How To Fix β€œServer Unreachable” When Making A Phone Call (Easy Fix)

server unreachable meaning

There are many issues which are related to your network but you perceive that the issue is with your cell phone. To clear this confusion we are here to help. Sometimes, due to lack of knowledge you might end up spending a fortune just because you didn’t know what to do. The fix of the problem could be just a small effort but because you didn’t know about it, it costed you a big investment.

Figuring out what does cancelled calls on IPhone mean must have taught you about some basic knowledge regarding this matter and if not then fixing horizontal lines on your smart TV might have done the job. This might happen with you that you get a β€œServer Unreachable” error when you try to make a call to someone or when you try to use any social media platform with your cellular data. Getting this error makes you think like what does server unreachable mean? Why am I getting this error? How to solve it? All these questions and no answer. But hey! Don’t worry because we are here for you.


The server error occurs when the signals from your service provider are weak or not reaching properly. Due to this weak connectivity, the server is unable to send and receive proper signals and as a result the user gets unreachable server error. Now the reasons for this error could be multiple, we will be discussing them later. But the main concern is how to get rid of this error. For this we first need to know the nature of our problem. Multiple reasons means multiple possibilities are present for the occurrence of a single problem. Trying each one of the fix can be tiring but they could be worth a try.


When you try to call someone you might often encounter a server unreachable error. What to do next? Wait for 30 minutes and try calling again. If you still get the same error then below mentioned reasons could be the cause for this error.

  • Unstable internet connection
  • No signal or weak signals
  • Technical fault i.e. server down
  • Outage occurrence from network service provider
  • Filled up cache memory of your phone


Now we will talk about some other reasons as well which are related to your side or the receiver’s side. The reasons are:

  • You might have been blocked by the person you are trying to call
  • The receiver might have changed his/her number
  • You are in a location where signal strength is very weak
  • You are experiencing a no-service error
  • Your SIM card could be damaged
  • Your SIM card might not have been inserted properly
  • You need to update your phone’s software


You could get server unreachable error in two cases; the first case is that you get this error on your cell phone when calling someone or the second case is that you get this error while browsing internet. Both of these cases have one common reason i.e. weak signals. Now that you have encountered this issue, it is time to solve it. We have gathered all the possible fixes which might help you in getting rid of this error.


To check whether the problem lies within your phone or not, the best way is to check other devices. To do this first of all check the devices of people working around you, if they are working fine then try the below mentioned fixing steps.


STEP 1 – Turn OFF your phone
STEP 2 – Wait for about a minutes, then turn it ON
STEP 3 – Check if there is any pending software update or not, if so then update it
STEP 4 – Make sure you are connected to a stable internet connection
STEP 5 – Also try switching to another internet connection
STEP 6 – If the issue still lies then contact your service providers


Sometimes the fix to a problem is simple i.e. restarting whatever device you are using. This fix is proved to be a successful one because this solves the problem most of the time. You can carry out this fix for both type of devices i.e. android as well as IPhone.


STEP 1 – Grab whatever device you are using
STEP 2 – Keep pressing the power button present on top of the device
STEP 3 – It will be powered OFF, you will witness an Apple logo
STEP 4 – Wait for a few seconds and then again turn it ON by following the same procedure
STEP 5 – Do the connection negation i.e. connect it to Wi-Fi if it was previously connected to data
STEP 6 – Check if the problem still persists or not

Apple devices will show you the error because of the same reasons which include:

  • Service down or no service issue
  • Weak signal connectivity
  • Outage in your service providence
  • Use of an international sim card

These reasons could be the trouble in your way.


The server unreachable error might occur in your Samsung devices too. The reason could be that the DNS are not working properly. To fix this issue, follow the below mentioned steps.

STEP 1 – Visit the β€œSettings” section of your device
STEP 2 – Head towards β€œWi-Fi” option, select your network
STEP 3 – Now go for β€œAdvanced Options” and select DNS settings
STEP 4 – Enter the primary DNS address as
STEP 5 – Enter the secondary DNS address as
STEP 6 – Select OK and you are good to go

Remember this thing that if you are using an international SIM card then the code must match with the location you are currently living in.


You might be having a Verizon connection on your smart device. The first thing you need to do is check the phone’s coverage map. If the coverage is within the range but still you are getting server unreachable when calling someone then you need to troubleshoot this issue as soon as possible.

FIX 1 – Make sure your phone’s data settings are accurate
FIX 2 – Call Verizon customer service to know if there is any issue with your account
FIX 3 – Connect your device to a stable connection
FIX 4 – Visit the Verizon official page to know about service outage if any


Getting these types of errors is very common these days because service providers are experiencing these issues themselves. Now if you come across this issue then you can simply troubleshoot it by using the above mentioned methods and fixes. We tried covering every possible solution so you don’t have to face any inconvenience.


Q – What Is Server Unreachable Error?
A – Server unreachable error is the type of error which occurs when there is a weak signal connectivity or no connectivity at all. This signal fluctuation causes the error to occur.

Q – Why Does Server Unreachable Error Occur?
A – There are multiple reasons for this:

  • Service outage
  • Weak signals
  • No service providence
  • Damaged SIM card

Q – Will Getting My Damaged SIM Card Replaced Do The Job?
A – Yes, if you get your SIM card replaced then you might not experience Server Unreachable error again.

Q – How To Fix Server Unreachable Error?
A – You can fix server unreachable error by:

  • Contacting the customer’s support
  • Resetting your network settings
  • Checking the DNS settings of your device
  • Restarting your device

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