Samsung TV Black Screen of Death ( 9 Quick Soluctions) โ€“ 2024

how to reset Samsung tv with black screen

So, if we ask that what would you perceive if your Samsung TV starts showing black screen out of nowhere? Of course, the very first answer would be that your TV has been damaged. But trust me, this is not the case always. Sometimes the problem could seem to be a very big one but its fix requires nothing more than fixing a wire. We will introduce you to such fixes in the upcoming section of this article.
Sometimes your Samsung smart TV would show a red light along with a black screen, this issue is related to our current issue as well. I mean black screen on TV, isnโ€™t it weird? At first you would definitely panic but after some time you will start narrowing down all the related fixes. Well, you donโ€™t have to do this task alone as we are here to assist you.


Buying Samsung products is easy but maintaining them and overcoming several issues is a difficult task to do. You need to have in-depth knowledge regarding every issue because Samsung TV screen problems arenโ€™t easy to solve. Making these problems easier for you is our job and we will make sure to do it in the right way.


We came across every related issue along with its fix and compiled it in a way that it becomes easy for you. Below we have mentioned some reasons which contribute into the cause along with their fixes. Try the fixes one by one and make this problem go away.


Experiencing a black TV screen? Donโ€™t worry! We are here to make your tension go away. Figure out the reason that has been causing the problem and then try its respective fix.


The latest tech products require resets more often than any other thing. Their working has been wired in such a way that these resets become essential for them. However, if your Samsung TV screen is black then chances are that your TV might want to go through a soft reset process. If you know the steps of this procedure then bravo! But if not then donโ€™t worry as we are here to guide you.


If you want to perform a soft reset procedure in a smooth way then follow our below mentioned steps and you will be good to go. If you experience some issue while doing so then again check the steps and make sure each and every requirement is fulfilled in the best possible way.

STEP 1 โ€“ Unplug the TV connection from the main outlet
STEP 2 โ€“ Wait for about 60 seconds
STEP 3 โ€“ Exactly after 1 minute, plug back the connections
STEP 4 โ€“ The temporary bug that has been causing the issue will be taken care of


Sometimes the connected cables become a big reason for why your Samsung TV is showing a black screen. The loose connections stop the power to flow properly and get to every part of the TV. If power is not reaching to each and every part then it is very obvious that your TV might not work or keep showing you a black screen. There isnโ€™t any one specific cable for which you have to check the connectivity, each and every cable should be plugged in tightly and in the right port. Do not expect that by plugging in the cable in the wrong port will take your black screen away.

LOOSE CABLE CONNECTIONS with Samsung smart tv


After thoroughly checking the connections, it is the time to check it through your smart TV. Follow the below steps and figure out if there are still any connections which need to be looked after.

STEP 1 โ€“ Look for the โ€œSettingsโ€ option on your smart TV and visit it
STEP 2 โ€“ Then go into the โ€œSupportโ€ section and then โ€œDevice Careโ€
STEP 3 โ€“ You will see an option of โ€œSelf-Diagnosisโ€, click on it
STEP 4 โ€“ Navigate towards โ€œSignal Informationโ€

After doing this, you will be shown a complete signal history. From that history you can easily figure out where the problem actually lies.


Another reason why you are experiencing black screen of death might be choosing an incorrect input source. When choosing input sources always remember to choose a source that you know is sending signals to your TV. If the input source hasnโ€™t been chosen correctly then you might want to check and fix it.


If you are not sure that you have selected the correct input source then you can double check it by performing the below mentioned steps.

STEP 1 โ€“ Look for the โ€œSettingsโ€ option on your remote
STEP 2 โ€“ Navigate towards โ€œSourcesโ€ section
STEP 3 โ€“ Look for the selected source that whether it is the correct one or not

If the correct source has been selected then jump on to the next fix. But if the chosen source is wrong then make it right as soon as possible.


Sometimes your TV might want you to switch the HDMI input in order to work properly. There might exist a possibility that your HDMI input source isnโ€™t working properly or has become partly faulty. You wouldnโ€™t know the difference until and unless you do the switching.


Your Samsung TV dark screen problem will go away if you switch the HDMI input. The steps are extremely simple. You just have to see that currently where your HDMI is connected. After doing this, unplug the HDMI and plug it back into another input port. This might do the trick.


This might be a very common issue but most of the people donโ€™t know about this. Sometimes the settings are set in a way that the TV automatically gets turned off if no activity is performed for some time. This happens when the sleep settings of your TV are enabled. Your TV screen goes in the sleep mode and the screen goes all black.



To disable the sleep settings, we have a list of steps for you to follow.
STEP 1 โ€“ Press the โ€œSettingsโ€ button on your remote
STEP 2 โ€“ Navigate towards the โ€œGeneralโ€ section and then select System Manager
STEP 3 โ€“ You will see an option of โ€œTimeโ€ click on it and select โ€œSleep Timerโ€
STEP 4 โ€“ Select the disable option and you will be good to go


Firmware is the most important part of your TV. If any bug occurs in it then it might cause your screen to turn all black. Fixing this issue is very easy. You just have to update the firmware and you will be good to go. To know about the importance of firmware you need to know that all the content that you are currently viewing on the TV is due to firmware, if it is not updated then you sure will have to update it as soon as possible.


To update the firmware you need to follow the below mentioned steps.
STEP 1 โ€“ Visit โ€œSettingsโ€
STEP 2 โ€“ Go to โ€œSupportโ€ section
STEP 3 โ€“ You will see an option of โ€œSoftware Updateโ€
STEP 4 โ€“ If there is any pending update then update it immediately
STEP 5 โ€“ If there isnโ€™t any update then it means your TV is already in its latest version


Performing a factory reset will help you to solve the issue. In factory reset mode, all the pre-defined settings will go back to their default mode and you will have to make the adjustments again. Doing this will take away all the bugs which might be causing the problem and like this your issue will be solved in the best possible way.


Samsung TV troubleshooting is very easy as most of the options are self-explanatory. If you donโ€™t know the answer to โ€œHow to reset Samsung TV with black screenโ€ then give this article a good read in order to solve the issue.

STEP 1 โ€“ Take your remote and press โ€œMenuโ€ button
STEP 2 โ€“ Visit โ€œSettingsโ€ section and click on โ€œSupportโ€ option
STEP 3 โ€“ Choose โ€œSelf-Diagnosisโ€ and then select โ€œResetโ€
STEP 4 โ€“ You will be requested to enter the PIN number
STEP 5 โ€“ If any PIN hasnโ€™t been set then simply type โ€œ0000โ€
STEP 6 โ€“ Press โ€œOKโ€ and the reset process will start automatically


If your Samsung TV turns on but screen is black then maybe the backlights of your TV have been damaged. However, if this is the reason then you might want to solve it quickly as backlights are very important. The screen on which you see all the content is due to the presence of backlights. Now imagine if the backlights are damaged then how will you be able to see the content on screen?


If you want to check that whether the backlights of your TV are damaged or not, just take them out and check for the current flow using a voltmeter. If they are working just fine then no issue but if you find any fault then you will have to make a quick replacement.


Another reason for a black Samsung TV screen is the presence of a faulty motherboard. You can check the motherboard and make sure whether it is working fine or not. If not then the simplest solution is to replace it. Motherboard is a very important component of TV, if it stops working or become faulty then you have to become concerned.


Components like motherboard are either replaced or fixed. If you think there is a chance that the motherboard could be fixed then perform this fixing immediately. If not then the last option to be considered is the replacement.


It is very natural to get tensed over the issues like when your TV remote isnโ€™t working or your TV screen has gone all black. But instead of getting worried, a better approach is to try and solve the issue. We tried our best to feed you with enough information that could aid you in the cause.


Q โ€“ Is it normal for Samsung TV screens to go all black?
A โ€“ It is a commonly faced issue among Samsung users that their TV screens go all black without them knowing the cause. If you donโ€™t know much about this issue and donโ€™t want to handle on your own then it is better to talk to the professionals about this.

Q โ€“ Will factory reset solve the issue of Samsung screen going black?
A โ€“ It depends, if the reason for your Samsung TV screen going black has a factory reset fix against it then doing so will do the trick.



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