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Thermostat Reads Higher Than Actual Temperature – Guide (2024)

room temperature different than thermostat

Another day, another thermostat issue. What to do? I have been asking this question for a long time but now I know exactly what to do. Buying these smart products haven’t only made my life easier but they have also taught me basic knowledge regarding their issues and fixes.

Starting with, yesterday I was sitting in my lounge watching Netflix with my sister. The room temperature started getting uncomfortable due to some reason. I got up and checked my thermostat to figure out the real cause. After spending some time I came to know that thermostat goes above set temp.

When Your Thermostat Reads Higher Than Actual Temperature Then The Temperature Might Get Too Hot In Summers And Too Cold In Winters.

Figuring out this issue wasn’t just a piece of cake. Dealing with this particular issue made me think about the time when I had to figure out what does hold mean on thermostat and how to unlock Honeywell thermostat.


Why is my house hotter than the thermostat setting? To answer this question we have lots of reasons to talk about. We will be explaining them one by one so don’t miss this section of the article.


The location of your thermostat is very important and plays a very important role in temperature functioning. If your thermostat is placed near your kitchen or if it is placed in the hallway then it will surely show some incorrect temperature readings. This happens because the external temperature of that particular place where the thermostat is being placed becomes too hot or too cold that the thermostat sensors sense this temperature and change the settings accordingly. Let’s suppose your thermostat is placed near your kitchen and when it gets hot, the thermostat senses that the external temperature has become hot enough so it adjusts the temperature accordingly. Thermostats are not smart enough to know that the temperature of only that particular area has become hot and not the temperature of overall house.


The reason why we call these products smart ones because they use sensors for their working. Sensors play a very important role in the correct functioning of the thermostat. If the thermostat’s sensors are damaged then they could give you false temperature readings and you could be wondering what is wrong with my thermostat. So if you are facing the same trouble then it is better to first check the sensors before you make a big investment.


Thermostats have 2 important components; one is the vents and the other are the sensors. If the sensors are damaged even then the thermostat will not work properly and if the vents are blocked then also the temperature readings might fluctuate. The vents are more prone to catch dirt and get blocked. This blockage has a direct impact on the sensors and also affect them badly when it comes to working.


Sometimes (just to be on the safe side), it is really important that you keep a check and balance on the temperature readings. To ensure this, there are many ways but the most effective one is to calibrate your thermostat. Doing this will inform you whether the thermostat is working fine or not. If there is any issue in the temperature readings then of course you will feel your house hotter than thermostat set. The room temp higher than thermostat setting will cause an uncomfortable environment and will not provide you any ease.


The wiring could be another reason for why your thermostat is reading higher than setting heat. This issue should be solved because of many reasons. To begin with, faulty wiring could cause more damage to the thermostat if not fixed on time. In addition to this, they could damage other components as well.


We have explained the solutions of each and every possible issue which might be encountered by you in the future.


Now what you can do is place your thermostat at some ideal location where the external temperature doesn’t allow the thermostat to change its setting. This will save you from a lot of future trouble and you won’t have to adjust the temperature every time you feel like the room temperature different than thermostat.


If you know how to check the sensors then it is well and good. But if not then it is better that you call the respective manufacturers of the thermostat and get the sensors checked. If any sensor is damaged then make sure you get them replaced as soon as possible.


The solution of this problem is to keep the vents cleaned. First thing which you need to do is vacuum your thermostat so that if any dirt is present in the internal components it gets cleaned within no time. The next solution is you could remove the cover of the thermostat and use canned air to remove the dirt. If you don’t have an easy access to the canned air then you could even use a soft bristled brush for cleaning.


To calibrate your thermostat it is very important to follow a few steps so that you could get the job done in the right way. Take a thermometer and place it near your thermostat. It is better if you attach the thermometer on the wall with a tape. Wait for about 10-15 minutes and after that compare the reading of your thermometer and your thermostat. If both readings are same then there is nothing to worry about otherwise you will have to get your thermostat checked.


First you need to check the circuit breaker that whether it is causing the issue or not. If there is any issue with the circuit breaker wiring then you need to get it fixed on time. If you don’t have enough tech skills then call the related people and get it fixed.


Dealing with such issues is very important for your products and for you as well. You get to learn a lot when dealing with such issues. We gave our best to tell you each and every possible thing regarding the related issues, hope it helps you out!


Q – How Do You Fix An Inaccurate Thermostat?
A – You can fix an inaccurate thermostat by using the following methods.

  • Change batteries
  • Change air filters
  • Change the damaged sensors

Q – Why Is My Thermostat Saying It Is Hotter Than It Is?
A – Your thermostat is saying it is hotter than the actual temperature because there might be some sensors which are not functioning properly or may have become damaged.

Q – How Long Do Thermostat Sensors Last?
A – The average time of thermostat sensors is about 5 years. This is the best time for their usage, after that they start showing the signs of weakness.

Q – What Happens When A Thermostat Overheats?
A – When a thermostat overheats then the temperature gauge becomes higher than the usual normal.

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