How To Sneak Past Ring Doorbell: Expert Tips and Tricks

how to get around a ring camera

Ring doorbells have become a popular choice for DIY home security systems. They’re easy to use, and they provide homeowners with the convenience of monitoring their homes and being alerted of any unwanted visitors.

But what if you’re trying to sneak past the Ring doorbell without alerting anyone in the house? Maybe you’re coming home late and don’t want to wake up your parents, or you’re trying to sneak some friends in during study time. Whatever the reason, it’s understandable to want some privacy in your own home.

So, You May Be Wondering How To Block Ring’s Doorbell Camera Without Being Detected, Watched, Or Recorded. The Answer Is Yes, You Can Sneak Past Ring Doorbells But It’s Not The Most Ethical Thing To Do. To Achieve This, You Need To Know How Ring Doorbells Work And How To Avoid Triggering Them.

How Do Ring Doorbells Work?

Ring doesn’t record 24/7. They start recording video when they detect movement using motion sensors. And once the motion is detected, the doorbell sends an alert to the homeowner’s smartphone or tablet, allowing them to see who is at the door and communicate with them.

If you want to sneak through a Ring doorbell, you need to move slowly and cautiously, avoiding any sudden movements that could trigger the motion sensors. There are various techniques that you can use to achieve this, and we’ll explore them in detail below.

Methods To Sneak Past A Ring Doorbell:

There are a few methods you can try to sneak past the Ring doorbell. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Covering the lens with any physical object.
  • Unplugging or disconnecting your router.
  • Using a Wi-Fi signal jammer to disable the ring doorbell.
  • By turning off the motion alert from the Ring app.
  • Or by disabling the specific motion zone from the Ring app.

Let’s have a look at them in detail.

  • Covering The Lens With Any Physical Object:

If you need to sneak past a Ring doorbell without being detected, blocking the ring camera lens with any physical object like paper, duct tape, or adhesive film can be a simple and affordable solution.

If not done with care, you can easily get caught while covering the camera and it will immediately send a notification to the owner’s phone. To avoid getting caught, it’s a good idea to cover your face or you can cover the camera from behind

And yes, when you cover or block the Ring camera lens, the doorbell will still work as usual, but it won’t record you. The owner of the doorbell will see a black screen on their recording, which could easily tip them off that someone tampered with their camera lens.

Before you go ahead and cover up the camera, it’s also important to familiarize yourself with any laws related to home surveillance in your area. While there might not be any specific restrictions on hidden cameras, there could still be rules about how they’re used.

Also, remember that this trick only works on Ring’s battery-powered cameras since the connected ones are always watching for intruders.

How To Avoid Sneaking Past Through Any Physical Object?

Set up motion alerts on your Ring doorbell to avoid sneaking past your ring camera through any physical item. This means that if someone walks close to or in front of your door, you’ll receive a notification on your phone and will be able to analyze the situation straight quickly.

To do so, use the Ring app and choose your Ring doorbell. Tap on the “Motion alerts” to switch it on


  • Unplugging Or Disconnecting Your Router:

Another way to disable the connection to a Ring doorbell is by disconnecting the wireless router. This is especially effective if you have a wireless connection set up for your Ring device. Ring products require a Wi-Fi connection to function. If your wireless router fails, causing your Wi-Fi to go down, your Ring doorbell will go offline instantly.

To disconnect the router, you can simply unplug it from the outlet. This will cut off Ring’s Wi-Fi connection, making it impossible for any devices in your home to detect the doorbell’s signal.

Once you plug the router back in, the Ring doorbell will be back online. However, the time you disconnect the router, there will be no detection or recording of any activity.

It’s worth noting that the Ring app doesn’t do a great job of notifying owners when their doorbell goes offline. In fact, the owner won’t even receive a notification when the connection is lost. This means that if you want to sneak past a Ring doorbell undetected, disconnecting the router may be an effective option.

However, we do not encourage you to engage in any behavior that may harm your household’s security or violate any trust with your loved ones.

How Can Unauthorized Access To The Router Be Avoided?

To prevent unauthorized access to your router, it’s important to take certain precautions. One of the easiest ways to protect against this is to ensure that your home is secure by locking all your doors and windows and installing an alarm system. This will make it difficult for anyone to break in and gain access to your router or modem.

Another option is to hide your router or modem from plain sight. This will make it harder for someone to locate and tamper with the device. You can even take it a step further by locking your router or modem in a closet and hiding the key. This can be particularly useful if you suspect that one of your kids is trying to sneak out or sneak someone in without your knowledge.

  • Using A Wi-fi Signal Jammer To Disable The Ring Doorbell:

Using a Wi-Fi signal jammer to block Wi-Fi connected to the Ring doorbell. It is a potential solution to sneak past a Ring doorbell if you don’t have access to the router/modem.

Signal jammers are devices that intentionally interfere with wireless communications by blocking or jamming signals. In the case of Ring doorbells, a jammer that blocks Wi-Fi signals can be used to take down the Wi-Fi connection and bypass the device. This is achieved by flooding the 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz frequency ranges with a large number of signals. This disturbance overwhelms the Wi-Fi signal transmitted by the Ring doorbell, rendering it ineffective.

However, these devices are illegal since they indiscriminately block signals from any device within range, which could interfere with emergency communications and other essential services. Therefore, using a jammer is not recommended and could result in legal consequences.

How To Protect Yourself From Wi-fi Signal Jammers?

It isn’t much you can do if the culprit possesses a signal jammer. If feasible, connect your Ring doorbell to your network by Extension lead rather than Wi-Fi. This makes it more difficult for someone to break the connection with a signal jammer.

  • By Turning Off The Motion Alert From The Ring App:

Last but not least, the way to sneak past a Ring doorbell is by accessing the device that has the Ring app controlling it. This method is straightforward, but it may not be useful for everyone as it requires direct access to the device.

Assuming you have access to the device, simply open the Ring app and disable the motion detection feature or specific motion zones.

To disable motion recording completely, toggle off the Motion Detection control in the Ring app by following these steps:

  1. Open the Ring mobile app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap on the three lines at the top left of the smartphone screen.
  3. Select “Devices” from the menu.
  4. Tap on the Ring device you want to modify.
  5. Turn off the Motion Detection feature.
  6. The OFF position will appear white, while the ON position will appear blue.

By following these steps, you can easily disable the motion detection feature on your Ring device and sneak past it undetected. However, keep in mind that this method requires access to the device and may not always be feasible in every situation.

  • Or By Disabling The Specific Motion Zone From The Ring App:

If you want to remain less noticeable while sneaking past a Ring doorbell, you can opt to disable specific “Motion Zones” rather than turning off the motion detection feature altogether. This way, the camera will continue functioning normally, but it won’t detect your movement in the disabled zones.

To disable Motion Zones on your Ring doorbell, follow these steps:

  1. Select the three lines on the top left corner of the Dashboard screen in the Ring app.
  2. Select “Devices” from the menu.
  3. Tap on the Ring device you want to modify.
  4. Select “Device Settings”.
  5. Tap on “Motion Settings” to customize your Motion Zones.
  6. Select the “Add a Motion Zone” button, and a colored box will appear.
  7. Follow the on-screen prompts and drag the points of the colored box to expand or contract the area you want to monitor.
  8. If you want to sneak by, shrink the colored box to reduce the monitored area.
  9. Once you’re happy with the placement, press “Save.”

This method can allow you to move past the camera without being detected in specific areas, ensuring your privacy and safety.

How To Protect Your Ring App Access?

The most straightforward way to safeguard your Ring doorbell against someone using the Ring app to disable its motion alert or motion zone is by using a passcode on your phone that only you know. By doing so, you can prevent unauthorized access to your device, including the Ring app, which could compromise the security of your Ring doorbell. It’s also crucial not to leave your phone lying around to avoid potential risks.

Last Words: 

While these techniques and methods mentioned above can help you with how to bypass Ring cameras, they are not foolproof. As a homeowner, it is important to be aware of each of these methods so that you can take steps to prevent them.

It’s crucial not to rely solely on a single technology to protect your home. While Ring doorbells are great products to own, they should not be your only security measure.

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