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How To Turn Off Temporary Hold On Honeywell Thermostat ?

honeywell thermostat turn off hold

The main purpose to buy a thermostat is actually to bring ease into your life. With so many other things going on you often forget to adjust the temperature during your busy schedule. As a single person and a working body, I spend most of my time outside the house. So whenever I come home, I expect the environment to be exerting the suitable air for me.

By staying outside the house, I can control the temperature even then. Instead of paying a large fortune, I prefer to use the thermostat accordingly to optimize my usage. Although there are other features as well like Honeywell thermostat providing the recovery mode and emergency heat feature to its users. With Honeywell thermostat you can enjoy all the features to the fullest.

Sticking to the same temperature pattern every time, is it worth it? No, sometimes you need a change and so does your surroundings. For this, Honeywell thermostat provides you with a feature which holds a particular temperature for a time duration. You can disable this feature when you are ready to face the temperature hotter or cooler than that.

There Are Various Thermostat Models Out There, According To Your Model Tap On Cancel/use Schedule/run/run Schedule/remove Hold Or Cancel Hold Option To Disable Temporary Hold On Honeywell Thermostat.


Before getting to know what to do in order to turn off the hold on Honeywell thermostat, it is important to get a brief knowledge regarding the working of temporary hold.


Temporary hold feature is very essential for users who need a constant change in their temperatures. First of all, the latest smart thermostats allow you to schedule a program for your HVAC system. This program will keep adjusting the temperature according to the pattern provided.

But what if you want to break the pattern and have a different temperature experience? Well, this is exactly where temporary hold comes in handy. Turning ON the temporary hold feature will hold the specific temperature for a certain time duration. After you are ready to face the temperature hotter or colder than this, you can turn OFF the temporary hold.

remove temporary hold on thermostat


When you are done being experiencing the temporary hold perks, you would want to switch back to the old settings of your HVAC system. For this you need to first turn OFF the temporary hold on Honeywell thermostat and then you can finally come back to your daily routine. But keep this thing in mind that before proceeding, you should know how to unlock your Honeywell thermostat.

Honeywell thermostat turn OFF hold feature requires you to tap on one of the following options:

  • Cancel
  • Cancel Hold
  • Remove Hold
  • Run
  • Run Schedule
  • Use Schedule

These options vary according to the thermostat model that you own. Some models even have a small arrow symbol for disabling the temporary hold option, so make sure that you choose the option in accordance with your model.


No, the temporary and permanent hold on Honeywell thermostat is not same at all. You will use these features differently every time. The main difference between the two lies in the name of these features. As for the permanent hold, this feature will hold the temperature permanently for a long period of time and will completely ignore the HVAC settings of your thermostat. This feature is beneficial when you have to leave your house for a long time duration i.e. for vacation.

Using this feature can bring a drastic change in your electricity bills and can also optimize your usage according to your preferences and work requirements.



Temporary hold on thermostat comes in handy in many situations. Like when you are not feeling well and you want to experience a temperature different than the normal one so you can use this feature as well. Other than this if you want to run a quick grocery session even then you can use this amazing feature.


How to remove hold on Honeywell thermostat is not at all a demanding task. If you are using a thermostat then it means you know the basic knowledge of it. If you are familiar with it then turning off the hold shouldn’t be difficult for you. Make sure you use this feature only when it is required, do not use it excessively as it can pressurize your thermostat’s HVAC system. So make sure to use this only when required.


Q – How To Turn OFF Hold On Honeywell Thermostat?
A – Turning OFF hold on Honeywell thermostat requires you to press the following options:

  • Cancel
  • Cancel Hold
  • Remove Hold
  • Run
  • Run Schedule
  • Use Schedule

Q – How Long Is Temporary Hold Honeywell?
A – If you have turned ON the temporary hold on Honeywell thermostat then it will work only for a short time duration which will be less than 12 hours. After this duration, the settings will automatically be converted to normal mode.

Q – How To Remove Temporary Hold On Honeywell 6000?
A – You can remove temporary hold on Honeywell 6000 by pressing the current hold setting and then pressing Run schedule option. This will allow the Honeywell 6000 to come back to its normal settings and you will experience temperature according to the set temperature pattern.

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