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Nest Thermostat Low Battery – Quick And Easy Fixes (2023)

nest thermostat low battery fix

Buying Nest thermostat was the best decision of my life. My nest thermostat and I took almost no time to get used to each other. It assist me in the best possible way and in return I provide the best care to it. But you know that everything doesn’t go smooth always so I had to face some issues with it as well.

The issues were small but very technical like one time my Nest thermostat wasn’t doing proper cooling at night while the other time it kept changing temperature without any solid reason. But the current issue has been a lot different, it gives constant warnings of low battery.

I remember that one of my friend had the same issue but a simple restart solved it. As told by my friend, I did the same but I received no luck. So I decided to do a thorough research on this issue. I want to share all the information with you guys so you don’t have to go through the same pain like I did.

Nest battery low warning is the indication for you to charge the batteries as soon as possible. Powering up the batteries to the maximum level will definitely solve the issue.


The reason why nest thermostat shows low battery signals is due to the presence of weak battery levels. The minimum operating power of your battery is 3.6 V, so if this level goes below 3.6 V then your thermostat will not work.


As told above, if nest battery thermostat is running low on power then it means the batteries need a charge up. For this you have to charge the batteries to the maximum limit so that they can operate well for as long as the batteries again need a charge up.

For charging your nest thermostat’s batteries, try following the below mentioned steps.


STEP 1 – Pull off the display of your thermostat and look for a USB port at the backSTEP 2 – You will need a charging wire depending upon the model of your thermostat, choose either a micro or mini USB
STEP 3 – After finding the correct wire, start charging your thermostat for at least 2 – 3 hours
STEP 4 – Now put back the display after this time duration
STEP 5 – To check the voltage reading, first go to β€œMenu” from your thermostat. Head towards β€œSettings” and then towards β€œTechnical Info”. At last go to β€œPower” option. If the voltage reading is 3.8 V then you are good to go.
STEP 6 – Now turn ON your thermostat and check whether the issue still persists or not


Other than a simple charge up, there are other fixes as well which you can adopt to resolve this issue. We will be discussing each one of it one by one in great detail.


If charging up your thermostat didn’t get you rid of the low battery warning then you should try using this approach which says to use a C-Wire adapter. Using a C-wire adapter is very beneficial especially when the C-wire of your thermostat isn’t working or if the HVAC system has failed to provide sufficient power to your thermostat.

nest thermostat low battery solutions

In this case, the best solution is to buy a C-Wire adapter and use it. The procedure for using this adapter has been described below.


STEP 1 – Make sure the power is OFF from the breaker’s end
STEP 2 – Now attach one wire of your adapter with the β€œC” terminal while the other to β€œRC” terminal
STEP 3 – In case of cooling system, you will have to use a jumper for establishing the connection
STEP 4 – Now plug the adapter in the outlet and turn the power ON from the breaker’s side
STEP 5 – Put back the faceplate of your thermostat and you are good to go


Sometimes the issue could lie within the wire present between your HVAC system and thermostat. If this wire gets faulty then low battery nest thermostat issue could occur. So it is better to check the wiring before jumping on to the conclusion.

solutions for nest thermostat low battery issue

For checking the wire damage, make sure to perform the below mentioned steps.

  • The first thing that needs your attention is the compatibility of the wiring with your thermostat. The wire should be compatible enough and the wiring should be done correctly. For this cause, you can always use Nest Compatibility Checker to see if there is any problem within the wiring or not.
  • Depending upon the model of your thermostat, see which wires are supported and which are not. In some cases you might need a C-wire so make sure you fulfil all the requirements of your thermostat because only then the charging could be done properly.
  • You also have a control board for your system. In this board, essential components like fuse and other things are also present. Make sure you check the fuse carefully because if the fuse is blown then it will prevent your thermostat from getting charged up.
  • If the issue requires technical help then don’t hesitate to contact the relevant technicians as soon as possible.


From the start we have been discussing this thing that nest thermostats are smart thermostats. It means that they have additional and unique features than the ordinary thermostats. Even if there isn’t any active power supply for the thermostat, it can still operate for quite some time without it. This is due to the presence of lithium-ion battery which acts as a backup.

nest thermostat low battery

This backup battery will allow the thermostat to work for 2 – 3 hours without an active power supply. After that it will start needing the power supply to work normally. This backup comes in handy when there has been a power outage or your thermostat isn’t receiving power due to some issue.


Nest thermostat battery low issue isn’t a big deal so you don’t have to panic at all. You can solve this issue without using external help. Just follow the above mentioned steps so you have enough and authentic knowledge regarding the issue. Just solve the issue by following the instructions carefully and you will be good to go.


Q – Why Does My Nest Thermostat Keep Saying Low Battery?
A – Your nest thermostat keeps saying low battery due to the drained power of your battery. Or there is a need of a C-wire adapter which plays a vital role in providing the power to your thermostat.

Q – How To Get Rid Of Nest App Low Battery Thermostat?
A – To get rid of nest app low battery thermostat, you will have to charge the batteries of your thermostat to the maximum limit and then see if there still exists the issue or not.

Q – How Long Do Nest Thermostat Batteries Last?
A – Nest thermostat batteries last for about 5 – 10 years. However, if your battery has a strain on it then it will last only for 2 years.

Q – What Happens When Nest Runs Out Of The Battery?
A – When nest runs out of the battery, the screen becomes unresponsive. The device will also not able to regulate the functions of heating and cooling properly.

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