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Pro1 Thermostat T705 Not Working? (Complete Fix) 2024

pro t705 thermostat troubleshooting

Pro1 Thermostat Not Working?

A thermostat is one of the major sources of comfort in your home. Pro1 Thermostat reset works best as a temperature management device. It provides you with convenience and works efficiently. You can control your room temperature even if you are not around.  But electrical appliances like thermostats, ACs, laptops, and cell phones can stop working.

If your Pro air conditioning Thermostat stops operating, do not worry. Pro T705 Thermostat troubleshooting not working is a common issue complained about by many users. If this is the issue, all you need to do is read this article where we have mentioned multiple troubleshooting tips to help you. With the help of these tips, you can your time and money.

How to Fix? (Pro1 Thermostat T705 Not Working)

Pro1 T705 Thermostat reset is a popular model of thermostat used by many people. These are helpful, especially in extreme weather. If your thermostat malfunctions or facing issues, stay calm and read this article that will help you fix your problem. The actual cause of your thermostat not working can be dust, loose wires, incorrect setting or low or completely drained batteries.

Did your Pro1 Thermostat reset stop working or doesn’t operate properly?  This is a common issue with Pro air conditioning Thermostat which operates on batteries. Check the power for any loose wires or circuit breakers that might have tripped. Let’s have a look at these tips so that you can troubleshoot your faulty thermostat at home.

  1. Go Through Thermostat’s Settings:

Another problem can be the thermostat’s Incorrect Settings’. Wrong settings can affect the heat or cool modes of the thermostat. The ‘Switch System’ lets you see the operating mode of the HVAC system. To turn ON the heating select ‘Heat” mode, or if you want to turn ON the air conditioning select the ‘Cool’ mode. Select ‘OFF’ to turn off both modes.

If not, set them according to your preferences and your Pro T705 Thermostat troubleshooting will start operating again.

  1. Tripped Circuit Breaker:

Make sure your thermostat is getting good power from the connection. If the circuit breaker has tripped, get it back again to make your thermostat into a working state again.

  1. Replace The Batteries:

If you have been using the same batteries for too long and now your screen goes off suddenly, then buy new batteries for your thermostat. Even if your display doesn’t show the low battery indicator, change the batteries once every year.

  1. Check Thermostat’s Wiring:

Burnt or loosen wires can also be the cause of the Pro 1 Thermostat reset not working. Dissemble your thermostat and check its wiring. Fix them and if you do not know how to do that, contact an expert to resolve the wiring issue. Electrical wires can be dangerous so do not harm yourself, be careful.

  1. How To Reset pro t705 Thermostat? (Power Cycle)

Another great tip to fix your device will be the reset your thermostat. If you have no idea how to reset your thermostat, then try power cycling it. Take out your thermostat device from the base. Open it and remove the batteries. Then wait for 15-20 seconds before inserting them back again. Carefully insert the batteries back again in their into their correct terminals.

This will reset your thermostat and remove all your previous settings. In this way, your Pro air conditioning Thermostat will start functioning again.

  1. Clean Your Thermostat Device:

Many users do not keep their thermostats clean. Due to dust or dirty thermostats, your device can stop working. Open the base of your thermostat and thoroughly clean it using compressed air or a soft brush to wipe off any dust clogged on the wires, batteries, or power supply that is not letting the proper connection pass.

Your thermostat might not operate due to clogged dust in the wires which may create issues like this. Always keep your device clean. This will fix your thermostat immediately.

FAQs for Customer Support:

Q: What Is The Purpose Of The FILT Option On The Pro Thermostat Reset?
A: FILT option is an air filter indicator that appears on the display screen only if your air filter needs a replacement. If you want to reset the FILT reminder, hold the second button from the top left for 3 seconds and then release it.

Q: Why Is My Pro 1 Thermostat Reset Display Light Not Working?
A: Your Pro T705 Thermostat reset will turn off the display light when the batteries are low or need a replacement. The display light will restore when you insert new batteries in your thermostat.

Q: What Is The ‘Power Cycle’ Feature Used For?
A: The ‘Power Cycle’ feature is used to reset your Pro 1 Thermostat reset. Power Cycle your thermostat by removing batteries for 10 seconds and then inserting them back again. This will reset your thermostat to the default settings.

Q: Why Is My Screen Blank Without The Low Battery Icon?
A: The low battery icon is a final warning to replace the batteries otherwise, your display will be blank. Replace the batteries  and your display screen will restore to normal

Last Thoughts:

The best thing is that you can fix all these issues easily without calling any HVAC expert for help. If your Pro air conditioning Thermostat suddenly stops working, you can fix it by making sure all settings are in the correct order, the furnace is clean, batteries are new and reliable. If still nothing works, call Pro 1 Thermostat reset customer support to check the device, diagnose the real issue and fix it.

Hope that all these troubleshooting steps will help you restore your pto1 thermostat t705 not working. Try all the above-mentioned tips and if still it doesn’t operate properly, then this is because your thermostat is broken and soon needs a replacement.

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