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Why Does My Thermostat Setting Not Match My Home’s Temperature?

house hotter than thermostat set

It was the end of October and the November breeze could actually Areally be felt. It was the time to adjust the temperature according to the weather demands. So I adjusted the temperature by removing the thermostat cover and making the required changes.

The whole day passed but I didn’t feel any change. What was it? Was there any issue with my thermostat? Or was my thermostat on permanent hold? I had no idea at all. The first thought which popped into my head was to contact a professional.

Before I could do this, I came across some tips and tricks which I wanted to try myself. I want to share them with you all so you could spare all the trouble and inconvenience.

The Possible Reason That Why Your Thermostat Setting Does Not Match The Home Temperature Could Be Due To The Presence Of Dirt In The Interior Parts Of The Thermostat. Or If Your Thermostat Is Operating On Batteries So It Is Possible That The Batteries Have Completed Their Life.


If you are dealing with smart products then you have to remember one thing that there isn’t always one single reason for the occurrence of any problem. Secondly, there are multiple fixes for a single problem. So if your thermostat setting isn’t matching your home’s temperature then there could be multiple reasons for it like batteries have used up all the energy, a pile of dirt is built inside the thermostat components, the temperature has been set too high or too low and what not. We will be discussing each and every single reason for this problem in the next section of this article.

thermostat reading higher than setting


There are multiple reasons for why the thermostat goes above set temp. We will try to cover each and every reason in great detail for you all.


One reason for why your thermostat reads higher than actual temperature is its location. The location of thermostat matters a lot. If it is placed near kitchen or any other warm place then it will sense the temperature of that particular area only and will shift its setting before the whole house is heated properly. The easy fix for this is to change the location of your thermostat so that you don’t have to face this inconvenience in the future.

thermostat location in home


If your thermostat is reading lower than setting or if your thermostat is reading higher than setting, it means you are forcing it to do some extra work. This extra work will take you nowhere in fact it will only damage the lifetime of your thermostat because the HVAC system comes under pressure by doing this. So it is better to keep your thermostat’s temperature by keeping in mind the outside temperature.


Sometimes the inner components of your thermostat have lots and lots of dirt built up which will affect its working. This affected working will surely cause the fluctuation in the temperature settings so make sure to keep the inner and outside components of your thermostat clean.


The mismatching of your thermostat set temperature and the room temperature could also occur if the capacity unit of the machine is smaller than the house. The capacity unit should be big enough to provide the sufficient temperature to the house. So it is better to switch to a thermostat having a bigger capacity unit.


Thermostat drops below set temperature, what to do? Well, the reason could be in the wiring. Sometimes the wires become defective or faulty due to which the working of the thermostat gets affected and it doesn’t work properly at all. Get the wires checked as soon as possible.



Your house hotter than thermostat set temperature could be the first indication to catch your attention. Before calling the professionals, you yourself should carry out a little experiment to manually check the thermostat by following the below mentioned steps carefully. If you have no experience in this domain then it is advised to take help from the professionals.


STEP 1 – Make sure your HVAC system is turned OFF
STEP 2 – Unscrew the nails to remove the panel in order to have access to the underneath wires
STEP 3 – Your will see many terminals having different colors, make sure you remember them
STEP 4 – Now remove the terminal wires carefully without causing any damage
STEP 5 – If the terminal is having more than one wire then make sure to remove only the red and white ones
STEP 6 – Twist the ends of red and white wires carefully without causing other wires to have contact with these wires or the other ones as well
STEP 7 – Turn ON your HVAC system and observe whether the thermostat’s heat and power is working or not
STEP 8 – Then again switch OFF the HVAC system and now try twisting red and yellow wires together to ensure the working of air conditioner
STEP 9 – The last twisting would be of red and green wires together to test whether the fan is working properly or not
STEP 10 – You will figure out where exactly the problem lies after performing the twisting procedure
After getting to know about the issue, you will be able to solve the issue within no time.


Now if the above option didn’t work out for you then we have another option which will require no dealing with the wires. If your thermostat room temperature and setting do not match then you can use this fix which requires only the basic knowledge of the working of a gadget known as β€œMulti-meter”.


STEP 1 – Turn ON the gadget and set the voltage to 24 volts AC
STEP 2 – Now take the meter probe and touch it with the terminal which says β€œR”
STEP 3 – After that, touch the other probe with either yellow, white or green terminal
STEP 4 – Look carefully at your thermostat’s screen to note down the reading
STEP 5 – If your thermostat is working fine and getting sufficient power then you will get the readings between 22-26 volts, otherwise 0

The reading 0 is the indication that there has been some kind of fault or defect within your thermostat.


All the possible reasons for the occurrence of this issue have been discussed in detail, now it is up to you to check which one issue is with your thermostat. Try the fixes in order to get your issue resolved as soon as possible. You thermostat will start working normally within no time.


Q – Why Room Temp Is Higher Than The Thermostat Setting?
A – The room temperature is higher than the thermostat setting due to the presence of faulty sensors. The sensors aren’t working properly due to which the mismatching of the temperature occurs.

Q – How Do I Calibrate My Thermostat Temperature?
A – To calibrate your thermostat temperature the easiest way is to use a thermometer. Take a thermometer and tape it against the wall near your thermostat. Wait for about 15-20 minutes and then check the reading. If there is a difference of just 2 3 degrees then you are good to go.

Q – Is It The Time To Replace My Thermostat?
A – The only situation in which you can replace your thermostat is when its life time has been completed and there isn’t any way left except for replacing it.

Q – Where Should I Put My Thermostat?
A – The thermostat location plays a huge role in maintaining the temperature of your house. If it is placed at a location where the working of the sensors could get disturbed then you need to change the location as soon as possible.

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