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re co on hunter thermostat

Like Nest, Honeywell and Carrier thermostats, now is the time to discuss another category of thermostats: Hunter Thermostats.

These thermostats have proved to be competitive since their launch. Hunter thermostats are popular because of the functionality and comfort that they provide to their users. With so many features and modern technology used, these thermostats exhibit some issues that could annoy users.

Hunter thermostat re co issue is one of them. You must be hearing this word for the first time but don’t worry; we will guide you through all of the features of this cool thermostat.


β€œRe Co” is short for Recovery Mode. This isn’t just some recovery you need to make after your thermostat has experienced an issue; in fact, this recovery mode proves super beneficial for its users.

Re Co on Hunter thermostat works by bringing back the thermostat to the set temperature after a calculated amount of time. Now when to use the Hunter thermostat Reco feature purely depends on you.

For instance, if you want to keep the temperature low during the daytime while you are away, you can use this feature. The home atmosphere will be comfortable enough once you get back home. This will cut down the expenses of your electricity bill, and you can enjoy it without worrying about your moeny.


If you are using the Re Co feature/mode, you will have to set the desired temperature. Now what Re Co will do is it will calculate the time which will be required to reach that desired temperature. Once the temperature is reached, the HVAC system will also be set accordingly.

The main concern of this feature is three things; the current temperature on which your thermostat is operating, the ability of the HVAC system to cool or heat the surroundings and last but not least temperature setting.

what does re co mean on thermostat

The working of this feature is known during extreme weather conditions. When the outside temperature is too low or too high, the thermostat will take time to reach the desired temperature. This is an ideal situation to bring this feature into work.


Enabling the recovery mode on the Hunter thermostat is a relatively simple task. But keep this thing in mind every model requires a different setup procedure. To solve this inconvenience, you can consult the manual, which comes along with every Hunter thermostat model. But the general steps to follow are mentioned below.


STEP 1 – Open the thermostat’s β€œMenu”
STEP 2 – Search for β€œRe Co” settings in the menu list
STEP 3 – Select the settings
STEP 4 – Make the required changes in the settings
STEP 5 – Set the time when you want this mode to kick in
STEP 6 – Other modifications can also be made according to your preferences

hunter thermostat re co


Using this mode will help you achieve the following.

  • Comfortable atmosphere
  • Reduced electricity bills
  • Energy saving


Following are the disadvantages of using Re Co mode.

  • Higher energy consumption
  • More burden on the HVAC system


Keeping a track record of the latest features of your thermostat will bring you an advantage. Doing this will keep you calm if any issue occurs because you will know how to solve it. This is the advantage you get when you know about your thermostat’s technical specifications.


Q – What Is Reco On The Hunter Thermostat?
A – Re Co on Hunter thermostat means that your thermostat will return to its original set temperature after being on a different temperature for a specific amount of time.

Q – How Do I Enable The Re Co Mode On My Thermostat?
A – To enable the Re Co mode, follow the below-mentioned steps.

STEP 1 – Open the thermostat’s β€œMenu”
STEP 2 – Search for β€œRe Co” settings in the menu list
STEP 3 – Select the settings
STEP 4 – Make the required changes in the settings
STEP 5 – Set the time when you want this mode to kick in

Q – What Is Reset On The Thermostat For?
A – Reset on the thermostat means all set settings will return to the default ones. In short, the thermostat will experience a factory-reset mode.

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