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Nest Thermostat Not Heating? (Possible Reasons & Fixes) – 2024

Why My Nest Thermostat Not Heating

Nest thermostat, as the name suggests is one of the latest thermostats that is built using smart technology. This thermostat is different than the rest of the thermostats. Many people who could afford such expensive thermostats have these in their smart homes.

Like smart gadgets make life easier so does this thermostat. The main and most important thing about nest thermostats is that they have smart features which make them different and effective than the rest. Once you have set a temperature manually then these thermostats will learn the temperature preferences and will set a schedule for you which will be energy efficient.

However, even if a product is made using smart technology still it has some issues. Nest thermostat is also prone to some issues like when they keep getting offline or not turning ON AC. But the good news is that all these issues could be solved easily.

Nest Thermostat Heat Not Working Could Be Due To Incorrect Wiring Or The Thermostat Might Need A Reboot. Performing One Of The Two Fixes Could Solve The Problem.


Nest thermostat heater not working could be pinned down to many reasons. Smart products don’t always come with a single problem or a single solution, in fact there are multiple problems and multiple solutions.


The first most important thing that needs to be checked is the compatibility of your thermostat with the heating system that you are currently using. If your heating system is old then the thermostat won’t show compatibility. Also if your heating system has solid fuel or high voltage even then the problem will still reside.


Nest not heating to set temperature might be due to the presence of a faulty fuse. If there is a fuse which has been damaged then chances are that your thermostat might not provide you the sufficient or required heating.

Fuse Check of nest Thermostat


As we have discussed all the possible problems, now is the time to discuss the fixes which are associated with the problems one by one.


The first and most common solution for any problem is to restart the device first. For this there are different methods to adopt. We are mentioning the methods below, make sure you give them a proper read.


  • METHOD 1:

Follow the following steps to get the job done in the right way.
STEP 1 – You will first need to find a thermostat ring
STEP 2 – In order to access Quick View Menu, press the thermostat ring
STEP 3 – Navigate towards Settings and then Reset
STEP 4 – Press Select and your device will be restarted

  • METHOD 2:

This method comes in handy if you are unable to access Quick View menu. To avoid this hurdle, you will have to press the ring for about 10 seconds and then allow the device to undergo a hard restart. Now again press the ring in order to get the thermostat working again.


You will be able to resolve the wiring issue if you reinstall your thermostat. Reinstalling your thermostat will inform you about the faulty wires so you could adjust them in order to keep the thermostat working. Nest thermostat not heating at night could be due to the same reason. In order to reinstall your thermostat, follow the steps.



STEP 1 – Make sure that the circuit breaker is turned OFF
STEP 2 – Remove the nest unit, you will see a combination of wires
STEP 3 – Now label the wires to avoid confusion in the future
STEP 4 – At last, remove the base plate
The most crucial step in this process is removing the wires and then connecting them again. As incorrect wiring could cause many issues so it is better that you label the wires beforehand to avoid future inconvenience.


Nest thermostats are very sensitive especially when it comes to wiring. Make sure that each and every wire is connected properly and there isn’t any kink present among them. But if your thermostat requires rewiring then follow the below mentioned steps.


STEP 1 – Consider the original setup and then rename the wires accordingly
STEP 2 – Now head towards Google and then use its Nest Thermostat Compatibility Checker
STEP 3 – The checker will help you in entering the wires
STEP 4 – Now remove the Nest display screen and start connecting the wires according to the diagram provided by the checker
STEP 5 – After performing the rewiring setup, put back the display screen and turn ON the circuit breaker
STEP 6 – Wait for your thermostat while it reboots, after that reset it to get it in a working position


Google nest thermostat not heating might be in a need of reset. Remember one thing that reset and restart are two different options and they also provide different outputs. So be sure whether you want a reset or a restart.


If you choose to perform a reset then follow the below mentioned steps:


STEP 1 – Navigate towards Quick View menu by using the Nest ring
STEP 2 – Now select β€œSettings”
STEP 3 – From there, select β€œReset” option. Choose from the options i.e. Schedule, all settings, away or network
STEP 4 – Make the selection by clicking the ring

However, if you perform a reset then chances are that your other issues might also get solved so it’s a win-win.


Q – How Do You Force Nest To Heat?
A – If you want to force your nest thermostat to heat then follow the following steps.

  • Firstly, open the Home app
  • Touch your device’s tile and hold it
  • You will see Settings thermostat present on the top right corner
  • Click on Emergency Heat button to keep it ON or OFF

Q – Does Nest Turn ON Heat Automatically?
A – Yes, your thermostat will automatically turn ON heating and cooling functionalities depending upon the set schedule or the temperature that you have manually set. This switching will help you to experience a guaranteed environment.

Q – Why Is My Nest Thermostat Delaying Heat?
A – My nest thermostat is not heating is one issue but delaying heat is another thing. This happens because it is necessary for the system. This delay is for just a few seconds and it happens to prevent unnecessary wear on your system and to help you to save energy.

Q – Why Is My Thermostat ON But No Heat?
A – Your thermostat is ON but providing you with no heat could happen due to the presence of dirty filters. These filters might be clogged which are preventing the heating unit to work properly.

<strong>CONCLUDING WORDS</strong>
If your nest thermostat isn’t heating then you don’t need to worry as the fixes are extremely easy to follow. You just have to follow the steps carefully for each solution and you will be good to go! Also tell us which fix worked out the best for you.

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