Samsung TV Volume Not Working (SOLVED) – 2024

Samsung Tv Volume Not Working (Problem Solved)

Ah, I got you what you’re trying to say. So the problem is that your Samsung TV sound is not working or it is stuck when you try to change (increase or decrease) the sound of your Samsung TV. Don’t worry my dear, this is not a big deal. I’ll help you in this article to resolve this issue so if you are reading this line, then assume that your problem has already solved.

So, What Could Be Possible Solution To Fix The Samsung TV Volume Not Working Issue?

As the technology has been modernized a lot with complex manufacturing process but ease to use for end users. There could be many possible issues which cause to stuck the Samsung volume due to which your TV volume neither is increasing nor decreasing. I’ll describe each possible solution to resolve this issue in easy steps. So, let’s go through step by step and see which works for you. But, First one more time finalize your samsung Tv issue. Is your Samsung Tv has no picture or issue in the Samsung Tv remote. Then take any step regarding it.

Some Quick Instructions

Make sure that your Samsung TV remote is working well with your smart TV other than volume buttons. If your Samsung TV remote is not working overall, then you should first go to fix the remote issue and here are the solutions you should must try to solve the remote not working issue:

  1. Replace the batteries in your remote
  2. Make sure the area between remote and TV infrared is clear and nothing is placed between them
  3. Try by changing volume directly from Samsung TV volume buttons instead of using remote.
  4. Try by restarting your Samsung TV

Reset The Smart Hub

Samsung TV Smart Hub is basically an intelligent system which provides access to almost all the functionality to your Samsung TV and where can also download the applications and games, browse through the internet or search movies easily. Smart Hub makes it ease to use the advance functionality of Smart TVs which makes you go beyond the boundaries of conventional TVs. Read more about Samsung Smart Hub

Reset The Smart Hub

One possible solution is to reset the smart hub and after this the smart hub setting will return to default factory setting.

⚠️ After this, you’ll get need to Sign-in again to some of the applications installed on your Smart TV. However, your account will remain on Smart Hub server.

Why One Would Reset Smart Hub To Resolve The Issues With Samsung Smart TV?

Because this is a quick try to fix the many issues. Because Smart Hub hold most of the features and functionality of Samsung TV and any wrong configurations in Smart Hub could lead to cause some issues. So, instead of blasting nuclear bomb (don’t worry it’s not real nuclear bomb but I’m referring the complete factory reset of your Samsung Smart TV) it is good to reset only the Smart Hub which will save your time as well as headache.

Follow To Reset Your Samsung Smart Hub Here

So, if you’ve decided to reset the Smart Hub then follow these steps (otherwise you can try other possible options to fix the issue but this is the most common fix for solution of volume not working issue):

  1. Click on settings on your remote (If you’re not able to find the the setting button on your remote, look for the menu button and go for settings from there)
  2. Then you should be able to see Support and go there
  3. The move to Self Diagnosis
  4. You must see an option Reset Smart Hub right above the reset option
  5. After entering, you’ll be asked to enter your TVs PIN, enter 0000 unless you haven’t changed it before.
  6. After this, your TV Smart Hub settings returns to default factory setting which should fix your volume not working issue.

So, does the above solution not works for you? Don’t worry, it’s okay if the above solution not works for you because there are always many possible reasons behind one cause. Let’s move ahead to the next possible fix to resolve the volume not working issue as soon as possible. If you want to reset the lg TV then read How to reset my lg TV.

Clear Cache OR Delete Unnecessary Apps To Free Up Memory

Since the each device has limited memory and there is always possibility of occurring issues when device storage becomes full because OS installed on your device also needs some free memory storage where it stores it’s features data when algorithms performs and so free space is always need to work properly. And, there is also possibility of volume not working issue when your Samsung TV storage is full. One of the best way to free the memory is to either clear the cache of unused app or completely remove them if not are important apps. Also, if automatic updates are active on your Smart TV then those also cause of out of storage issue because Samsung updates Samsung TV apps regularly and new updates consumes more memory as compared to the factory version.

Let’s move ahead either to clear the cache or to delete the unnecessary apps from your Samsung Smart TV in order to free up the memory which could help to resolve the volume not working issue.

First, Delete Any Unnecessary Apps Which You’ve Not Used Since For A Long Time By Following Steps:

  1. Press the Home button using your remote to go to home screen of your TV
  2. Then, go to Apps
  3. Move to the Settings selecting the setting icon 🛠️ which usually appears at the top right corner of your apps menu
  4. Now, select the App to delete which is not necessary for you
  5. Select the Delete option and confirm to delete the app
Delete Unnecessary Apps On Samsung Tv

If There Are Apps You Don’t Want To Delete And Also You Do Not Use Them, Then It Is Better To Clear The Cache Of Those Apps By Following Steps:

  1. Move to the home screen of your smart TV by pressing the Home button from your remote
  2. Move to the settings
  3. Then navigate to apps and select the System Apps
  4. Select the app which you do not use in order to clear the cache
  5. Click on “Clear Cache” and confirm it

Reset Samsung Smart TV Sound Control Setting

If you’re reading from here then it is obvious that you’ve tried the above solutions and nothing worked for you. But, don’t worry this section might help you to solve the volume not working problem for you very quickly. It’s a sharp step to tackle the issue related to volume controls.

One possible solution is to reset your Samsung Smart TV sound setting and you’ll get a fresh setting of your Samsung Smart TV sound controls which might resolve any bad configurations of setting on your Smart TV and will allow you to perform setting again from scratch. Follow the below steps to reset your Samsung Smart TV volume setting:

  1. As usual, first move to Home screen by pressing the Home button on your Smart TV remote.
  2. Navigate to the Settings of Smart TV
  3. Select the Sound and you’ll find there Expert Settings options, enter into Expert Settings
  4. Finally, click on the Reset Sound and you’ll get factory default setting of your volume controls.

It should resolve the sound related issues on your Samsung Smart TV.

Soft Reset Your Smart TV

Sometime the soft reset for your smart TV could possibly solve many issues you’re facing on your TV. There are 2 different ways which can help you to perform a soft reset for your Samsung TV.

  1. Other possible way is to unplug the power socket of your smart TV. Then press and hold the power button of your Smart TV (no remote) for approximately 10 seconds before putting the plug back to the socket again. Then plug it back and switch on the TV.
  2. Press the power button on your remote and hold down until your Samsung TV switch off and turn it back on. This should only take few seconds to perform this task.

Factory Reset of Samsung Smart TV

If you’ve tried all the above possible solutions and still you stuck at the volume control not working issue, then it is time to perform a factory reset of your smart TV.

⚠️ It will hard reset your TV to it’s factory default state including settings and erase all the information.

To perform the factory reset, there are 2 different options based on device you’re using. Follow below steps for how to factory reset of Samsung Smart TV and choose which suits best for your device:


  1. Like above solutions, move to Home > Settings and then select the General
  2. Select the Reset option.
  3. It might ask you to enter the PIN which by default is 0000 until you haven’t changed it.
  4. Then select the Reset
  5. It will ask you to confirm the reset, press OK


If option 1 not suit your device functionality then try this option:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Select the Support option there
  3. If you see Self Diagnosis then navigate there
  4. Reset option should must be located there.
  5. Follow the OPTION 1 steps 2-5 to perform factory reset from here.


In this blog post, I described many possible solution to fix the Samsung TV volume not working issues. I wrote down many possible ways and how to follow them to fix the issue. These possible solutions were includes the some quick instructions to make sure that the remote is working well in other cases. If everything with remote is okay, then we tried to reset the Samsung TV Smart Hub which reset the Smart Hub settings to it’s default state which could possibly lead to fix any settings which were causing the volume related issues. Then we tried to free-up the storage of Smart TV by using 2 different methods i.e. deleting the unused apps or clearing the cache of apps. Sometimes, if no space is left on the device then it could raise many applications and OS related issues because some features needs some free storage space on the device to perform it’s algorithms. At the next stage we reset the Samsung volume control settings following another fix which is soft reset of your smart TV also sometime a sharp resolution of many issues which are temporarily available in the device and fix when device lost it’s cached memory. Finally, if all the above solutions not worked for Samsung smart TV volume control issue, then we perform a complete factory reset of smart TV and describe the 2 possible options to reset the Smart TV.


Q- How Do I Fix The Volume On My Samsung Smart TV?

A- To fix the volume issue on your Samsung TV, follow the given instructions:

  1. Check if the remote is properly working by clicking other buttons.
  2. Reset the Smart Hub setting from Home > Settings > Self Diagnosis > Reset Smart Hub it will ask you to enter the PIN code which by default is 0000.
  3. Free-up storage space either by removing the unnecessary apps or clearing the cache of unused app which you still want to keep in your Smart TV. See the instructions above given for Deleting Apps or Clear Cache.
  4. Reset Samsung Smart TV sound settings from Home > Settings > Sound > Expert Settings > Reset Sound.
  5. Soft reset your smart TV either by unplugging the power cable for 30 seconds and hold the power button from your Smart TV for 10 seconds when cable is unplugged OR press and hold the power button on your Samsung TV remote until it of and turn back on.
  6. Factory Reset of Samsung Smart TV. There are two possible options, please see the instructions above to perform factory reset.

Q- Why Did The Volume Suddenly Stop Working On My Samsung Smart TV?

  1. Make sure that the volume is not muted or zero level volume and your volume control is working on your TV. If at any stage you notice the issue is with your Samsung TV volume, then please go to the top to read all the possible solutions to fix the problem.
  2. In some cases where user faced no sound from TV was the external connected speaker. The solutions for sound suddenly stopped working was the issue with external speaker whose power was suddenly switched off or damaged wires but the user were noticed any external speaker connection issue. So, please make sure if any external sound/speaker is connected then it is power on and all it’s cable are in good condition. You should also try by disconnecting any external speaker connection. You can also disconnect any external sound device. Here are the instructions about how to disconnect any external sound device: Go to Settings > Sound > Sound Output > Bluetooth Speaker List then select the device you want to disconnect and click on disconnect button. This should be your suddenly stopped volume on Samsung smart TV solution.
  3. There is also possible that the issue with internal speaker of Samsung smart TV which cause of volume suddenly stopped on Samsung Smart TV. Try by connecting any external sound device.
  4. If you’re using external Smart TV box which is connected through HDMI cable then it is also possible that the HDMI cable suddenly stopped working properly. Try by changing the HDMI cable.

Q- How Do I Reset The Sound Or Volume On My Samsung Smart TV?

A- If you want to reset the sound on your Samsung Smart TV then here are the instructions about the question how do I reset my Samsung TV volume:

  1. Move to the Home screen by pressing the home button from your remote.
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. Select the Sound
  4. Then select Expert Settings
  5. There you’ll find the Reset Sound option. Click on this to reset the sound on your Smart TV.

Q- How Do I Unmute My Samsung TV With Or Without Remote?

  1. To unmute the Samsung Smart TV, you can use your remote. There must a button to unmute the sound on your TV. The button should have icon with cross sign on speaker icon. Click on this button to unmute volume. You can also try by increasing the volume level on your Samsung Smart TV.
  2. If you don’t have remote, then try by changing the volume level from your Samsung Smart TV buttons.

Q- Does Samsung Smart TV Have Buttons For Volume Control?

A- Yes, all the Samsung Smart TVs have TV control buttons which allow the user to either increase or decrease the volume on Samsung Smart TV, turning the TV on or off. Location of buttons depends on the model and device you’re using.

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