How To Set The Temperature On Luxpro Thermostats? (2023)

When you buy a thermostat then your top most priority is to get yourself comfortable with the environment. This becomes possible only when the temperature of your thermostat is properly set.

According to different researches, it has been proven that maintaining a cozy indoor temperature prevents you from sickness. If you are willing not to compromise on your health, especially on cold days, then it is compulsory for you to understand Luxpro thermostat settings.


Setting temperature on Luxpro thermostat isn’t difficult. You just need to follow some steps carefully which will eventually lead you further in the process.


STEP 1 – First of all, make sure the temperature switch is set to β€œOFF” position

STEP 2 – Now keep pressing UP and DOWN arrow keys for about 5 seconds

STEP 3 – You will see a menu appearing on the screen

STEP 4 – Use UP and DOWN keys to select heat/cool mode

STEP 5 – Once selected, press UP and DOWN keys to set the limits accordingly


As we have discussed earlier that Luxpro thermostats offer a wide range of cool features. One of them is that Luxpro comes with preprogrammed temperature settings. This preprogrammed setting is known to be default setting. The temperatures for heating and cooling are already set but you can always customize them according to your own wish.

Default Thermostat Temp


The day time in default settings usually starts from 6 AM. During this time, the heat temperature is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, the cool mode brings the temperature to 78 degrees Fahrenheit.


The night time in preprogrammed settings starts from 10 PM. In this time mode, the heat temperature has a value of 62 degrees Fahrenheit. While on the other hand the cool mode has a temperature value of 75 degrees Fahrenheit.


It is not compulsory that you have to use the default settings only. You can customize the settings according to your own preferences. You can choose your desired mode with the help of system mode switch. Use UP and DOWN arrow keys to set the temperature accordingly. Apart from this manual setting you can also configure the automatic settings according to your own wish.


You might live in an area where the temperature remains cold all over the year. If this is the case then the COOL mode of your thermostat will not be used at all. So it is better to install a heat-only Luxpro thermostat so that you keep satisfying your temperature needs in the right way.



STEP 1 – Select the HEAT mode from your thermostat’s display

STEP 2 – Press the DOWN or UP key to see the word SET on the screen

STEP 3 – The next step is to set the temperature value according to your preferences

STEP 4 – Use UP and DOWN arrow keys for temperature adjustment


If the temperature starts feeling too hot then you can turn ON the fan mode. This will cool down the temperature and once you start feeling comfortable with the temperature then turn OFF the fan mode immediately.


Everyone has their own preferences. If you talk about me, then I am not the kind of person who feels cold. In fact, I tend to enjoy tropical temperature and atmosphere. If you have set a temperature value and you think that the room temperature has become cozy enough for you and you don’t want to change it for some time then you can use the hold feature.

Hold Feature Of LUXPRO

Press the HOLD button and your current temperature will not change for as long as you want. But when you want to change the range then again press HOLD button to disable this feature.


Luxpro thermostat how to set temperature is a straight forward procedure. If you have installed a heat only thermostat then the heating unit will perform very efficiently. Sometimes you will feel too hot that you have to keep toggling between the heat mode and fan mode. This continuous toggling might damage the efficiency of your thermostat and your Luxpro might also stop working or it also might stop changing temperature. To solve this issue it is better to set a stop point.

The benefit of setting a stop point is that when the thermostat will reach this point it will automatically stop heating and you will not have to toggle between fan mode and heat mode.


STEP 1 – Keep the system mode switch in OFF position

STEP 2 – Switch the mode to heat while pressing the UP key

STEP 3 – Lastly, enter the temperature limit using the UP and DOWN arrow keys


Setting temperature on Luxpro thermostat is easy just like dealing with its other features. If you are convinced by its default settings then you don’t have to perform any customization. However, if you want to change the settings a bit then it is recommended to configure the settings according to your preferences.


Q – How To Set Luxpro Thermostat To Manual?
A – To set your Luxpro thermostat to manual follow the below mentioned steps:

STEP 1 – Press the NEXT button twice
STEP 2 – The menu item #3 will either show you the option of β€œManual” or β€œProgrammable”
STEP 3 – Choose your preferred mode using the UP and DOWN arrow keys

Q – How Do I Set The Temperature On My Luxpro psp511lca?
A – If you want to enable the HOLD feature then press the HOLD button. You will also see an option to set the temperature of your thermostat. If the set temperature is flashing then adjust the new temperature using the UP or DOWN arrow keys.

Q – How Do I Set The Temperature On My Luxpro Thermostat?
A – Keep pressing the UP and DOWN arrow keys together at the same time. Now press UP and DOWN arrow keys accordingly to choose your desired mode and to set the temperature limits.

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