How Much Does Nest Thermostat Installation Cost?

cost to install nest thermostat

We hear certain things about a smart appliance and get amazed by its features. But we forget one thing that all these features come with a price tag. Purchasing a smart product is really easy but getting it installed and keeping it maintained is an expensive thing.

Talking about various smart products, you might have heard about thermostats which are used extensively by many users. Moreover, the latest one among these thermostats is Nest. In this article I will tell you about all the expenses which come with the purchase of Nest.


The first thing you do is actually purchase the thermostat. This purchasing amount is different than the installation cost of Nest.

After Purchasing A Nest Thermostat, You Will Have To Pay Its Installation Fee. If You Are Taking An Outside Help Then Be Prepared To Pay Around The Range Of $100 – $200. If You Are About To Install The Thermostat On Your Own Then It Wouldn’t Cost You At All, But This Is Recommended Only If You Have Sufficient Knowledge Regarding The Installation.

Thermostat alone costs around the range of $125 – $250 and if you add the cost to install Nest thermostat then imagine the overall bill that you have to pay. Be prepared to pay $200-$500 as your Nest thermostat installation cost (purchase fee combined).


Apart from the thermostat purchasing cost and labor cost, there are other potential factors as well which might contribute to the installation fee. The factors are mentioned below.


  • MODEL OF YOUR THERMOSTAT:nest pro install cost

Depending upon the model you choose to install, your overall bill will be affected by it.

  • CURRENT HEATING SYSTEM:nest pro installation cost

Your current heating system will also decide how much you have to spend as the cost of Nest thermostat installation. If the heating system has limited accessibility then the installation process will be complex so will the labor fee.


If you are going to get your thermostat installed in such a location where there is no electrical wiring then you will also have to pay for the additional wiring that will be used for this cause.


If you want a rough guess on the installation duration of your Nest thermostat then it will be 1-2 hours. If the wiring and the device is in good position then it will take an hour to get the thermostat installed. However, the installation duration also depends on the skill level of the hired help.


cost of nest thermostat installation

As we know there are multiple models of your Nest thermostat, each one of them requires a different cost. Like Nest Pro installation cost lies around $99 while Nest thermostat E costs $199. Once you have your thermostat installed be ready to deal with initial issues. Dealing with these issues will increase your knowledge regarding thermostats.

Like if your Nest thermostat isn’t cooling at night then this issue will demand technical knowledge. However, on the other hand if you don’t know how to turn OFF Eco mode on Nest then it can be done by following simple steps.


nest thermostat installation cost

If you want to know the main chunks of the installation process of Nest then do read the below mentioned steps.


STEP 1 – Make sure the breaker is turned OFF (leading to the thermostat and HVAC)

STEP 2 – Carefully remove the front of your previous thermostat

STEP 3 – Take a picture of the current wiring for future reference

STEP 4 – Now you will have to attach the wire labels to the existing wires to make the reconnecting easier

STEP 5 – Remove the wires and the back plate from the previous thermostat

STEP 6 – Pass the wires along with the labels through the hole on the back plate

STEP 7 – Put back the plate carefully

STEP 8 – Connect each wire to its relevant connector. Make sure the connector button stays down after you have inserted the wire

STEP 9 – After putting back the thermostat into its correct place, now is the time to turn ON the breaker power

STEP 10 – Test the working of your thermostat and connect it to your home app


Getting your Nest thermostat installed is a onetime investment. After this you will be enjoying its perks for a decent amount of time. Consider all the factors which contribute into the installation cost and hire your electrician possessing a good skill set.


Q – How Much Does It Cost To Install Nest Thermostat?
A – If you are taking an additional help from any electrician then get ready to pay between the range of $100 and $200.Β  But keep this thing in mind that this cost will only answer your query of Nest’s installation cost and not of how much does Nest thermostat cost itself.

Q – What Is Nest Pro Install Cost?
A – Nest pro install cost is round about $99. It also depends on the installation time of Nest.

Q – Does The Location Of My Thermostat Contribute Into Its Installation Cost?
A – Yes, choosing your thermostat location will sure contribute into the installation cost. If you have decided a place for your thermostat where there is no electrical wiring then the cost of additional wiring will be included in the overall bill. If the device and the wiring is in good condition then only a small factor will be demanded as your additional wiring cost.

Q – What Does Heating System Have To Do With The Installation Cost?
A – Your existing heating system determines the complexity of the installation process. If your heating system has limited access then the installation procedure will be complicated and this complication will cost you no matter what.

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