How To Turn On TCL Roku TV Without Remote (Complete Guide)

tcl roku tv turn on without remote

Owning smart products is a very easy task to do. But when you start encountering the small issues, they make you frustrated. Some issues require minimum knowledge while others require detailed knowledge to get solved. Even sometimes there are issues which appear to be a no-deal but in reality those are the issues which make you annoyed. Now what to do about such issues?

Well, there are number of such issues but we are going to discuss one of them. The issue says, β€œHow to turn on TCL Roku TV without remote”. Now by just seeing the title you might be wondering that this issue can be solved in no-time. But in reality this is a difficult issue to solve. Before jumping on to the solution of actual issue, let us just discuss some facts about Roku TV.


If there is anything Roku TVs are famous for, it is their quality. The providence of quality literally overcomes the other demerits which this product offers. Well, for now the only complaint received from the users is regarding the placement of power button on TCL Roku TV. This means if you don’t have access to the remote then it is going to be a tough journey for you my friend!

The question β€œHow to turn on Roku TV without remote” will keep popping in your head and you will constantly find the power button but you will not find any. You don’t have to worry as we are here to help just like we did when you wanted to cast Safari browser to Chromecast or when you wanted to know about GPU temperature while having long gaming sessions.


So if you don’t have an easy access to the remote then of course you will have to turn ON the TV using the power button. Now for Roku TV there are many spots to look for, we will be giving a brief introduction regarding each one of the placements.

  • Middle, under-side:

The most common position for a power button is usually in the middle. Or sometimes if you get confused with the middle or center position, search for the logo and see right underside it. You will surely find one.

tcl roku tv no remote

  • Back of TV, right side:

Another placement is at the back of the TV. Chances are that instead of front, the power button now is at the back of your TV. If you want to know the exact location then it would be at the right side of the back of your TV.

  • Back of TV, left side:

This placement also deals with the back of your TV but this time it is at the left side and not right. Make sure to check both the sides when looking at the back of your TV.

  • Front left, under-side:

Last placement deals with the front-left position. This is considered to be the most disturbing position because it is an easy to miss spot. You will have to look in detail.

The above mentioned power button placements answer your query of β€œHow to manually turn on TCL TV without remote”. There are other ways as well which we will be discussing in the next section of this article.


One great thing about smart products is that they have multiple solutions for a single problem. Suppose for some reason you don’t have an access to the TV remote or the remote isn’t working, now what you can do is try on various hacks to overcome this difficulty. By doing this you won’t feel the need to use the remote anymore and the job will also be done. Follow the below mentioned hacks to solve your problem.


There are 3 major ways to get the job done. We will be discussing them one by one in great detail.


The first thing which you can do is use the Roku app. Just connect your smart phone with the Roku TV app and you will have full control of your TV. The smartphone will act same as your TV remote. If you want to adopt this way then follow the below mentioned steps.


STEP 1 – Get the Roku TV app installed on your smart phone by visiting Google or Apple Store
STEP 2 – Now connect your TV to the same Wi-Fi as your smart phone
STEP 3 – After installing the app successfully, open it and go to the β€œDevice”
STEP 4 – From the available Roku devices, select β€œRemote”
STEP 5 – Provide the remote key in order to have complete access
STEP 6 – Now you can easily control the TV using your smart phone
The main demerit of using this application is that it is only compatible when the TV isn’t deactivated. Otherwise you will have to use other ways to turn ON your TV.


Before telling you how to turn ON your Roku TV using a Nintendo switch, let us have a look what actually it is. Nintendo switch is a gaming equipment which helps to have a hybrid console. You can even use this to turn ON the TV.


STEP 1 – Connect the Roku TV and Nintendo switch with the help of dock
STEP 2 – Now visit the β€œHome Screen” section
STEP 3 – Select β€œSystem Settings” from there
STEP 4 – Now visit the β€œTV Settings” option and from there go for the option β€œMatch Power State”
STEP 5 – Turn it ON
After activating this, the Nintendo switch and TCL Roku TV will automatically be activated.

  • USE PS4:

You will be amazed to know that you can turn on Roku TV with PS4 as well. For this you will have to follow the below mentioned steps with great care.


STEP 1 – Connect your TV and PS4 with each other using a HDMI cable
STEP 2 – Turn ON your PS4 console and go to β€œHome Screen”
STEP 3 – Now visit the β€œSettings” section and then head towards β€œSystem Settings”
STEP 4 – Make sure that the HDMI connection is enabled
STEP 5 – Now your TV will be turned ON along with your PS4 console


So after giving a thorough read to our article you might be able to solve the query of turning on your Roku TV if you don’t have the remote. There are multiple ways to get the job done, you can pick the one which works out the best for you. You will be able to solve this issue in no time and then you can continue watching your favorite series on your Roku TV.


Q – Where is the power button on the TCL Roku TV?
A – Well, it depends on the TV model you own. If you don’t know about the model of your TV then use the manual to figure it out. The possible placements are:

  • Middle, under-side
  • Front, under-side
  • Back of your TV, left side
  • Back of your TV, right side

Q – Can you turn ON a Roku TV without a remote?
A – Yes, it is possible to turn on Roku TV without a remote by adopting one of the following ways:

  • Using Roku TV app
  • Using PS4
  • Using Nintendo Switch

Q – What do I do if I lost my Roku TV remote?
A – There is nothing to panic if you lose your Roku TV remote. You can get the Roku TV app installed in your smart phone and then you can use your smart phone as the TV remote.

Q – Can I replace my TCL Roku TV remote?
A – Yes, you can get the Roku TV remote replaced without any problem.

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