Nest Thermostat Keeps Restarting (All Fixes Guide)

troubleshooting the nest thermostat

I have dealt with almost every issue when it comes to Nest thermostats. I was pretty confident that now I am capable of solving every trouble which my thermostat comes across. But you know there is always something which shaken ups your confidence. A similar thing happened to me.

From the past few days, my Nest keeps restarting. I had no idea what this was about. I did a lot of digging and searching and finally came up with the solution. I don’t want you guys to go through the same problem so here I am to guide you about Nest thermostat restarting issue.

Nest Thermostat Keeps Restarting Due To; Drained Battery, Faulty Wiring, Tripped Circuit Breaker, Blown Fuse, Wi-fi Issues, Dirty Or Clogged Air Filters And Display Disconnection.


You cannot pin down the issue to just one reason because multiple factors are involved here. The good thing is that this problem can easily be fixed if you adopt the right strategy for it.

First we will list down all the possible reasons for the occurrence of this problem and then we will dig into the solutions of them.


In this section of the article we will discuss the reasons of Nest thermostat getting restarted randomly.


As discussed above, your thermostat requires a constant and sufficient amount of power supply. If the circuit of your thermostat has a blown fuse then it will get lesser amount of power which will cause your thermostat to keep getting offline.


If your thermostat has a connector then it means it doesn’t have a C-wire because the connector is used as an alternative. However, if this connector is not installed properly then it will make your thermostat to reboot frequently. The easiest solution is to either change the connector or get it installed correctly.


The working of your thermostat merely depends on the technician that you have hired for the installation. If the technician is not expert enough then he could possibly damage your device during the installation and as a result the device would keep restarting without any warning.


If sufficient power supply isn’t reaching your thermostat then it will keep on rebooting for no good reason. This issue could occur due to the presence of faulty wiring. Make sure to check the wiring and power supply to solve this issue.


Circuit breaker is a very important component of your thermostat. If it is tripped or damaged in any way then it means your thermostat will keep on restarting again and again. In case of power outage your Nest will restart on its own. Just at this moment, make sure to check for any damages in the circuit breaker.

Circuit breakers usually trip when more than normal amount of devices are connected to them. Connect a suitable amount of devices to avoid the tripping issue of your thermostat.


If you own a battery-powered Nest thermostat then it means the battery could also be one of the reasons. Suppose you have your thermostat getting charged and during the process it keeps getting offline randomly. This issue occurs when the battery of your thermostat is fully drained.

The red-light present on your Nest will inform you about the battery level. If this light keeps on blinking then it means the battery of your thermostat is almost down to 0%. In this case you need to charge the thermostat as soon as possible.

Some users think that by installing the thermostat themselves, they will be saving money. But they have to spend the money afterwards when the issues like Nest thermostat not turning ON AC or Nest not cooling at night occur.

The presence of faulty wiring will make your thermostat to restart abnormally. This faulty wiring comes into picture during the installation when you try to do the process on your own. To solve this problem it is good if you call a professional to do the job.


In case the display of your thermostat gets disconnected, it will not work properly. Inside the display there are several wires which need to be secured. If these wires aren’t secured or keep getting out of the display then it means you now have a reason to worry.


Nest smart thermostats greatly depend on a stable Wi-Fi connection. If your thermostat isn’t connected to a good Wi-Fi connection then it means it will not work according to its capability. However, for this issue to be solved you need to restart the router by switching it OFF and then turning it ON after waiting for a few seconds.

Nest thermostat keeps restarting

If by any chance this restarting doesn’t help you then it is time to look at the settings. Make sure your Nest is connected to an appropriate Wi-Fi band (i.e. 2.4 in this case). Also examine the other settings carefully.


It doesn’t matter if the thermostat is older or latest, if there are clogged air filters present then the thermostat will definitely perform poorly. The thermostat will be stuck in a continuous restarting cycle. You either have to get them cleaned or change them as soon as possible.

There are many problems which come with the presence of dirty air filters. Firstly, these filters will affect the performance of your thermostat, secondly they will interrupt the communication between the device and HVAC system and lastly will cause damage to various components of your thermostat.

Your health is also greatly affected by the presence of dirty air filters. So prioritize your health and get these dirty filters replaced as soon as possible.


This section of the article deals with the solutions which are very important if you want to solve the restarting issue of your thermostat.


Keep this thing in mind that if the battery of your thermostat isn’t fully charged then it will take some time to get it charged, probably like an hour or so. During the charging time your thermostat will not be able to function properly.

So the solution is to leave your thermostat alone while it is charging. When the battery is fully charged then you can use it however you like.

nest thermostat not working


Sometimes all you do is try out all the solutions but forget a very important one i.e. resetting your tripped circuit breaker. If your area has recently experienced a power outage then the probability of your circuit breaker getting tripped is high.

You just need to reset the circuit breaker by switching it OFF for a few minutes and then switching it ON. This is the easiest way to reset your circuit breaker.


Wiring is the most important component of your thermostat. Without them the device won’t work. To check the proper working take your thermostat off the wall and look at the wiring section. The important wire to check is the C-wire. Make sure the current is flowing properly to this wire.

As for the other wires, you should check that whether they are properly inserted into their respective terminals or not. If you come across a rusty wire then make sure to get it replaced or call a technician to get the job done.


Sometimes the display of your thermostat gets misaligned. If this is the issue then you need to fix the display by restarting your thermostat. Along with this check the wires as well. If any wire is coming out of the display section then reposition such wires accordingly. The base on which the thermostat display is mounted upon should also be looked after carefully.

nest thermostat restart problem


The fuse is present in the circuit of your device. From there you can check whether the fuse present is blown or not. In case of blown fuse, replace it by switching OFF the circuit breaker. Make sure you remove the fuse wires carefully, and then replace the old fuse with the new one.

After checking that everything is in position, turn the power supply ON and see whether the issue still persists or not.


Many of you won’t have an idea how to reset Nest thermostat. Well, you don’t need to worry as we are here to guide you! To perform a reset procedure on your Nest you need to first open the Home App and then navigate towards β€œSettings” section. Choose the β€œAll Settings” option to reset your thermostat.

solutions for nest thermostat restart issue

After this the pre-defined settings of your thermostat will disappear and you will have to adjust the settings again according to your preferences.


Many technical issues occur when dealing with smart devices. Sometimes the automatic update feature fails badly and you have to update the app manually. The outdated version of your Nest app will not work and will force your thermostat to behave abnormally. So it is for the best if you update the Nest app as soon as possible to solve the issue.

To update the app, visit the Google play store or Apple store and from there you can perform the update procedure accordingly.


It doesn’t matter which Nest thermostat model you own. The issues in every model are of same nature. So the reasons for the occurrence of a particular issue could be many. The best way out would be to solve these problems by adopting valid solutions. If we talk about the restarting issue then we have provided sufficient knowledge for solving this issue in no time. Make sure you read this article thoroughly.


Q – Why Does My Nest Thermostat Keep Restarting?
A – Nest thermostat keeps getting restarted could be due to the presence of such batteries whose level is currently β€œlow”. Low battery warnings could be an indication for you to get the batteries replaced as soon as possible.

Q – How Do I Know If My Nest Thermostat Is Malfunctioning?
A – If you experience any of the below mentioned situations then it means your thermostat is malfunctioning.

  • Disconnection from the Wi-Fi
  • System making strange noises
  • System won’t turn ON or OFF
  • System experiencing short-cycling

Q – Can The Battery In A Nest Thermostat Go Bad?
A – Yes, the battery in a Nest thermostat could go bad. It will either be fully or partially drained. You just need to check the current status of the battery before making any replacement.

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