My Samsung TV Keeps Turning Off Every 5 Seconds (2024)

Samsung TV turns on and off repeatedly

TV is source of entertainment. Even though smart phones took place of it but now we are to somehow entering in that era back where TV is considered one of the best source of entertainment.

Let say you have the latest model of Samsung TV. You paid a decent amount of money for it and it is still new. You have completed the initial steps. A few days later you had a trying day at work, you came back home turn your TV on but your Samsung TV keeps turning off after every 5 seconds. You have tried several more times but still your Samsung TV turns ON and OFF repeatedly. That will definitely give you headache. But don’t worry we are here to help you to fix it. In this article, I’ll walk you through each step by defining the cause to effect and the solutions which has been proved to be successful.


My TV keeps turning off every 5 seconds, WHAT should I do? Well, dealing with such issues is normal. You don’t need to panic as I am here to assist you in the best possible way. Dealing with a Samsung TV turning ON and OFF every 5 seconds issue could be really exhausting for you so I would recommend you to keep reading this article and you will definitely get the answer of your query.

Why Does My Samsung TV Keep Turning Off Every 5 Seconds?

Most of the Samsung TV users are facing the problem that their TV keeps turning off after every 5 second. There could be a minor or may be a major issue behind it. The most common explanation is that a few years ago a case had been filed against the Samsung for using the low quality capacitor in their smart televisions. Even if the device is used for its basic purpose, these capacitors can short out and cause more severe damage if the Samsung TV keeps turning on and off after every five seconds. If your Samsung TV is experiencing this problem, it is quite easy to identify the source of the problem. When the TV is on, a faulty capacitor causes a clicking sound and it could lead to the problem that your Samsung TV screens can be trended off automatically after every 5 to 10 seconds.

But this is not the all, there are also other possible reasons behind Samsung TV keeps turning on and off repeatedly. e.g.

  1. An issue with the power supply.
  2. The activation of features like Anynet + (HDMI-CEC).
  3. It is also possible that the television is overheated.
  4. Your Samsung TV software needs to update.
  5. It is also possible that there is short circuit in the connection between motherboard and power supply.
  6. And the issue with capacitors as explained above.

Don’t worry, let’s move ahead debug and solve each possible cause to get back your Samsung TV working again like it was before when it was new.

How To Fix My Samsung TV Keeps Turning Off repeatedly

So, the main purpose of this article is here. I’m going to help you to solve the issue with your Samsung TV turning off every 5 seconds. But, there are always many reasons behind a problem and I’ll start walking from each possible solutions which has proved to be successful for the same problem step by step so that the easy one solutions will be describe first in the list.


If your Samsung TV keeps turning off and on repeatedly then try one of the below mentioned fixes.

1- Soft Reset

Your Samsung TV need a decent or you can say fixed amount of voltage to work properly. So, if there is a power breakdown or fluctuations in the voltage then it could be the reason behind your Samsung TV keeps turning off after every 5 seconds. First you should make sure that there is no fluctuations in the power of your house. If you feel any fluctuations, then first contact to the company providing power and ask them fix it and then see if the problem has gone. If you find that the power is working fine but still the problem exist then the first solution is power cycle which you should try to fix the problem and it has been seen the solution to the most of the problem for Samsung TV. Follow the steps to power cycle

  1. Unplug your Samsung TV from the power source.
  2. Leave it Unplugged for at least 60 seconds.
  3. Press the power button on your TV for 30 seconds while it is unplugged (if you do not have a power button, you can skip this step.)
  4. Plug the TV back into the power outlet and it should start working normally now.

It is also called soft reset of your Samsung TV and resulting of these steps can remove any residual which were left in the system and draining of those residuals lead to a fix to the problem. If you find that the issue still exist after following all the above steps, then it’s not time to quite the effort. Let’s try the next fix to get back your TV.

soft reset Samsung TV Keeps Turning Off

2- Power Cord

The most common reason of potential power loss is the faulty or damaged power cords. If these wires are of low quality or damaged in any way, they will not be capable to supply the needed power to your Samsung TV which is required. Normally, they are seeming to be good but after having a deep look you would be able to see the tiny wires coming out of it or may be it would be broken from somewhere. If you are using a low quality power cord everything seems to be good but you have to change them otherwise, you may cause serious damage to your Samsung TV.

Another possibility could be that the power cord is totally fine and of good quality but still your Samsung TV keeps turning off after every 5 seconds. Well it don’t have to be damaged to cause the problem. You will encounter power problems if the cord is not properly seated in the outlet or the extension cord you are using is faulty

To make sure if the power cord is fine, try to plug in your Samsung TV directly into the wall if you have been using an extension cord. If your TV seems to start working normally then order a new set of electrical power cable compatible with Samsung TV. I would recommend you to try Ancable C7 power cable as it is almost 12 feet lengthy and also affordable.

3- Overheating

The other possible reason behind your Samsung TV keeps turning off after every 5 seconds could be that it is over heated. Your TV get over heated when you do not turn it off for several hours may be because you have being watching a hole Netflix serious in a row and your Samsung TV was on from last several hours or your room temperature is too high that your Samsung TV keeps getting overheated. You can simply verify that by touching its front or back if possible.

If you observe that your Samsung TV is overheated, then it is time to cool it down by turning it off for around 5-10 minutes. Some people has recommended for 30 seconds but it is best if you can turn it off 5-10 minutes because this time can be good in any case to get it cooled down under any circumstances.

Samsung Tv Overheated


The reason for being overheated could be the tiny electrical wires coated in plastic inside your Samsung TV getting over heated due to the continuous current flow if you use it continuously for hours. if you don’t let your TV off for few minutes, in that case you may burn the hole TV. Meanwhile, clean your samsung Tv screen.

4- Heat-up Through the Vents

If you have not turned your TV on continuously for many weeks or even months, the capacitor may have start to discharge or even change capacitance. The easy way to fix that problem is to change the whole board or just capacitor depending on the damage. You need to call a professional for it and it is quite costly too.

There is a hack too for that problem. You can fix your Samsung TV in just one minute without even opening your Samsung TV or paying a descent amount of money to a professional.

All you need is a hot air blower for example a hair dryer. And follow the given steps:

  1. Make your sure that your Samsung TV is plugged in and it is turned on even if it keeps turning off and on
  2. Now, aim the hot air blower at the TV opening /vent which is usually under the TV, and sometimes at the back or sides of the TV.
  3. Do the second step for 30 to 60 seconds
  4. Next, Power off the TV
  5. After 30 seconds turn it on.

You must be thinking that this hack is crazy and totally stupid. But it has worked for a good number of people that had the same problem as their Samsung TV kept turning off every 5 seconds.

The reason behind way this trick works is that most of the stuff attached on the board is quite sensitive. They need a balanced temperature in the environment. That way heating it up if you have not been using it from a long time and cooling it down if you are using is continuously can help a lot.

5- Try another Outlet

When your TV turns on and off, it could very well be a problem with the outlet. To check it if the problem is with the outlet, a good solution is to try plugging the TV into a different outlet. The one you’re sure works. There have been cases where moving the TV to another room has worked. And if you use an extension cord then you can also look into exchanging it. For a better and safer plug.

6- Disconnect Input Sources

Most TVs have external devices connected with them, such as a cable box or games console. If there is a problem with these inputs, they can force the TV to turn off itself.

If you have any of the following devices attached:

  1. Set-top box.
  2. HDMI Switcher.
  3. Surge protector.
  4. Gaming consoles.
  5. ChromecastΒ OR any other streaming device.

Try to disconnect them and then apply a power cycle. It has been reported by many users that they face this issue because of any faulty input device. These devices can sometimes cause glitches in your TV’s software. Which ends up restarting the TV again.

After removing external devices, remember to change the source to TV.

7- Turn Off AnyNet+

You may have connected several external devices to your Samsung TV before. AnyNet+ is a feature provided by Samsung to control all these devices by using only Samsung TV remote control.As elegant is this feature, it is also known to cause the TV to turn on and off intermittently. So, we should also turn it off in such scenarios. Follow the steps to turn off AnyNet+ on your Samsung TV

  1. Press the Home button on the remote control.
  2. Select Settings
  3. Click on General.
  4. Go to External Device Manager.
  5. Search for AnyNet+ (HDMI-CEC).
  6. Click on it.
  7. You should see an indicator that AnyNet+ is on.
  8. Click on it and select off.

Turn off AnyNet+ on your Samsung TV

And it is done. This should disable the feature. After disabling the feature, now please restart the Samsung TV and wait for a while to observe if the problem has fixed.

8- Reset the TV

So, if you’ve tried all the above hacks but none of them worked for you then surely it is time to do a factory reset. Resetting your Samsung TV to factory settings will restore any settings you’ve changed to their default values and also remove your Wi-Fi from the list of known networks.

It will also remove any installed apps so you will have to set everything up again after resetting the TV. This is the only reason that we provided this solution at the last of this article because we want to try all the other possible solutions which has worked in many cases. But, this solution works for most of the problem.

Follow the below instructions to perform factory reset on your Samsung TV:

  1. Press the Menu button on the remote control.
  2. Go to the Settings menu. Select Support > Self Diagnostics.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and click Refresh.
  4. Enter your PIN if you have set one.
  5. Default is 0000.
  6. Press Enter on the remote control.
  7. The TV will now start the reset process.

Some models may have a Reset option under Device Care, so if you can’t find the Support or Self-Diagnostics option in your TV settings, check it.

After resetting the TV, your problem should be gone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q- Why Is My TV Turning Off And On Every 5 Seconds?
A- It has been observe that there multiple reasons of TV turning off and on every 5 seconds e.g. issue with power supply, activation of AnyNet+ feature, due to overheating of television, software is outdated, short circuit between motherboard and power supply or an issue with capacitors. Read this article to look at how to solve them.

Q- Why Is My Samsung TV Turning On And Off Repeatedly?
A- There are multiple possible reason of Samsung TV turning on and off repeatedly like some the user reports that they face the error due to issue with power supply, overheating of television, software was outdated, activation of AnyNet+ feature, short circuit between motherboard and power supply or an issue with capacitors.

Q- Why Is My Samsung TV Randomly Turning Off?
A- The issue has been reported by many users that their Samsung TV started randomly turning off. Then it was observed that the problem was due to overheating, a faulty capacitor, AnyNet+ feature, damaged cable, extension or might be due to the external connected sources.

Q- Why Does My Samsung Flat Screen Keep Turning Off?
A- It is possible that your Samsung TV screen turning off due to overheating. But in some cases, it is also seems that the solution which worked for this problem were faulty capacitors, power cord, damaged power source, AnyNet+ feature, a faulty input source or a glitch in software.

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