How To Reset LUXPRO Thermostat? (Troubleshooting Guide 2024)

reset lux thermostat

There comes a time when the only possible solution left to fix any issue is resetting your thermostat. I came across many issues whose potential solution was to reset the thermostat. Whether it was my Luxpro thermostat not working properly or the time when I was unable to unlock the Luxpro. A simple reset procedure did the trick.

When you hear about reset, you usually think of one simple reset but in case of Luxpro there are two types of resets; hardware reset and software reset.

The procedure for both of them is a bit different so you have to perform the steps carefully. The procedure is however different but the steps are comparatively easy. The procedures just demand your attention and nothing else.


To reset Lux thermostat you must know how to deal with Luxpro thermostat settings. Once you know enough about it them you can easily perform Lux pro thermostat reset procedure. In this section of the article you will be able to gather knowledge regarding both types of resets.


Before performing hardware reset, keep this thing in mind that this reset will not erase any of your settings. It will just do a simple reset and all the settings which you have customized according to your own preferences will stay the same. So it is recommended that you perform this reset first.


STEP 1 – Head towards your thermostat and take its front OFF the wall

STEP 2 – Now look for white round reset button which will be labelled as β€œH.W Reset”

STEP 3 – After you have found this button, keep pressing it for maximum 5 seconds

STEP 4 – The screen will populate temporarily

STEP 5 – This should perform a hardware reset

If your problem doesn’t get solved through this reset then jump on to the next reset which is software reset.


If you want to reset Luxpro thermostat by using software reset procedure then you need to know that this reset will remove all your previously set settings. Your thermostat will be brought back to default mode and you will lose all your customized settings.


STEP 1 – You need to search for white round button labelled as β€œS.Reset”

STEP 2 – Keep pressing this button for at least 5-10 seconds

STEP 3 – The screen will populate temporarily

STEP 4 – This should perform software reset

Make sure to write down all your custom settings somewhere so you can configure them again after the reset.


If you witness a message of β€œWait” on your thermostat’s screen then it means the thermostat is waiting for the HVAC system to activate. This is extremely conventional when you want to prevent your thermostat’s compressor from any damage. Don’t worry as this message will soon disappear when the thermostat resumes its normal operations.


You know this thing that your thermostat already have programmed temperature settings. If the temperature which you have set goes above or beyond the programmed temperature then it will display β€œOverride” message.

To adjust this problem you will have to make sure that the set temperature stays consistent and doesn’t go above or beyond the programmed temperature.


The best thing about Luxpro thermostats is that they don’t get complicated no matter what the issue is. You can easily solve the issue by just having initial knowledge. Similarly, if you want to reset your Luxpro thermostat then you can easily do this process without using any extra help.


Q – Is There A Reset Button On A Thermostat?
A – It depends on the thermostat that you are using. If you are using Luxpro thermostat then you will definitely witness a reset button. In case of other thermostat models, there might be or might not be a reset button present.

Q – How Do You Adjust A Luxpro Thermostat?
A – Perform the following steps:

STEP 1 – Press on β€œMenu” option
STEP 2 – Keep pressing scroll until you witness the option of β€œSet Review Cal Temp”
STEP 3 – Press β€œYes” option
STEP 4 – Use UP and DOWN arrow keys to adjust the temperature of your preference
STEP 5 – Press β€œExit”

Q – How Do I Reset My Luxpro Thermostat tx100e?
A – To reset your Luxpro thermostat tx100e, follow the below mentioned steps:

STEP 1 – Keep the mode switch to OFF position
STEP 2 – Keep pressing NEXT and SET buttons for at least 5 seconds
STEP 3 – The screen will fully populate but will come back to normal after some time

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