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Nest Thermostat Not Turning on AC? (Troubleshooting Guide)

nest air conditioner not working

Nest Thermostats are becoming very popular as they are easy to use and very reliable. It has many amazing features that help people enjoy comfort in their homes. But Nest Thermostat AC not turning on issue is very common. If your thermostat was working perfectly but now has stopped air conditioning your home according to the desired temperature, this means it is faulty.

Keep reading this article to know what are causes and solutions are to the Nest air conditioner not working. Check out our latest post on Nest Thermostat Going Offline. Let’s see how we can fix this bug in your Nest Thermostat troubleshooting by applying multiple troubleshooting tips. Your thermostat AC might stop working due:

  • Incorrect thermostats wiring
  • Not getting enough power supply
  • Dirt clogged in your thermostats
  • Wifi connection issues
  • Power outages damage the HVAC system
  • Dead batteries need replacement
  • Loose/burnt wires need to be fixed

How To Troubleshoot Nest Thermostat?

When your Air Conditioning not working stops, it can be due to a few causes that are easy to diagnose. This can be very frustrating, especially in the summer. The problem may be caused due to hardware functionality, power supply or internal components. Read the article thoroughly to learn what you need to know about why your Nest Thermostat AC doesn’t work.

There are plenty of things you can do to troubleshoot the Air Conditioning not working Nest. Many people don’t know how to fix them. So, today we are here to tell you about some troubleshooting steps that you can do at home:

1. Change The Batteries When Reached Lifespan:

Your thermostat’s batteries might have reached their lifespan and need to be replaced. An almost 3.6 V battery is required for your thermostat AC to regulate current. Your thermostat AC is not working because it has reached its lifespan or the battery’s power is less than 3.6 V.

Change The Batteries OF NEST Thermostat

To make sure you have a functional AC, replace your batteries that can supply the required current. Insert unreliable and long-lasting batteries if your Nest air conditioner won’t turn on.

2. Insert Wires To Their Correct Terminals:

One of the main reasons for the troubleshooting Nest Air Conditioner can be burned or damaged wires. Remove your thermostat device from the wall and inspect its wires. Check if the wires are connected to their correct terminals in the right order or not. Tighten all the loose wires using screws.

This will fix your thermostat AC and will start operating properly. If you do not know how to fix or change burned wires, call the technician to do the job for you. After replacing the batteries, check the charging by light blinking. If it turns red, this means it’s charging. Once you connect all the wires to their correct terminals in order, everything will function normally.

3. Reconnect The RC Wire:

The RC wire (Red Cooling) is responsible for your thermostat AC functioning properly. RC wire has to be connected to the RC terminal to activate the cooling in your Nest Thermostat troubleshooting.

Reconnect The RC Wire OF NEST Thermostat

How To Reinstall The RC Wire Correctly In Nest Thermostat:

  1. Take off the Nest Thermostat from the wall.
  2. Use screws to open the wiring compartment and find the RC wire and RC terminal.
  3. Detach the RC wire from its current slot.
  4. Attach it to the terminal with RC labelled on it.
  5. Reinstall the thermostat after making sure the wires are connected properly.

4. Keep Your Device Close To Wifi Router:

Ensure your wifi router is close to your thermostat device as every appliance needs a good internet connection. If the internet connection is broken or the router is placed far from the device, it will stop your Nest Thermostat troubleshooting and AC might not turn on.

Nest Thermostat depends on the Wifi connection. Keep the router and the device close to each other so that the internet connection reaches your device and AC starts working again.

5. Flip Any Tripped Circuit Breakers:

Sometimes, the electrical issue can cause the circuit breakers to trip. If you’re still having issues with the thermostat’s cooling, check your circuit breaker box. If there are any tripped breakers from the circuit, flip it back in again in the box.

This is the simple thing you can do to resolve the Nest not cooling to the set temperature issue. This should fix your issue. If still it doesn’t turn on your thermostat’s air conditioning, then call your HVAC expert for help.

6. Clean The Dirty Air Filters:

The air filters in almost every thermostat should be cleaned every 2 months. If your ac not working Nest, clean the air filters. Dust affects the efficiency of the current reaching your thermostat. To fix this, clean the air filters, and any clogged dust between the wires using a soft brush. Dirt particles reduce the battery lifespan and sudden damage to the Nest not turning on AC.

Clean Air Filters For NEST Thermostat

Check all other components in the HVAC system of the Nest Thermostat like connectors, wirings, terminals, switches, and sockets to see if everything is properly connected and functioning.

7. Reboot Your Thermostat Device:

In the case of a power outage, your Nest battery will operate for some time and then become unresponsive. It’s important to first check the power outage to see if your Nest Thermostat is getting enough power supply from the main panel.

If there was any power outage then all you need to do first is to Reboot your device. Don’t know how to do so? Follow these steps:

  • Click on ‘Settings’ on the screen’s display options.
  • Select the ‘Device Information’ and then tap on ‘Power’.
  • Choose ‘Battery Label’. See if the voltage is less than 3.6 V.

Reboot Nest Not Turning On AC:

  • To Reboot your Thermostat, press the thermostat’s ring for almost 10-15 seconds.
  • Release the ring once it turns off and then press the ring again until the screen turns on.
  • The screen will display a Nest logo which means your device has been successfully rebooted.

Activate The Cooling Mode On Nest App:

If still the thermostat AC is not working, try turning on the cooling mode of your thermostat through the Google Nest app. This also can be one of the causes of the air conditioner not working with Nest Thermostat. Follow the steps listed below if you have no idea how to do it:

Activate Cooling Mode On Nest App

  • Click the Nest button on your home screen that displays the current temperature on your thermostat.
  • On the bottom left corner of your screen, select ‘Heat’.
  • This will display options like Heat, Cool, and Moderate.
  • Select ‘Cool’ to set your thermostat to Cooling Mode.
  • Set the temperature according to your desire from the mobile app.
  • Now, Exit all the options.

Turn On The Cool Through Thermostat:

Use these steps if you have already activated the cool mode on the Nest app. Now turn it on through the thermostat.

  • Hold the thermostat’s ring so that it displays the ‘Main Menu’ option.
  • Turn the wheel on the screen to the thermostat icon.
  • Select the icon by pushing on it.
  • Just like in the Nest app, Cool, Heat, and Cool-Heat options will appear.
  • Tap on Cool by scrolling the wheel again.
  • Your AC will start working again.

FAQs Related To Resetting Nest Thermostat:

Q: How To Clean The Nest Thermostat?
A: Clean the air filters of your thermostat properly with the help of compressed air or a soft brush that wipes off any dirt between wires/batteries. Clean your thermostat’s air filter once every two months.

Q: How To Fix The Nest Thermostat Not Turning On AC?
A: We have mentioned detailed tips to troubleshoot your Nest Thermostat not turning on AC. Read the article and carefully follow these steps to fix your issue at home.

Q: How To Flip Back The Circuit Breakers In Nest Thermostats?
A: Open the circuit box of your thermostat using tiny screw tools. Check if there are any tripped circuit breakers, if yes flip them back into the circuit box and then close it again. This will fix the air conditioning of your thermostats

Q: How Much Battery Voltage Is Required For The Nest Thermostat To Work Properly?
A: Almost 3.6 V batteries are needed for Nest Thermostats to function and provide users with comfort. Power less than 3.6 V might result in a faulty thermostat.

Last Thoughts:

Many users face this issue with Thermostatstats AC not turning on as this is very common. Replace batteries, connect wires to their right terminals, flip the tripped circuits back in, repair the damaged wires and turn on the cooling mode if your next thermostat not turning on AC. Set your HVAC on ‘Auto’ or reboot your Air Conditioning not working Nest Thermostat.

If none of the above troubleshooting tips works for you, call any HVAC expert to diagnose the bugs in the wirings and resolve your issue. Hope this article is useful for you and helps you resolve all the bugs at home.

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