No Signal On Samsung TV Problem 2024 (8 Easy Fixes)

hdmi samsung tv no signal

A new day, a new issue. What would you do if your brand new Samsung TV starts showing you โ€œNo Signalโ€ error? You would be frustrated about the fact that why does this keep happening to me? Did I do something wrong while configuring the settings? All these questions start hitting you up and you start thinking about the possible solutions.

Fixing Samsung TV no signal error isnโ€™t much of a task. You just need to have enough knowledge regarding the issue and you will be good to go. What if you donโ€™t know about these issues and the only sensible solution near you is buying a new TV. This is a very big investment to make. Maybe by just fixing a certain wire you could solve the issue but instead you decide to purchase a new TV because you didnโ€™t have enough knowledge.

The point is every time when you come across issues like Samsung TV blinking red light or Samsung TV showing a black screen etc. you will start to panic. Although these issues can be solved easily if you have certain domain knowledge.


Samsung TV saying no signal, what to do? Well, weak or no signal Samsung TV is a similar kindof issue as well which you can solve easily. If you ever come across my TV says no signal but everything is plugged in Samsung issue then you have to get a bit technical. However, after reading this article you will definitely be able to answer why is my Samsung TV showing no signal query.


Samsung TV shows no signal error due to one common reason. That reason involves the loose connections of HDMI cable. If your HDMI cable isnโ€™t connected in the correct way then you might have to witness Samsung TV HDMI no signal error. The reason of mentioning this issue here is because in most of the cases this is the actual fault. So before jumping on to any conclusion always check your HDMI connections first and then make a final statement. If you donโ€™t handle these things carefully then it would cost you a fortune.


Samsung TV says no signal, do you want to panic or find the solution? If you choose the latter then we are here for you. Like other issues, this issue is also commonly faced by many Samsung users. Common issue means that there will be a list of possible reasons for it and you will be able to make a choice between them.


We have a list of reasons prepared for you which might be the cause of this no signal error.


If you havenโ€™t performed a power reset for a long time then now is the time to do so. In most of the cases, performing a power reset resolves the issue. If your TV is showing a no signal error then it might want to go through a power reset procedure. Remember one thing that power reset and factory reset are two different options. If you perform a power reset then your already set settings will not be changed. But if you perform a factory reset then all of your settings will be set to default.


In order to perform a power reset, you will have to follow the following steps.
STEP 1 โ€“ Make sure your TV is turned OFF
STEP 2 โ€“ Remove the connections of all the HDMI devices which are connected to your TV
STEP 3 โ€“ Unplug the TV switch from main outlet
STEP 4 โ€“ Now keep pressing the power button on your TV for about half a minute
STEP 5 โ€“ Rebuild all the HDMI connections
STEP 6 โ€“ Plug back the TV switch into the main outlet
Make sure to connect the HDMI cables into the right ports otherwise the error will remain the same.


Another reason for Samsung TV weak or no signal is the requirement of factory reset process. This happens when you have made such settings which are preventing the Samsung TV to catch any signals. If this is the case then performing a factory reset might do the trick. In factory reset option, all the settings which you have configured according to your choice will be set back to default and might as well solve the error.


After performing a factory reset you will have to make some additional efforts to mold the settings in your way. To perform a factory reset on your Samsung smart TV, perform the following steps.

STEP 1 โ€“ Make sure your TV is turned OFF
STEP 2 โ€“ Take your remote and press the following keys in the order; mute, 1, 8, 2, power
STEP 3 โ€“ Visit the โ€œResetโ€ menu section and select the option of โ€œFactory Resetโ€
STEP 4 โ€“ After doing the necessary resetting, your TV will turn ON automatically
STEP 5 โ€“ Make respective HDMI connections and cross check it just to be sure
If you have done the procedure in the correct way then you shouldnโ€™t be seeing โ€œNo signalโ€ error. But if you are witnessing it again then make sure you have performed the steps correctly.


If you havenโ€™t updated your smart TV for a long time then it could become the reason why your TV is showing no signal error. Smart tech products are all about updates, if you keep on updating them then you are good to go. If you miss even a single update then boom! You are in trouble. If you donโ€™t make the update at the right time then the compatibility issues might cause various errors.

SOFTWARE UPDATE on samsung tv


There isnโ€™t any need to tell what to do if there is a pending software update. Of course, you will have to make an update and we will tell you how to do it.

STEP 1 โ€“ Make sure your TV is turned ON
STEP 2 โ€“ Take your remote and visit the โ€œSettingsโ€ section
STEP 3 โ€“ Now click on โ€œSupportโ€ and choose โ€œSoftware Updateโ€
STEP 4 โ€“ If there is any pending update then select โ€œUpdate Nowโ€
STEP 5 โ€“ If there isnโ€™t any then it means the TV is already using the latest version


Samsung TV HDMI no signal error occurs when the HDMI is faulty or isnโ€™t inserted in the correct port (in most of the cases). As explained earlier, HDMI plays a very important role for displaying content on the screen. If it is damaged then chances are that you might not be able to see anything except for a โ€œNo signal errorโ€.


Check the current flow of the HDMI cable using a voltmeter. If the current is flowing perfectly then it means the cable isnโ€™t damaged. But if it is faulty then you will have to replace it with a new one. Secondly, look for the correct port in which you have to insert the HDMI cable. The source device should be turned ON and the cable shouldnโ€™t be bend too much.


It is very common that dust settles down almost everywhere let it be switches, your dresser, TV or even your TV ports. Now what exactly happens? The ports of your smart TV becomes dusty and a layer of dust is formed within them. This layer prevents the power to flow from the port into the TVโ€™s circuitry. Due to this communication gap the TV doesnโ€™t receive proper signals causing a no signal error.


Cleaning TV ports is a very delicate task to do. You donโ€™t have to make the ports too wet otherwise the internal circuitry might get damaged. Follow the below mentioned steps in order to do the cleaning in the right way.

STEP 1 โ€“ Make sure your TV is turned OFF
STEP 2 โ€“ Take a piece of cloth (lint-free) and an alcohol solution (denatured)
STEP 3 โ€“ Dip the cloth in the solution and start the cleaning process
STEP 4 โ€“ Make sure to use a little amount of solution while cleaning
STEP 5 โ€“ Allow the ports to get dry
STEP 6 โ€“ Make the necessary connections and turn ON your TV
Now see if you are still getting the no signal error or not.


Reception problem occurs when any weather condition causes your satellite dish to turn unexpectedly. This turning could make your TV lose connection and after that you will eventually witness the no signal error. Or another reason could be that the connecting wires are experiencing some kind of humidity due to which the power flow is not right. All these factors contribute into this cause and make the users to see โ€œNo signalโ€ error.


To deal with this issue you will need to check the satellite dish position. The position should be set in a way that it catches signals in the best possible way. Other than this it is important to examine the wires from outside. If you face any unexpected problem with the wires then simply replace them or fix them.


It is possible that your HDMI port might need a reset. To do this you just have to perform a sequence of steps. Below we have mentioned some steps by following which you will be able to overcome no signal error.



Make sure to follow the steps in the correct way.
STEP 1 โ€“ Turn off your TV from the main outlet
STEP 2 โ€“ Disconnect all the HDMI connected devices
STEP 3 โ€“ Wait for 10 minutes
STEP 4 โ€“ After exactly 10 minutes, plug back the TV into the main outlet
STEP 5 โ€“ Connect 1 HDMI device at a time
STEP 6 โ€“ Now check whether the device is working or not
STEP 7 โ€“ Repeat step 5 for each device

Doing the above mentioned process will surely do the trick and Samsung smart TV no signal issue will disappear magically.


You would want to fix the no signal error on your Samsung smart TV as soon as possible so you could enjoy your favorite shows and series. Picking out and trying a fix will help you to proceed further. Make sure to choose the best solution for your problem because it is very important to do.


Q โ€“ How To Overcome โ€œNo signalโ€ Error On Your Samsung Smart TV?
A โ€“ Well there are many reasons for the occurrence of this problem. If you want to solve this issue then you will need to check the HDMI connections, pending software updates and you will also have to perform frequent soft and factory resets.

Q โ€“ How Does Humidity Affect The Working Of TV?
A โ€“ The humidity which is residing in the wires might block the power flow. In this way the power will not reach to its destination and an error will occur. It is better to look out for these wires and if they need any kind of replacement or fixes then do it as soon as possible.

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