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How to Unlock LuxPro Thermostat ? Step By Step Guide (2024)

luxpro thermostat unlock

Smart products provide great ease to you by offering multiple features. They give you highest level of comfort so you don’t have any complaints from their side. However, these products could also get troubling once they encounter any issue. The nature of every issue is different than the previous one. Recently, I got rid of low battery warnings which my thermostat was continuously showing.

After solving the battery issue and the fluctuation issue of my thermostat’s cooling unit at night, I finally decided to make a switch to Luxpro thermostat so that I could get rid of these issues. But what a luck, right after I purchased Luxpro thermostat, it got locked due to my own carelessness.

I had no prior knowledge regarding this issue so I had to do a proper research by visiting different blogging websites, online forums and other articles. Finally I got the solution but along with this I also got to know one thing that the unlocking mechanism for every model is different.

To Unlock Your Luxpro Thermostat, Hold The NEXT Button For About 5 Seconds. You Will See A Message Saying β€œEnter Code”, Now Enter The Code Which You Had Used For Locking Your Thermostat. Now Again Press NEXT Button For About 5 Seconds And Then You Will See That Your Thermostat Has Been Unlocked.


Luxpro thermostat how to unlock procedure is very easy to follow. The main catch in this issue is the CODE. You can either use the default 4-digits code β€œ0000” or you can also use your own set code. After you have chosen the right code, the next few steps should be followed correctly in order to unlock your thermostat.


STEP 1 – Go to your thermostat and press the NEXT button for 5 seconds

STEP 2 – After 5 seconds, you will see a message saying β€œENTER CODE”

STEP 3 – Enter the required 4 digits code. You can use UP and DOWN arrow keys to select the digits

STEP 4 – After you have selected one digit, press NEXT button to jump to another one

STEP 5 – Now that you have entered all the 4 digits, press NEXT for again 5 seconds

STEP 6 – Your thermostat will shift to its normal mode and you will see no padlock symbol


You have Luxpro thermostat locked and now you don’t even remember the lock code, what to do now? Well in this case, you will have to perform a reset so that you can set the code again.

If you want to reset your thermostat then follow the below mentioned steps.


STEP 1 – You will see a β€œSet Slide” switch, bring that switch to the RUN position

STEP 2 – At the back of the circuit board, look for HW RST button and press it. It will perform a hard reset

STEP 3 – Make sure you press this button for 3 seconds and after that you will have your thermostat unlocked

If the issue still persists then try entering the default code β€œ0000” and then check if your thermostat is now unlocked or not.


To lock your Luxpro thermostat, follow the below mentioned steps.


STEP 1 – Make sure that the Set Slide switch is in the RUN position. Set the system mode to either COOL or HEAT mode

STEP 2 – Press the NEXT button for 5 seconds, you will see a screen displaying 4-digits code entry. This code will be set as your lock code

STEP 3 – Use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to change the digit. Once a digit has been selected press NEXT button to jump to next digit

STEP 4 – After all the digits have been entered successfully, press the NEXT button for 5 seconds

STEP 5 – You will see a padlock symbol on the screen which means the thermostat has been locked


The unlocking and locking procedure of Luxpro psp511ca thermostat is a bit different so make sure you don’t confuse the generic procedure with this one.


STEP 1 – Press the NEXT button on your thermostat three times

STEP 2 – Then press HOLD button

STEP 3 – If you see HOLD button then it means the thermostat is locked otherwise it is unlocked

However, if this doesn’t work out for you then you can perform a software reset to overcome this problem. To do this find a small white button present above the NEXT button

This is basically a software reset button. Press this button with the help of pencil or paper clip and you will be good to go. Performing this reset will clear all the set schedules and programming but the current time and date will not be erased. So if there are any important values, make sure you note them somewhere safe.


There is another model of Luxpro thermostat i.e. PSPA722. Now for locking and unlocking this thermostat you will need to pay more attention. To lock or unlock the thermostat press the buttons in the following order.



If the thermostat is locked then you will see a padlock otherwise not.


Q – How To Unlock A Luxpro Thermostat?
A – To unlock a Luxpro thermostat, press the NEXT button for 5 seconds and then enter the correct code. After that again press the NEXT button to complete the process of unlocking.

Q – How To Perform A Software Reset On Luxpro Thermostat?
A – To perform a software reset on Luxpro thermostat you will have to find the small white button present right above the NEXT button. Press it using a paper clip or pencil.

Q – Is The Unlocking Process Different For All The Luxpro Thermostat Models?
A – Yes, the unlocking process is different for all the Luxpro thermostat models.

Luxpro thermostat unlock knowledge should be known by you because it comes in handy in many cases. If you don’t know about this initial knowledge then it will become difficult for you to make peace with your thermostat. We have provided each and every detail regarding the issue now it is up to you to utilize that knowledge in the best possible way.

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