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Samsung TV Remote Not Working (6 Ways To Fix!) 2024

samsung remote won't connect to tv

Still struggling with the new technology? Do you keep asking yourself Why my Samsung TV keeps turning off every 5 seconds? Or you don’t know How to get Peloton app on Samsung TV? Well, we are here for you. It is not just you but half of the population who has no clue regarding the latest technology. If you own Samsung products and have less than the required knowledge about the products then you should definitely give this article a read.


You are sitting and enjoying your favorite show on the brand new Samsung TV but suddenly your remote stops working. You are all like, why did it happen? Did I press the wrong button? Do I have to reset my settings? You suddenly become concerned about Samsung TV remote work. But hey! Don’t worry, we are here for you and will tell you what to do when Samsung TV remote stops working.


Samsung TV remotes not working properly OR Samsung TV remote not available are commonly faced issues. But the main question asks about the severity of this issue. You need not to worry as this is not something to stress over. We have a number of solutions which you could adopt for fixing this problem.


There are various solutions to try, if one solution isn’t working out for you then you can switch to the other one. If you know what the actual problem is then you will be able to choose the right solution.


The solution with 100% common sense is checking the remote batteries. The batteries might have become weak or dead so it is better to check them often. Buying a good set of batteries can solve this issue. However, if you use low-quality batteries then chances are that they might stop working after a few days.

STEP 1: Turn around your remote
STEP 2: Open the back case
STEP 3: Take out the batteries and use them in some other product
STEP 4: If the batteries work fine in other products then the issue lies in the remote
If the issue is related to remote then you can read the fixes concerning smart TV remote which are mentioned below in another section.


Another possible fix for Why won’t my smart TV remote work is the presence of corrosion. Corrosion is basically a harmful substance released by the batteries when they get old or have completed their duration. This corrosion could appear in many forms i.e. a green colored liquid and a white colored dry mixture etc. It is important to address this occurrence as soon as possible because it will not just make your remote stop working but will also cause damage to its interior.

STEP 1: Open the back cover of your remote
STEP 2: Remove the batteries and check for the corrosion
STEP 3: If you find any then get a new set of batteries
STEP 4: Clean the remote interior along with the terminals
STEP 5: Put in the new batteries and put the cover back
After performing the above mentioned steps check the working of your remote. There are 90% chances that your remote will work just fine now.


Now you must be wondering How to reset Samsung TV remote? Well there is no rocket science involved in this case scenario as instructions are pretty much straight forward. This solution might or might not work out for you but it is worth giving a shot.

STEP 1: Open the back cover of your remote and remove the batteries
STEP 2: Unplug your Samsung TV
STEP 3: Wait for 1 minute i.e. 60 seconds
STEP 4: Put back the batteries and plug back your TV
STEP 5: Check the remote if it is working fine or not
If this solution isn’t working then you can jump onto the next one and see if that brings any luck for you.


In old days the solutions were comparatively easier, I mean if your remote isn’t working then you can simply replace the old set of batteries with a new one and boom! Your remote starts working. But dealing with latest technology also brings dealing with various connections. One reason that your remote isn’t working could be that the TV isn’t paired properly with your remote. Living in a smart era means that your every gadget is either connected to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

It is possible that your TV is connected to another device and due to this the connection between the TV and remote isn’t established. This could definitely create a fault and your remote might not work.

STEP 1: Make sure your TV is switched ON
STEP 2: Take your remote and keep holding Play/Pause and Return button for at least 5 seconds
STEP 3: The synchronization should be done and your remote will start working
STEP 4: Test the remote by using it for different commands
This fix will answer many questions like why is Samsung smart remote not pairing or how to pair the remote with my TV.


All the latest tech products have a sensor in them. The presence of such sensors play a very important role because without them you might face Samsung TV remote not responding error. The old school trick to check the working of any sensor is using your phone camera.

STEP 1: Open your mobile camera and point it towards the remote
STEP 2: Press any button on the remote and have a constant look at your phone’s camera
STEP 3: If you see a light in the camera then it means the sensor is in a working condition


Smart TVs often demand an update. If your TV is not updated then it could be the reason why your remote is not working. To update your TV’s software it is important to follow the below mentioned steps:

STEP 1: Visit the β€œSettings” option from the main screen
STEP 2: Direct towards the β€œSoftware Updates” section
STEP 3: If there is no update available then it means your TV is already using the latest version
STEP 4: If any update is pending then update it manually
STEP 5: After this, check if the remote is working fine or not


The most important solutions have been mentioned in the above section of this article but if you want to try solutions other than these then you have 2 more of them. You can reset your modem or can do a sensitivity check test on your remote. Both of them are very easy to do.


STEP 1: Unplug your TV
STEP 2: Disconnect your modem’s connections
STEP 3: Wait for a few seconds
STEP 4: Reconnect the connections and see if the remote is working fine or not


STEP 1: Keep pressing the number key until the test starts
STEP 2: Once completed, the remote’s LED will do a two-time blinking
STEP 3: After this check for the working of your remote


Samsung remotes not working is no doubt an annoying issue because it plays a role of hurdle between you and your entertainment. However, you can solve this issue by following the below mentioned steps.


STEP 1 – Take the remote and remove the batteries carefully
STEP 2 – Keep pressing the power button for about 8 seconds
STEP 3 – After this, reinsert the batteries and check if the issue still persists or not
These steps will also


We have provided you with every possible solution which you can try if your Samsung remote isn’t working. You need to make an effort and try every solution, choose the one which works out the best for you. Now you don’t have to worry about anything as we are here to help! But if you’re Smart Tv screen is still blank then this issue is something different. For more you can also check our Samsung Tv guides.


Q – Samsung TV Not Responding To Remote, What Is The Issue?
A – If your Samsung TV is not responding to the remote then it could be due to 2 reasons. First is that your TV might not have been updated from a long time or the issue is within your remote.

Q – Why Isn’t My Remote Working Even With New Batteries?
A – Replacing your old batteries with new ones might do the trick but if not then you must check the terminals of your remote. Clean them thoroughly using a recommended solution and you will be good to go.

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