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Trane Thermostat Blank Screen? How To Fix Guide (2024)

trane thermostat screen blank

Has your Trane Thermostat no display screen gone blank and you’re unsure what to do? Hang on we are here for your help. This issue happens because of many reasons. The blank screen of your Trane Thermostat blank screen no batteries can be caused by dead/low batteries, faulty wires, insufficient charge, and tripped breakers.

Keep reading the article to know more about the causes and solutions for the Trane Thermostat screen blank. Blank screens are one of the common issues with Trane Thermostats not working that you can resolve at home without expert help. Let’s have a look at how to resolve the Trane Thermostat screen blank problem.

How To Fix? (Trane Thermostat Blank Screen)

Thermostats are used to manage and control indoor temperatures for your comfort. Smart thermostats like Trane Thermostats automatically control the temperature even if you are not around. Trane offers smart and reliable thermostats with easy-to-use features.

To fix the Trane AC Thermostat blank screen issue, power cycle your thermostat by re-inserting batteries, fixing the tripped circuit breaker, or adjusting the wires in the incorrect terminal order. Use these troubleshooting tips to restore your blank screen to its normal screen. Follow all these troubleshooting steps carefully.

1. Power Cycle Your Thermostat:

Power cycling is resetting your thermostat’s setting to its default settings. Power cycle your thermostat through the circuit breaker. Find the circuit breaker in your thermostat. Make sure the HVAC system is off. Turn off the breaker switch for 30 seconds and then turn it on again. Turn on the HVAC system of your thermostat too. This will possibly fix your issue and reset the thermostat.

2. Insert Reliable Batteries:

If your thermostat’s screen goes blank suddenly, and you’ve no idea why then this can be due to low/dead batteries. Poor batteries are one of the major causes of blank screens. This can easily be fixed by replacing drained batteries with smart and long-lasting batteries that are reliable.

3. Change The Blown Fuses:

In many cases, the fuse could have gone bad and is not letting electric flow pass through them. Check your thermostat for any blown fuses. Any blown fuse can cause severe issues like this. Open the furnace of your HVAC system and check the fuse. If it is blown, throw it away and insert a new fuse. Replace the fuse with a working fuse that will restore your thermostat screen.

4. Check The Thermostat’s Wiring:

Another main issue can be with the loose or burned wires that causes blank screens. Check the wirings of the thermostat, fix them, and make sure they are connected to their correct terminals. Open the base cover of your thermostat using the tools. Unplug the wires from their slots and then reconnect them. This will restore your Trane Thermostat troubleshooting blank screen. If you have no experience with this, call any technician to deal with electrical wires to fix the issue for you.

5. Flip The Circuit Breaker:

A tripped circuit switch can also cause screen issues. To fix the blank screen of your thermostat, flip the circuit breaker. Open the panel of your thermostat. Find the switch of the HVAC system controlling your thermostat. This will refresh your thermostat and troubleshoot your problem.

6. Keep The Thermostats Cleaned:

Another major reason for the Trane Thermostat’s blank screens can be dirty thermostats. Dust collects inside the thermostats and defects the screen which might turn the screen blank. Open the front cover, and use compressed air to clear out all the dust clogged inside the thermostats. Use a soft brush to clean the dirty wires and terminals.

7. Get A New Thermostat:

Every electrical device has a lifespan of a maximum of 10 years. If you have tried all the above troubleshooting steps and still the screen is not working, your thermostat might need a replacement now. Get a new thermostat and get rid of all issues.

Questions Related to Trane Thermostat Not Turning ON:

Q: How Will I Know My Thermostat Is Broken?
A: If the heater/cooler of your room doesn’t operate the way you set it, or shows faded digits on the screen, this means your thermostat is broken or faulty.

Q: How To Clean The Thermostats?
A: Clean your dirty thermostat by removing its cover and cleaning it using a soft brush or cloth. Clear all the clogged dirt between the wires properly. This is how you will clean your thermostat.

Q: How To Reset The Thermostat Through The Circuit Breaker?
A: First of all turn off the HVAC system. Find the circuit breaker in your thermostat cover box. Switch it off for 30 seconds and then turn it on again. This will entirely reset your Trane Thermostat no power to its default settings and fix the blank screen issue.

Q: How To Lock My Trane Thermostat Screen Power?
A: Press the β€˜menu’ button to lock a Trane Thermostat screen power. Hold and press the padlock icon for few a seconds and then release it. Your thermostat will be locked

Last Thoughts:

A Trane Thermostat screen blank is the perfect automatic device for controlling your home’s temperature. If your device’s screen is not turning on, you can try the troubleshooting tips. If you are unable to resolve the problem on your own, you may need to contact an HVAC technician to diagnose and resolve the problem.

If your Trane Thermostat no display black screen doesn’t restore, try replacing batteries, checking tripped circuit breakers, flipping those back in, checking the loose wirings, and fixing them. If still these don’t fix the issue, call the HVAC expert for help. Hope this post guide you about the different components of a thermostat and helps you fix your problem. Your thermostat lifespan might have ended. In this case, get a new thermostat from any reputable brand for your comfort.

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