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How To Set The Nest Thermostat To Hold The Temperature? – 2024

nest thermostat hold temp

Nest thermostats are very effective for conserving energy in houses. These are very convenient in manage the heating or cooling temperatures at home. Wouldn’t it be great if they worked perfectly? Though they have some amazing features. Have you been looking for ways to read a guide on how to set the Nest hold temperature? If yes, then hopefully this post will be the best for you.

Google Nest comes with a variety of features to provide its users with ease and comfort. But every technology has its cons and pros. Your Nest hold temp might keep changing the temperature, or if you are not at home, then you may want to set it to hold. We have explained two ways to set the temperature to hold on your Nest Thermostat hold temp, the Google Home app and the thermostat.


Why do users feel the need to set the Nest hold temperature? The answer is to have complete control of the room’s temperature when you’re not around. Of all Nest thermostat versions, only Nest Thermostat can hold the temperature which is why it is the most popular one among all. Nest thermostats hold temp is easy to use. You probably want to know how to schedule your temperature or set it to hold when you are not around. Let’s discuss how can users set the temperature to hold on Nest Thermostats.

Setting The Temperature Hold through The Thermostat’s Settings:

  1. Tap on “Hold” from the menu view.
  2. Select “Current Temp” to pick how many hours you would like to hold the temperature or “Eco” to automatically hold the temperature when nobody is home.
  3. Eco sets the temperature to hold indefinitely and keeps your bills low and affordable, saves money, and conserves energy.
  4. By scrolling up or down, you can select a time.
  5. Then select “Confirm” which will activate your hold.

This is how you can set your Nest Thermostat to hold temperature through settings in the thermostat.

Setting The Temperature Hold Through The Home App:

  1. Go to Nest app from your phone/tablet. Open the app.
  2. On the home screen opening, select the thermostat you want to control (if you have multiple Nest thermostat models at home).
  3. Before setting it to hold, make sure your thermostat is set to Heat, Cool, or Heat • Cool.
  4. Then select the “Hold Temperature” feature.
  5. Choose “Current Temp” to select the time you want the hold to end or the temperature preset that you want your thermostat to keep.
  6. Select the time limit for which you want the temperature to remain stable. This can be up for almost 24 hours.
  7. Choose “Start” and your temperature hold will begin.

If you haven’t used the Google Nest app before, then log in to the latest version of the Nest app using your Google account.

End Hold On Temperature:

Simple select the ‘Hold Temperature’ icon and then ‘End Hold’ from your Nest Home app or Thermostat’s Setting. This will end the temperature hold on your thermostat and then you can set your desired settings. It will only take a few seconds to end the temperature hold.

Auto-Schedule The Temperature Hold:

If you have made any manual settings like auto-scheduling the temperature hold, you need to turn it off. The auto schedule feature by Google Nest thermostat hold temp like what temperature you want to set and until when. If you forget to change it, Google will automatically change the temperature.

Turn Off The Auto Schedule:

Turn off the temperature hold auto-schedule by following the given methods:

Google Nest App: Open the Nest app and select your thermostat from the opening home screen. Open ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Auto Schedule’. Tap OFF and then you are good to go.

From Nest Thermostat: Select Nest Sense/ Auto Schedule from the thermostat’s ‘Settings option. Choose OFF and you’re done.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What Is The Purpose Of The ‘Eco Temperatures’ Feature In Nest Thermostats?
A: When nobody is home, the ‘Ecp Temperatures’ feature in Nest Thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature. The purpose of this feature is to save users money and conserve energy.

Q: How To Stop The Nest Thermostat From Changing Temp?
A: To edit/change the temperature hold, you need to stop it first. Open ‘Menu’ on your thermostat and select ‘Hold’. Now choose ‘Stop’ to end the hold. And from the home app, select ‘Hold’ and then tap on ‘End Hold’ to stop the temperature hold.

Q: How Can I Reset The Schedule On My Nest Thermostat?
A: On your thermostat, go to ‘Settings’ from the main menu on the display and choose ‘Reset’. Then select ‘Schedule/Auto Schedule’ and click on ‘Reset’ or ‘Clear’. Turn the ring if you want to reset the schedule. After a 10 sec countdown, your Nest hold temp will reset the schedule.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re looking for guides on how to set Nest Thermostat to hold temperature, then this post is the best for you. It’s not too complicated to hold the temperature of the thermostat as long as you know what model you have been using. To set the Nest thermostat to hold temperature, we have shared a detailed guide.

You can hold the temperature through the Google home app or simply through your Nest thermostat. You may also want to read our detailed guide on Nest thermostats Keeps Going Offline. Were you able to hold your temperature by following this guide? If yes, comment down below and let us know.

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