Samsung TV Won’t Connect to WiFi (6 Proven Ways) 2024

connect samsung tv to wifi

Another day another technical query. But why are you getting worried? You know we are here for you! Buying Samsung products is definitely a big flex these days because it is one of the most popular brands. You will get top-notch services from these products but of course you will have to make a large investment for it.
So one day you decide to get Peloton app on your Samsung TV and wonder do I need Wi-Fi access to make it happen. Right after that you start all the hustle to connect your smart TV with Wi-Fi but get no luck. You are all tensed now and thinking how do I solve this issue? There are plenty of fixes to solve this problem, let us discuss them one by one shall we?


If you are also facing Samsung smart TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi issue, then it is totally okay as we have many solutions for it. Just give this article a thorough read and you will be good to go!


Well before jumping onto the solution we must know the generic way of connecting the Samsung TV to Wi-Fi. If you are a new user and don’t know why Samsung TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi then we suggest that you follow the below mentioned steps.

STEP 1: Take your smart TV remote and look for “Menu” button
STEP 2: Press that button and look for “Network” options
STEP 3: Then navigate to the “Network Settings”
STEP 4: Select your preferred network type (in this case Wireless)
STEP 5: A list of available wireless networks will be shown to you on the TV screen
STEP 6: Select your network, enter the password and press “Done”
STEP 7: After a few seconds your connection will be established

If this generic method isn’t working out for you then you can move your thinking towards the case which says “Samsung smart TV not connecting to Wi-Fi” and start looking for the fixes.


If the Wi-Fi on Samsung smart TV isn’t establishing a proper connection then there could be many reasons for it. We will be discussing the issues one by one along with their fixes.


There could be a big possibility that you have entered the wrong Wi-Fi password or selected a wrong network. Maybe the numbers got all mixed up or the alphabets aren’t properly typed. When you do this you will come across an error saying “Incorrect password”. But hey! Don’t worry we have got it all covered.


The solution of this problem is extremely simple. Whenever you are typing the password always cross check it with the confirmed password. Type the password carefully and also make the right network selection. It could happen that you have typed the correct password but chose the wrong network. So do this connection building with full attention.


The advanced tech products are all about updates. If you don’t update them frequently then they might stop working or disable some of the important features. Same is the case with Samsung TVs, if there is a pending software update then issues like Samsung TV Wi-Fi not working could occur.


To solve this problem you just have to check for the software update and we are going to tell you how to do it. Just follow the below mentioned steps and you will experience a smooth process.

STEP 1: Make sure your TV is turned on
STEP 2: With the help of your TV remote, navigate to the “Settings” section
STEP 3: Look for “Support” option and select it
STEP 4: You will see an option of “Software Update”
STEP 5: If any pending update is present then just go for the option “Update Now”
STEP 6: If no update option is present then it means your TV is already using the latest version

This solution should do the trick and your Wi-Fi should work now just fine!


Right after figuring out the reason behind your TV remote not working properly, you now have to figure out the reasons behind unestablished Wi-Fi connection too. If your new Samsung TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi then one of the reasons could be the presence of a different DNS number. A different DNS number would connect your Samsung TV to the Wi-Fi but you won’t be able to access the internet.


The solution of the above mentioned problem will require your full attention so carefully read the instructions before performing any step.

STEP 1: Check the other connected devices if you can access internet on them
STEP 2: If yes, then the issue is not in the Wi-Fi but Samsung TV settings
STEP 3: Take your TV remote and press the “Menu” button
STEP 4: Direct towards the “Network” section and select “Network Status”
STEP 5: After a network checkup you will witness an error saying you can’t access the internet
STEP 6: To solve this, head towards the “IP Settings” option
STEP 7: A new window will pop-up, over there you can see “DNS Server”
STEP 8: If the number is other than “” or “” then you have to change it to one of them

Now your Wi-Fi should work fine with your TV.


You will come across two options when configuring device’s IP settings; manual and automatic. One reason that your Samsung TV stops connecting to Wi-Fi could be that the IP setting has been set to “Manual” mode. This could cause many problems between your device and Wi-Fi connection. However, setting it to the “Automatic” mode would do the trick. If you are worried about how to do it then we are happy to help.


When you make the changes in such a way that the IP address has to be obtained manually then chances are that you might get Samsung network connection failed error. To solve this problem just follow the following steps.

STEP 1: Press the “Menu” button present on your TV remote
STEP 2: Select “Network” option
STEP 3: Navigate towards the “Network Status”
STEP 4: Click on the “IP Settings” option
STEP 5: Change the “Obtain Manually” to “Obtain Automatically”


You might have to perform a network reset to solve the issue. If you are going to do this then do it very carefully as it could be a technical one. To reset network Samsung TV, you will need to follow the following steps.

STEP 1: Press the “Source” button present on your smart remote
STEP 2: Select the “Settings” option and navigate towards “General Section”
STEP 3: Click on the “Network” option
STEP 4: You will see a “Reset Network” option, click on it and it will do the job

After this you will be asked to re-enter your Wi-Fi network name and password. Doing so will do the trick.


To solve the issue you can also try resetting your modem. If you want to do a hard-reset then we will be explaining that in another section of this article. For now you just have to perform simple steps.


In order to perform a soft reset, consider the following steps.
STEP 1: Head towards your router and unplug it
STEP 2: Wait for a few seconds
STEP 3: Plug the router back in and now your Wi-Fi connection should be established


In order to perform a hard reset, consider the following steps.
STEP 1: Hold your modem and look for a small button present on it
STEP 2: Press that button back in using a pointed thing (paper clip etc.)
STEP 3: Re-establish all the connections and see if the issue has been solved or not


If you want to connect Samsung TV to Wi-Fi then you must also consider factory resetting your Samsung TV. To do this we will tell you about 2 ways; one is with remote while the other one is without remote. But first checkout you’re samsung Tv is blinking red or not. If it’s not blinking red then you can now easily factory reset your smart TV.


It is easy to perform the Factory Reset process using your TV remote. For this you need to follow the below mentioned steps.

STEP 1: Look for the “Home” button on your remote and press it
STEP 2: Select “Settings” and then go for the “General” section
STEP 3: Choose “Reset” option and enter the PIN number
STEP 4: After this your TV will go through the reset process and will display the initial screen


However, if you don’t have an easy access to TV remote then you can get the job done using the buttons present on your TV.

STEP 1: Find the power button on your TV and press it
STEP 2: Press the “Menu” button and toggle towards the “Settings” section
STEP 3: In the “General” section page you will see the “Reset” option
STEP 4: Click on the option and you will be asked to enter the PIN number
STEP 5: You will see a connection port at the back of your TV, attach the keyboard to it
STEP 6: Enter the PIN number and your TV will undergo factory reset process


After going through a deep-analysis we came across the fixes which could help you to solve the issue. Adopt any of the above mentioned solutions and you will be good to go. If one solution doesn’t work out for you then you can choose the other one depending upon the nature of your problem. Good luck with these solutions and let us know which one worked out the best for you!


Q – How Do I Get My Samsung TV To Recognize My Wi-Fi?
A – In order to get your Wi-Fi recognized by your TV you will need to perform a few steps. Visit the “Settings” section and select “General”. After that open Network settings and choose your Wi-Fi network from the available ones. Enter the Wi-Fi credentials and press done. Select OK and this will do the job.

Q – How Do I Reset My Wi-Fi Network?
A – For resetting the Wi-Fi network just follow the below mentioned instructions.

STEP 1: Press the “Source” button on your TV remote
STEP 2: Select “Settings” and navigate towards “General” section page
STEP 3: Click on the “Network” option
STEP 4: You will see a “Reset Network” option, select the option
Now you will be asked to re-enter your network name along with its password. After that select OK and you are good to go!

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