Thermostat Set At 72 But Reads 75 – How To Fix It? (2024)

thermostat won t go below 75

So if you have entered a certain temperature value and it reads any other value then this might get concerning for you. Usually the temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit is enough to make the environment cozy. But what if the temperature read is 75 Fahrenheit?

You must eventually start thinking that what exactly is the issue which is causing this problem. Well, you don’t need to worry as we have this under control. You just need to focus on the solution part more than on the question part.

If you are one of the users who are facing this issue then be prepared to deal with issues like leaking air ducts and some other intense issues as well. Technology is no doubt very advanced but you cannot always rely on it. So brace yourself for every possibility.


Sometimes your thermostat works extra hard to maintain a cozy temperature for your comfort. Once you have noticed this situation then it is time for you to figure out certain things.

If the outside temperature is too high then you have to understand this theory that the thermostat is working extra hard so that it can keep the inside temperature lower. Situations like these might occur when there is a chance of heat-wave.

But once the heat-wave has passed then the settings should come back to normal. You have to keep a close eye on this thing because that is the only way to troubleshoot this problem.


Following are the different troubleshooting methods which you can try to solve the issue.


Smart thermostats inform you about the temperature readings using their sensors. If by any chance your thermostat gives you an incorrect reading then there might be a high probability that the sensors have become faulty.

To confirm that this is the case you can carry out a process. Take another thermostat and measure the temperature accordingly. If this thermostat gives you a different temperature value then it means the sensors in previous thermostat are damaged.


The solution of this problem is to replace the thermostat. However, the thermostat has different types so choose accordingly because each type also demand a different installation process. For this case it is recommended that you take the help of an expert.


If the battery of your thermostat is causing trouble i.e. showing low battery messages then this could also become the reason of your problem. Insufficient battery power can cause your thermostat to read an incorrect temperature reading.

Once you have received a low battery error message then prepare yourself to get the batteries replaced as soon as possible because the thermostat will only work for 2-3 months. During this time the thermostat will use all of its power and you will have no other solution left.


If the presence of faulty batteries is the reason for your problem then you need to replace the old batteries with new ones.


If you have a thermostat which uses electrical system as a power source then you need to check that source as well. Check whether the circuit breakers are tripped or not. Also keep an eye to check the presence of blown fuses.


If you don’t have enough tech related knowledge then the best solution is to contact a technician to resolve your issue.


Is your thermostat placement all wrong? This is a very important question to ask because the placement of your thermostat can also cause this issue. If your thermostat is placed somewhere near kitchen or any other place where it is directly affected by the outside temperature then it will sure give you a different reading.

If the thermostat is placed at a location where it is receiving lots of sunlight then definitely it will show you a different temperature reading. Similarly if the placement of your thermostat is somewhere near a window then in that case also the reading won’t be accurate.


Call a professional to have your thermostat relocated to a new position. Remember to select such a location where the thermostat don’t get affected by outside temperature.


Sometimes it is not your thermostat but the HVAC system which is causing the problem. There are several components which make up the entire HVAC system. So if one of these several components fail then the entire system stops working. However, the air filters and ductwork are the components which are highly sensitive in this case.


There are air filters present in the HVAC system. The job of these filters is to let the air through. During this process the filters might catch dirt which makes them clogged. These filters come with a lifetime. If you are a user of such filters then you need to get them replaced every 3 months.

Clogged air filters will put pressure on your thermostat to work hard enough to reach the required temperature. Even after this much hard work the thermostat is still don’t able to reach the desired temperature due to the presence of dirty filters.


If you have set the temperature to 72 degrees but the reading is incorrect then you might want to look into the HVAC system to find out if there is a leakage or not. If you want to find out that this is the issue then you will have to look for several warnings.

The first warning is the incorrect temperature reading. The second warning is the observation of the cooling process. Your thermostat will not cool some parts of your home even though your AC has been working continuously. This continuous work will leave a large electric bill for you to pay.

Then there are some other factors as well which you have to notice in order to know whether the issue you are dealing with is dripping ductwork. Observe whether the amount of dirt has increased in your home or the pollutants have been absorbed by your HVAC system.

If this is the issue then of course you will have to deal it in the most sensible way. The solution is pretty straight-forward.


If you have an issue of dripping ductwork then call an HVAC specialist to get the job done in the right way.


Another important and critical component of your thermostat to look at is the AC unit. Check the AC unit thoroughly because it is the component which is responsible for gathering the heat of your home.

If it is gathering enough heat but not letting it out then it could happen that your set temperature is read as 75 instead of 72.


The probability that the refrigerant leak might occur is very less. It is mostly in some rare cases. If you don’t know about refrigerant leaks then let us enlighten you that it is a gas used by the AC unit of your thermostat. If this gas runs out then the AC won’t be able to cool your house effectively.

To be sure that this is the problem you need to investigate the refrigerant lines. If you see accumulated ice present on the wire then do know that the issue is definitely related to refrigerant leaks.


It is nearly impossible for you to handle this problem on your own. If your thermostat is reading higher than actual temperature and the reason is refrigerant leaks then you need to hire professional help in order to get the job done without any inconvenience.


AC set to 68 but reads 75, is this issue concerned with the lifespan of thermostat? Well, it actually depends. In some cases the answer might be YES while in others it will be considered as a NO.

If you are worried about the maintenance of your thermostat then stay relaxed because it doesn’t require much maintenance. You just need to replace the old batteries with new ones. But if you want a one word answer for the lifespan of your thermostat then the time is about 10 years.


If you are worried about the sensors and batteries of your thermostat then you are troubling yourself because they should be the least of your concerns. There are few indicators which you need to keep in mind to ensure the proper working of your thermostat.

Faulty thermostats don’t turn on the AC unit. The gadgets are activated by sending a signal through electrical cables. So if there is an issue in the wiring of the thermostat then the whole system will fail eventually. Bad wiring issue and incorrect calibration might be the problems for this.


The cost of your thermostat depends on the location you choose to install. However, the expenditure cost is between $80 – $200 while the installation cost is from $140 to $350.


Treating thermostat issues is not much of a task because each one of them has a straight-forward solution. Keep learning these solutions and you will be good to go! On the other hand, you will get to learn very much about the technical knowledge so it isn’t a bad deal at all.


Q – Why Is My Thermostat Reading Higher Than Setting?
A – The reason that your thermostat is reading higher than setting is because of the presence of damaged sensors. If the sensors are damaged then you will be facing this issue frequently.

Q – How Do I Know If My Thermostat Is Calibrated Correctly?
A – If your thermostat is calibrated correctly then you will get the same room temperature on your thermometer as well. You need to place the thermometer a few inches away from your thermostat and wait for a few minutes. Check the temperature and match it with your thermostat.

Q – Can A Thermostat Give Wrong Temperature?
A – Yes, a thermostat might be recording wrong temperature and the reasons could be many for this cause.

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