Samsung TV With Sound But No Picture โ€“ (Complete Guide) 2024

fix a TV with no picture but sound

Samsung TVs has been very popular and Samsung share highest share in TV manufacturing market. But, as we can expect the failure of electronics device at any time. Even it is also possible that the fresh piece of electronics device can fail to work properly. If you are using Samsung TV and you got problem with the Screen although the sound is working properly, then this is not a new issue. A lot of Samsung TV owners have had reported this issue and luckily there are possible solutions for this issue without going to service center. Weโ€™ve solved this issue for many Samsung TV owners, and if youโ€™re also one of them then let me help you to solve this problem for you.

In this article, Iโ€™ll help you to solve this problem step by step and see which solution works for you. Samsung has launched multiple quality of displays including LCDs, LEDs, Full HD Display 1080p as well as 8K resolution, OLED Curved displays etc with a good refresh rate. But there are always issues take birth with every electronic device. But, there are also solutions for every issues. Some of those issue could be due to some software glitches and some due to some hardware issue. Iโ€™ll guide you to fix them in both way in different stages.

Solution For Samsung TV With Black Screen But Working Sound

Let me discuss different solutions to fix your Samsung TV picture issue. Iโ€™ll sort the solutions in such a way that the more easy solution will come first and which work most of the time for the same issue. Firstly, if youe Tv volume is also not working then go through Samsung TV Volume Not Working.ย  So, lets move together ahead.

Some Quick Instructions Before Trying The Fixes

As we are human and possibly we can skip some necessary instructions to get the device working properly, some time due to some missing connections etc, so letโ€™s first see if youโ€™ve installed every thing properly for your Samsung TV.

  1. Make sure that your Streaming device is properly connected to your Samsung TV.
  2. Double check that the red light indicator is on which represents that the Samsung TV is on power source and power on.
  3. Verify that the sound is coming to the same device which is connected to your Samsung TV or it is Samsung TV which is producing sound.

If all these points are okay for your device, then letโ€™s try the fixes.

Soft Reset Your Samsung TV

Before trying any complex fix, it is good practice to apply a soft reset for any electronic device and most common practice which most of the time solve the problem related to no picture issue. So, letโ€™s reset your Samsung TV first in some easy steps. Youโ€™ll not lost your any data or any configurations, it just like restarting your TV but different for your TV. Here are the steps you need to follow

  1. First, unplug your Samsung TV from the power source. This is about to remove the power cable of your Samsung TV and not just power off. Once, you unplugged your Samsung TV, then move ahead
  2. While your TV is unplugged, find the power button on your Samsung TV. Hold the power button of your Samsung TV for 30 seconds. Please note that, you need to press and hold the power button of Samsung TV and not the remote.
๐Ÿ’ก If youโ€™re facing difficulties to find the power button on your Samsung TV, then please read my article Where is the Power Button on Samsung TV? where I briefly discussed where to find the power button on your Samsung TV based on your Samsung TV model
  1. Then plugin your TV again after 60 seconds when you were unplugged TV and power on your TV. It might a solution and picture on your Samsung TV will comeback along the sound.

Actually the soft reset helps to drain any residual power remaining in the TV capacitors which could be a possible fix to many problems.

Does the soft reset not fixed your Samsung TV no picture but sound okay issue? Donโ€™t worry, the next solution might be help you to fix the problem for your Screen.

HDMI Cables Are Connected Properly

Most of the issues are due to software glitches and which should fix after a soft reset. But, if the soft reset not works for you, then the very next thing to try is to make sure that your Samsung TV HDMI cables are working properly. Because, it is possible that your TV box or any other streaming device is not connected properly to your Samsung TV due to faulty HDMI port, loose HDMI connection or sometimes a bad HDMI cable. So, in this case there are high chances that your Samsung TV will show only black screen but sound okay.

hdmi cables for samsung smart tv

Many user has reported that they had this problem and made it fix either by switching between HDMI socket OR by replacing HDMI cable (if the both HDMI socket was not working).

So, make sure the following points to verify if the HDMI cable is working fine:

  1. First, try by unplugging and plugging back the HDMI port.
  2. To check the faulty HDMI port, you need to switch the HDMI port to other port. Most of the devices has multiple HDMI port, so if one HDMI port is damaged then you should try other one.
  3. Try by changing the HDMI cable with new one or any other where youโ€™re sure that the cable is working fine.
  4. If all the above three points are okay, then check that you are on the right input channel by press the Source button on your Samsung TV (make it sure that this is your Samsung TV remote and not any other streaming device remote) and try by switching it for several times.

If youโ€™ve issue with your HDMI port (or socket) then it is possible that your first HDMI port is dirty. To clean it, you need a can of compressed air and then blow it into the HDMI socket, it will clean the HDMI socket and it should then work properly. You should also try by applying contact cleaner to the HDMI plug in order to clean the HDMI socket connection with the cable. After cleaning the port and cable, you should get back the picture on your Samsung TV.

If all these things are working fine and you are still having issues with your Samsung TV picture, then letโ€™s move ahead and try the next possible fix. As I mentioned earlier that there could be multiple reason of a single issue. So, we need to make sure everything step by step to debug the issue. So, please try the next fix.

Screen Is Not Dead Or Screen Backlight Failed

So, your HDMI ports are working fine but youโ€™ve still the problem with your Samsung TV screen then I should check that it is not your dead Samsung TV screen. I wish that it is not, but let make it sure by following the below instructions to make it sure that if the screen is working properly

Samsung Tv Screen Backlight Failed

  1. Switch on your TV.
  2. Tune to strong channel with high frequency and you can hear the audio very clearly.
  3. Now, you need a flashlight (a bright light).
  4. Turn off the lights in your room so that it is dark enough. It is recommended that you try it in night.
  5. Hold the bright flashlight 1 to 2 inches away from your Samsung TV screen while your Samsung TV is on and you are listening to the audio.
  6. Now focus on the part of screen where the flashlight beam hits and try to find the image at the spot. If you can see the image at the spot, then it is your Samsung TV backlight which has failed.

If your Samsung TV backlight has failed, then it depends on the age or value of your Samsung TV if you should repair it or not. Sometimes samsung tv keep turning off, and you dont know what to do. So, here is the solution ofย  Samsung Tv turning Off.


In this blog post, I explained about the issue Samsung TV with sound but no picture which has been reported by many users. I also suggested many possible solutions which can help in most of the cases to get a fix for the problem. In these possible fixes, I mentioned first to check some quick instructions if the all the connections are working properly. Then I helped to try a soft reset which is possible solution in many such reported cases. Then I suggested to try the HDMI port connections. Many users has reported that the face the similar problem and they had the issue with either their HDMI port or HDMI cable. Finally, the remaining part was to check the Samsung TV screen backlight where different steps leads to test of Dead Samsung TV Screen.


Q- Why Does My Samsung TV Have Audio But No Picture?
A- If your Samsung TV have audio but you canโ€™t see any picture on your Samsung TV, then you should try fist make it sure if every connection is well. Then you should try a soft reset by unplugging your Samsung TV and then hold down the power button for 30 seconds. Then after 60 seconds of unplugging, you should turn it on back and it should fix your Samsung TV picture issue. If this not works, then please read this article where other possible solutions are also explained.

Q- What Do You Do If Your TV Has Sound But No Picture?
A- If your Samsung TV has sound but not picture then you should check your TV backlight. It is possible that, it is the backlight of your TV which has failed. To check it, you should just tune to a strong channel which has very clear sound and you can hear it well. Then grab a bright flashlight and turn off all the lights in the room to make it as much dark as it is possible (night is right). Then throw the beam of flashlight on your TV and focus on the spot where beam hits and try to see the image on the spot. If you can see the image then it is the backlight of your TV which has failed and need to be repaired. If not, then please try the other solution by just reading the above post from start where I discussed many other possible solutions and works most of the time for all TV devices.

Q- Why Is My TV Screen Is Black But I Can Hear The Sound?
A- If your TV screen is black but you can hear the sound then you should first perform a soft reset by press and hold the power button of your TV for 30 seconds while your TV is unplugged and then plug it back after 60 seconds. If this not work, then you should check the HDMI connection of TV with streaming device by switching the ports of TV or replacing the HDMI cable. Finally you should check the if your screen backlight is not failed with the help a flashlight. Please read the above section to check it the backlight of screen is working properly.

Q- Why Is My Samsung TV Is On But Has A Black Screen?
A- If your Samsung TV is on but displaying a black screen then make it sure that the input streaming device is connected properly with your Samsung TV and HDMI connection are okay. Also, make it sure that you are tuned to a strong channel which has high frequency. If you can hear the sound but still the screen is black, then follow the above article thoroughly to check all the possible solutions to fix it.

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