Is Your Thermostat Placement All Wrong? (2024) Updated Guide

best location for thermostat

I got my new apartment yesterday so I had to get everything fixed up. It included the adjustment of my Nest thermostat as well. I called the customer support but they said me to wait for 2 days as their other appointments were also lined up.

I got my thermostat placed somehow but I wasn’t really satisfied with its placement. There were various temperature issues and other fluctuations as well. I mean I have dealt with other related issues as well like getting rid of Nest delayed messages and low battery warnings. But this was something new, even for me as well.

I looked up on the internet and found that the position of thermostat matters a lot. There are various spots which should be avoided when deciding thermostat location. So what should be the best location for thermostat or where to place thermostat? All these queries will be answered in the next section of this article.


If your thermostat is placed in one of the below mentioned places then you need to find a new spot for your thermostat.

  • Direct Sunlight
  • Somewhere near the kitchen
  • In the middle of the hallway
  • Near windows
  • Near doors
  • Above the air vents


You should avoid setting up your thermostat in one of the above mentioned places due to the reasons mentioned against each placement.


You should never place your thermostat in direct sunlight. This is because placing it in direct sunlight will allow it to record false readings. When these false readings are being recorded then the unnecessary switching of AC and heating units take place. Your thermostat will judge the temperature of the house by recording the temperature of the place where it is placed. Placing it in direct sunlight will cause the thermostat to take ghost readings and as a result AC will be turned ON when it isn’t required.


The only place which gets warm without the need of any additional help or heater is your kitchen. If your thermostat is placed somewhere near your kitchen then it will record that reading and will think that the rest of the places in the house have the same temperature (even though it is not the case). In this case, the AC will be turned ON even when it is not needed. But what if there is no one in the kitchen? This scenario will definitely confuse the thermostat and it might fluctuate in many ways. So there is a high probability that your house might become cold when someone is cooking in the kitchen.


Another place where the thermostat shouldn’t be placed is in the middle of the hallway. The purpose why you have invested in Nest thermostat is so that you could gain the best facilities from it. The second purpose is to keep your family members at ease. Make sure you place the thermostat in such a place or room where your majority of the time is spent. Also hallways are mostly empty so it might also cause difficulties for the thermostat to record the accurate temperature.


As you know that windows and doors are constantly being opened and closed, so if your thermostat is placed near windows or doors then of course it will show a fluctuation in temperature. It will record false reading and will act according to it. Depending upon the season outside, the thermostat might record the temperature reading of outside instead of inside. So the AC or heater might turn ON even when they are not required to.


If you place your thermostat too close to vent then it will be the first thing to get hit by the incoming air. In this case the thermostat will think that the house is warm enough even though it is not or it will shut down the AC before the house cools down. So it is better that you place it away from the vents.


Now your question would be that where should the thermostat be mounted. The answer to this question is included in this section of the article. A good location for a thermostat is on an interior wall. Not any interior wall but the wall that is present away from the above mentioned places. Also choose the place where most of your time is spent and fix that spot for the placement of your thermostat. The center of the house should be considered the best location for the placement of your thermostat.


You must have gotten the idea now that how important is the placement of your thermostat. Just avoid the places which we have mentioned above for the placement of your thermostat and you will be good to go. Make sure you carefully analyze each and every aspect while placing your thermostat.


Q – Does The Placement Of My Thermostat Matter?
A – Yes, the placement of your thermostat matters a lot. The position of your thermostat might affect the overall temperature of your house, so choose its location very carefully.

Q – Can You Change The Placement Of Your Thermostat?
A – Yes, you can always change the temperature of your thermostat with the help of some basic tools.

Q – Where Is Thermostat Located In House Ideally?
A – Well, the best place for placing your thermostat should be in the center of your house inside an interior wall.


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