Samsung TV Horizontal Lines On Screen (6 Easy Fixes)

Horizontal Lines On Samsung Tv Screen

As we have said this earlier that buying smart products is easier than taking care of them. If you want to keep a smart product with you then the best way is to know sufficient knowledge regarding them. In this article we will discuss another important issue which deals with how to fix horizontal lines on Samsung TV.

We have dealt with other TV related issues too like how to watch Fubo on vizio smart TV, how to turn on TCL roku TV without remote and much more. But this article has a main concern with Samsung TV. We will guide you through every possible fix to get rid of horizontal lines on your Samsung TV.


If you are still wondering what causes horizontal lines on TV screen Samsung then this article is definitely for you. Samsung TV lines on screen horizontal is one annoying issue because it blocks away your display. If you want to get rid of this problem then try Samsung TV horizontal fix which we are going to tell you in the next section of this article.


Latest and smart LEDs and TVs are very sensitive to handle. If you are facing any issue regarding them then chances are that they might have any component damaged or they might have completed their life time. One of the issues is that you are experiencing horizontal lines on your TV. These lines could be severe or moderate depending upon the damage. However, lines are lines whether small or big. These lines become irritating especially when you are watching TV. These grey lines will steal all the fun from you so it is better to get them fixed beforehand.

samsung horizontal lines


After knowing about what exactly these lines can do to your view, we will now jump on to the next thing which is the reason for the occurrence of these lines. Following are some reasons which would cause your Samsung TV to have lines on it.

  • The HDMI cable connection could be loose or damaged. Make sure to check it first before doing anything else.
  • Your TV software could be outdated or un-updated. This compatibility issue could also cause the horizontal lines to occur.
  • Your TV could have a failed gate driver.
  • The panel of your TV might be broken or damaged.
  • Your TV is working with a failed graphics card


This section of the article will answer your query of what causes horizontal lines on Samsung TV screen. After knowing every sufficient detail about the issue, the next thing to do is perform some fixes in order to solve it. Below we have mentioned every possible solution to your problem, try them and you will be good to go!


Before trying anything else, just do a quick step which involves powering off your TV. In technical world, it is said to be a β€œPower Reset”. Most of the issues are solved by just performing a simple power reset. In order to do this, follow the below mentioned steps.

horizontal lines on samsung tv screen


STEP 1 – Make sure your TV is turned OFF
STEP 2 – Unplug the power cord from the main outlet
STEP 3 – Wait for about a minute or so
STEP 4 – Re-establish the connection and turn ON the TV
STEP 5 – Check if the lines are still visible or not


If the HDMI connections are lose or damaged then you will notice that the horizontal lines are not permanent but temporary. It means that they are not still but moving. This happens when there is a problem with your HDMI connection. Now to solve this you will have to do 3 things;

  • Check if there is any problem with the HDMI cable.
  • Check if the connection is lose.
  • Check if the port is working or not.


If the case is the first one then of course the fix would be to replace it with a new cable. However, if the issue is related to the second case then what you can do is unplug the HDMI cable and make sure to plug it back tightly. This will avoid lose connection problem. The last thing which is expected from you is to check that whether the port in which you have your cable connected is working or not. For this, try connecting your HDMI cable into a different port.


There comes a situation when horizontal lines start appearing on your Samsung TV within the days of its purchase. In this scenario you must know that brand new TVs don’t have this issue and if they do then of course it is a manufacturing problem. The easiest and most affordable fix for this is to return your TV to the company. Make sure that the warranty of your TV is still available otherwise you will end up paying an extra amount of money.


Electronic products get dusty too and when this happens then issues like horizontal line on TV screen Samsung starts appearing. For this issue what you need to do is clean the inside of your TV. The pins on T-CON ribbon cable might not have contact with the connectors due to the presence of dust particles. So for this, you will need to remove the back cover of your TV and clean it with the help of compressed air. This will do the job.


Sometimes blocking certain contact points with a piece of tape can do the trick. You will have to block some points on the ribbon cable that connects to the TV’s T-CON board. To do this, we will follow the below mentioned procedure.


STEP 1 – Figure out on which side the lines are appearing
STEP 2 – If the lines are present on just one side then this issue can be solved easily, but if the lines are appearing on both sides then this would be a problem which you cannot fix
STEP 3 – Make sure to keep your TV ON
STEP 4 – With that, keep removing one ribbon cable at a time and see which side is causing the trouble
STEP 5 – After figuring out the faulty side, remove all the cables present on that side
STEP 6 – Now take the tape and make a blockage between specific connections (the points which are causing the horizontal lines)
STEP 7 – Put back the cover and see the transparency of the horizontal lines


To solve horizontal lines Samsung TV issue, there is another fix which is contacting the Samsung Customer Support. By doing this, you will get to know all the related troubleshooting steps and can solve the issue within no time. This fix is to be considered when you have no clue about what to do.


Getting this type of issue is easy if you have prior knowledge of the subject. But if you are new then it could get tiresome for you. Make sure to read this article thoroughly so you don’t miss any fix which might help you in the future. Also let us know which fix worked out the best for you!


Q – How Do I Fix Horizontal Lines On My Samsung TV?
A – There are multiple ways to get the horizontal lines fixed on your Samsung TV.

  • Check your TV’s graphic card
  • Check the HDMI connection
  • Check whether the inside of your TV is cleaned
  • Perform a power reset

Q – What Causes Horizontal Lines On TV Screen Samsung?
A – The most common reason for the occurrence of horizontal lines on your Samsung TV screen is due to the loose HDMI connections. If this is not the issue then there might be other problems like outdated software, failed driver, damaged graphic card and what not.

Q – Can I Fix My Samsung TV With Lines?
A – Yes, you can fix a Samsung TV with lines depending upon the nature of the problem.

Q – Will Power Resetting My TV Make The Horizontal Lines Go Away?
A – Yes, sometimes performing a power reset might do the trick and take away all the horizontal lines from the TV.

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