Samsung TV Blinking Red Light ( 8 Fixes ) 2024 Complete Guide

Samsung tv flashing red light

So its weekend and you decide to watch your favorite show. You try to turn ON your TV but all you can see is a red light. Not green, not blue but red? Now you should be concerned because it isn’t some problem which could be fixed by just performing the reset process. If your Samsung TV keeps flashing red light then we will tell you what to do exactly.


If the issue was that your TV’s volume is not working or you couldn’t figure out why your TV won’t turn ON then we would have said you to not worry. But here the issue is complex and so are its solutions. The major issues due to which your TV is flashing red light are mentioned below along with their fixes. Give them a proper read and perform each step with full caution.


Keep this thing in mind that the issue isn’t always in your TV or its interior, sometimes the external factors contribute a lot in the cause.


One of the biggest reasons that your TV is showing red light is an unstable electricity supply. Chances are that your area has experienced a thunderstorm or any other weather casualty due to which the electricity supply got unstable. This unstable flow of electricity reaches only a few parts of the TV while damaging the other ones. Too little or too much electricity both can be very harmful for your TV’s components.


You can’t really control the electricity supply but what you can do is take care of your TV. Whenever something weather related happens always turn OFF your TV from the main outlet. When you are sure that the electricity flow is now stable then you can plug back in the main switch. This will protect your TV from unstable electricity supply.


If you are into tech then you must know what capacitors are. They are small energy packets which are extremely important for your TV. If your TV receives too much of the electricity then the direct impact will be on the capacitors. They could get fried up or swollen due to the receiving of excessive electricity. Having such capacitors will cause your TV to flash red light.



You can replace the faulty capacitors with the new ones only if you have experience in this domain. You got a little bit of soldering experience? You are good to go! But if not then you can hire a repairman to do the job.

STEP 1: Make sure your TV is turned OFF
STEP 2: Remove the back casing of your TV
STEP 3: On the left side you will see a power board, remove all of its connections
STEP 4: Take out the board with extreme care and check the capacitors
STEP 5: If the capacitors are fine then put back the power board
STEP 6: But if not then replace the capacitors by removing the old ones
STEP 7: Attach the new capacitors on the board with the help of soldering
STEP 8: After doing so, put back the power board and make all the necessary connections

Congratulations! You have finally replaced the old capacitors and if this was the issue which was causing the blinking red light then your TV should work fine now.


Another common reason for Samsung TV red light blinking could be that your TV has been connected to a defective power outlet. The power outlet might not be entirely faulty or something but there is a possibility that the power outlet isn’t providing sufficient amount of electricity to the TV. Here is what you can do.


You can check for different power outlets if one of them is faulty. The procedure is straight-forward. All you have to do is unplug the TV from the current power outlet and try plugging it in another one. If the issue gets resolved by switching the power outlets then it means the issue was never in your TV but if this switching doesn’t work then you need to skip this fix and jump on to the next one.


Checking each and every possibility for the occurrence of errors is very important. You might be thinking that this issue could occur due to this or that but in reality the issue might be different. So it is really important that you have detailed knowledge of the respective issue (in this case Samsung TV red light blinking). Even if you don’t have sufficient knowledge then just give this article a read and you will be good to go.


The maximum life span of a surge protector is around 3 – 5 years. If your surge protector has reached this limit then it is time to get it checked or replaced. If you find your surge protector damaged then make a replacement immediately. If you know the replacement procedure then bravo! If this is not the case then you will have to hire an expert for the job.

STEP 1: Turn OFF the main power concerning the existing receptacle
STEP 2: Make sure that the power is turned OFF using a tester
STEP 3: It is time to remove the cover plate and the screws
STEP 4: Pull out the receptacle from the wall and make the required replacements or changes
STEP 5: After doing so, put back the cover plate and the screws


Another possible reason for Samsung TV blinking red light could be the presence of faulty power cord or power board. These 2 components are extremely important because most of the power travels through them. If both or even one of them is malfunctioned then you might expect the clean Samsung screen to show you nothing. But the main question is how we will be able to check whether the components are faulty or not. The answer of this question is in the next section of this article.


Whenever you have to check the working of any electrical component then the simplest way is to use a voltmeter. If you don’t know what voltmeter is then we are here to help. It is an electrical component which shows the current flow. If you want to check let’s say power cord then you will make the necessary connections and after that check the meter whether there is any deflection shown or not. This will tell you about the working of various components.


The easiest solution has to be this one. Just check which part of the TV isn’t receiving the power supply and after figuring this out simply replace it. You can check the working of power cord as well as power board using a voltmeter and if they are faulty then simply make a replacement.


The best thing about latest products is that they offer you more than required. If you are using a smart TV then you can also play Xbox and PlayStation games on it too. However, sometimes these perks become the cause of unusual faults. In this case if you have attached an Xbox or PlayStation with your smart TV using an HDMI cable then chances are that the HDMI cable might be broken or damaged. Due to this your Samsung TV doesn’t turn on and keeps on flashing red light.


You can easily figure out if your HDMI cable is a faulty one or not by doing some additional efforts.
STEP 1: Make sure your TV is turned ON and having all the connections established through HDMI
STEP 2: If you see a red light blinking then disconnect the HDMI cable
STEP 3: After disconnecting if your TV is working just fine then it is probably a HDMI glitch
After figuring out that the issue lies within your HDMI cable, simply replace it with a new one and check the working of your TV.


Now you all must be thinking what a power cycle is. Well one thing you need to know is that a power cycle is different from factory reset procedure. Power cycle allows you to drain out all the power that has been stored in your TV. The process of doing so is also very simple. However, sometimes it is important to make your product undergo a power cycle process. This might do the job for you.


The power cycle process doesn’t involve complicated steps, they are extremely straight-forward to follow.

STEP 1: Make sure your TV is switched OFF
STEP 2: Remove the TV plug from the wall
STEP 3: Make sure to hold the power button for 30 seconds
STEP 4: After this, plug your TV back in

If your TV was requesting a power cycle then performing the above mentioned steps should do the trick.


Modern TVs use a strip of LED lights to provide a backlight effect. If the present LEDs get faulty or damaged then your TV screen will stop working and will start blinking a red light. If this is the case then obviously you will need to make a quick replacement.


If your TV has damaged backlight then the only solution is to get them replaced. You can do the procedure if you know how to but if you don’t know then you can hire people for it. Make the necessary changes and you will get rid of that red light.


Coming across such issues is very common, if you want to get rid of them then you have to try one of the above mentioned solutions. One of them will definitely work out for you and if not then you can switch to the other one as well. If you’re apps is not working on samsung tv and get other problems related to samsung tv then also checkout our Samsung TV category, you will find every solution of you’re problem.


Q – Why is the red light on my Samsung TV blinking?
A – If you are watching a blinking red light on your TV then it might be due to the following reasons.
β€’ Software glitch
β€’ Faulty power board or power cord
β€’ Damaged power outlet
β€’ Excessive electricity flow
β€’ Broken HDMI cable

Q – Is it possible that I fix the blinking red light of my smart TV?
A – Of course, you can do the fixing easily. We have provided a list of solutions which you can adopt to fix the red light. The solutions include replacement of faulty power cord, power board and HDMI cable. If your TV needs a reset then you can even do that.

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