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Why Nest Thermostat Keeps Going Offline? (6 Fixes) – 2024

nest keeps going offline

Nest Thermostat Keeps Going Offline

Have you been searching for tips to solve the Nest Thermostat offline issue? If yes, then have to read the article till the end. Continue reading this article to learn some easy ways and causes that keep turning your thermostat in offline mode. Nest keeps going offline because of low/dead batteries, using an old app version, or a faulty wifi router.

Not sure how to diagnose the issue? Rebooting your router, and updating the Nest offline app will fix your connection issues in Nest Thermostats. We are here for your help. Follow these troubleshooting tips to resolve offline issues with Nest Thermostats.

Tips to Troubleshoot The Nest Thermostat Keeps Going Offline:

Are you noticing unnecessary changes like thermostats turning on and off, unstable wifi connection or Nest offline, not working? This is all due to the thermostat keeps going offline. Nest keep going offline is a common issue every user has to experience.

Try all these handy solutions like charging batteries, updating the Nest Thermostat app, or resetting your thermostat to fix the bugs and regain the connection. Here are some of the multiple ways to troubleshoot your problem and get your Nest Thermostat back online again:

1. Install The Updated Nest App:

This issue can be caused due to using the old version of the Nest app for too long. Using the outdated version of any app malfunctions, so make sure you are using the updated version of the Nest app. When users keep using the same old version, it keeps disconnecting the wifi connection. Update your Nest app from the Google Playstore. This will keep your Nest thermostat always online.

2. Replace The Low/Dead Batteries:

If the battery is less than 3.6 V, it will automatically disconnect from the internet to save the device power. Your Nest thermostat offline because of the drained batteries. When the thermostat loses wifi connection, it is because the batteries are low. And sometimes the thermostat goes offline to save your device from power outages.

So, to get your Nest Thermostat online, change the batteries. Nest Thermostat batteries can be replaced or chargers depending on the type of thermostat. If the batteries cannot be changed, charge them. Throw away the dead batteries and insert new batteries. Make sure you insert the new batteries into their right terminals. This will get your Nest Thermostat online again by connecting to the wifi automatically.

3. Reset Your Nest Thermostat:

If you tried all the tips and still the Nest thermostat fails to connect to the wifi, then reset it. Your thermostat might have a glitch or bug that can be fixed by a reset. Resetting the thermostat will regain its internet connection and fix all the bugs with a reset.

To reset your Nest Thermostat offline, tap on the thermostat’s display. Choose β€œSettings” then Reset, and tap Yes. This will restart your thermostat and reset all the network settings. Type the password and let the thermostat connect to the internet. Hope your Nest thermostat gets online again.

Reset Your Nest Thermostat

4. Keep The Router Close To Your Nest Thermostat:

If you have placed the router far away from the thermostat, then the signal won’t reach your device. It will result in weak signals and eventually go offline. Move the router close to the thermostat and see if the Wifi reconnects again or not. If placing them together doesn’t fix the issue, then get a new router which spreads wifi signals even if the thermostat is far away. Still, Keeping the router close to the thermostat will turn the Nest Thermostat online.

5. Try Restarting The Router:

Restarting the router will refresh all the network settings. Remove the router’s plug from the power. All lights should be off. Wait for 40-60 seconds. Then plug the router again. Wait till all the lights are on. This restart will reset all the network or pairing issues. A simple restart is enough to fix all the bugs. Once the router has restarted, it will automatically reconnect to the wifi.

Restarting The Nest Router

6. Check Thermostat’s Wifi Connection:

If the wifi connection doesn’t work, there may be issues in your thermostat’s network settings. First of all, check the wifi network at your home and make sure it’s working properly. Check the cables in your router are properly fixed, the unit is powered and the correct indicators are on. Then try random apps connected to wifi to see if they are working.

Check Thermostat’s Wifi Connection

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How To Update The Nest app?
A: Users can update their Nest app from the Google Playstore. Search for the β€˜Nest’ app. If it is already installed, tap the β€˜Update’. This will update your app to the latest version.

Q: What Can I Do If My Nest Thermostat Keep Going Offline?
A: Replace the dead batteries, check your wifi router, and reboot your thermostat if your google Nest thermostat keeps going offline. These few troubleshooting tips will quickly fix any bugs or glitches in your thermostat and get the internet connection back.

Q: How Can I Reset The Nest Thermostat Network Settings?
A: Reset your thermostat. Choose β€˜Settings’ from Nest Thermostat’s display and click on β€˜Reset’. Tap β€˜Yes’. This is the quickest way to reset the network settings of Nest Thermostats.

Q: Why Does My Nest Thermostat Keep Going Offline?
A: Your google Nest thermostat keeps going offline due to wrong network settings, low batteries or using an old version of the Nest app.

Final Review:

If you have tried all these troubleshooting tips, and none of these worked, then call your Nest Expert. Do not harm yourself rather call the expert to solve your issue. A simple reset can fix all the bugs or any glitches. All the steps are explained in detail so that you can understand them easily. If still, the problem doesn’t fix, contact Google Nest keep going offline support for help.

I hope this article helped you resolve your Nest Thermostat offline issue. You may also like to check out our brief post on troubleshooting tips on Nest Thermostat not turning on AC . Comment down below to let us know if this article was useful or not.

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