you will be good to go!

Q – Can I Plug My Roku Stick Into Another Tv?
A – Yes, you can plug your Roku stick into another TV using an HDMI port. The Roku player will require an HDMI cable while the Roku stick will do the job using its own HDMI connector.

Q – How Many Channels Will I Get With A Firestick?
A – If you are using a live TV plan then you will get about 75 channels with your Firestick.


Using two streaming sticks on a single TV is possible. You just have to switch the input sources and like this you will be able to use your desired streaming stick. Using more than one streaming devices will give you a variety of options to watch your favorite content.

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