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What Does A Thermostat Do If It Gets Too Cold? (2024)

thermostat gets too cold

I had some friends over yesterday for Halloween party. They were all dressed up according to the theme, some of them were wearing fur and some of them were wearing simple cotton stuff. The windows and doors were opened because of the excessive gathering.

Suddenly, we experienced that the room temperature has started to get hot. People wearing fur started feeling uncomfortable and took off their jackets and sweaters. I panicked because with a gathering of 50+ people I wasn’t ready to afford a faulty thermostat.

One of my friends in the party told me to close the doors and windows, I did exactly the same. After some time the temperature got normal and everyone was at ease. What was the problem then? Well, it took some time to finally understand what happened. The flashbacks started to kick in when I had to fix my thermostat’s cooling feature and the time when I came across brand new information regarding the permanent hold feature in my thermostat.

If A Thermostat Gets Too Cold, It Will Turn On The Heat And Switch Off The Air-conditioner. The Mechanism Of A Thermostat Works In Such A Way That It Will Adjust The Temperature By Observing The External Temperature.


I finally got the answer and now I want to share that with you all. Basically what happened was that when the windows and doors got opened, the external temperature got cool enough for the thermostat to turn ON the heat. Due to that exchange, the room temperature got hot and a wave of un-comfortability was experienced by the people.


To have a more in-depth knowledge regarding the working of thermostat, here is a piece of information which might help you today and even in the future as well.


The basic working principle of thermostat depends on thermal expansion. It means according to the external temperature, the thermostat will either expand or contract. This expansion or contraction will help the HVAC system to switch accordingly.


If the external temperature gets too hot then the thermostat will expand and switches OFF the HVAC system. This switching will allow the cold breeze to cool down your house.


If the external temperature gets too cold then the thermostat will contract and switches ON the HVAC system. This switching will heat-up your house and will cause a comfortable environment.


The categorization of thermostats is done in 2 ways; digital and mechanical. Even though the digital thermostats have many advanced features and other stuff as well. But with these things, comes a price tag. Yes, you heard it right. Digital thermostats are pretty expensive as compared to mechanical ones.

Even in the present time, people consider buying mechanical thermostats due to their lower prices. The in-demand mechanical thermostats have a different working mechanism as compared to the digital ones. Here we will provide you a brief information regarding the working of mechanical thermostat.


The working of these thermostats include the presence of a bimetallic strip. As the name indicates, bi means two and in this strip we have 2 metals which have opposite roles. It means if one strip is working then according to the functionality assigned to it, it will cause the heating or cooling. Same goes for the other strip as well.

However, the efficiency of these mechanical thermostats is way less than the digital ones but because they are pocket-friendly, people consider them as their first choice.


Well, there could be a slight possibility that the thermostat is behaving abnormally due to any fault present in it. You should consider checking you thermostat that whether it is working properly or not. Below we have mentioned some trouble-shooting techniques which you can adopt in order to keep a check and balance on your thermostat.


If your thermostat is operating on batteries then you should check them as soon as possible. Due to the weak power, the working of thermostat might fluctuate.


Another possibility is that the fuse might not be working properly and due to this the working of your thermostat is affected.


The connection from the circuit breaker side might be a stable one otherwise it can cause your thermostat to become faulty.


It is important to have enough knowledge regarding various issues because it will save you from a lot of trouble and future inconvenience. We have provided you with a detailed information scenario which will surely help you out in the future.


Q – What Does A Thermostat Do When It Gets Too Hot Or Too Cold In A Space?
A – If a thermostat gets too hot then it will turn ON the air conditioning feature and if it gets too cold then it will turn ON the heating facility. It all depends on the external temperature.

Q – Why Does My House Feel Colder Than The Thermostat?
A – If you feel that your house is colder than the thermostat then one thing which you could do is check for the faults which your thermostat could be experiencing. The faults could be a damaged furnace, faulty sensors, improper insulation and etc.

Q – How Do I Make Sure That My Thermostat Is Accurate?
A – For measuring the accuracy of your thermostat you could perform a calibration process. For this, you will need a thermometer, attach that thermometer against a wall with a tape near your thermostat. Wait for 15-20 minutes and after that check the reading. If the readings are accurate then it means there is nothing wrong with the thermostat.

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