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Why Does My Ecobee Say β€œCALIBRATING”? (Easy Fixes) 2024

ecobee thermostat calibrating

It was my semester break when I decided to visit my parent’s house. I planned a 10-days trip so I had to turn OFF all the home appliances during this duration. The smart products which were to be turned OFF also included my Ecobee thermostat. Even though it has Home/Away feature but still I didn’t want to pay extra money for my bill.

I made sure that I have turned OFF every single appliance in my home. After exactly 10 days, I came back home and the first thing which I did was turn ON my thermostat. I waited for a few seconds but it didn’t turn ON. I saw on thermostat’s screen and it said the following:

Thermostat Calibrating: Cooling And Heating Disabled

Was there something concerning? What was the right step to take at this point? Lots of questions came into my mind when I had my Ecobee stuck on calibrating. I searched on this issue and got some useful troubleshooting methods which I want to share with you all.

If Your Ecobee Keeps Calibrating Then It Means That It Is Currently Measuring The Indoor Temperature. This Usually Happens When Your Thermostat Is Installed Initially Or When It Reboots.


If you observe carefully then you will get to know that Ecobee calibration is actually a useful process. This calibration helps your thermostat to measure the indoor temperature of your area accurately. This is done with the help of its smart sensors. These sensors also measure the humidity and other factors as well. One thing which should be noted is that both the heating and cooling functionalities will be disabled during the calibration time period.


Following are the two possible situations when your thermostat might get stuck in the calibration mode.


Installing Ecobee thermostat isn’t much of a demanding task. You can do this job on your own within 40 minutes. When you complete the installation process then you will have to wait for 5 – 20 minutes for the calibration process to get finished.

Initial Installation OF ecobee Thermostat

But what if the Ecobee calibrating time exceeds 20 minutes? If this happens then there might be something wrong with your thermostat. Make sure to check the condition of wires and their connectivity to the respective terminals. To do this you will have to remove your thermostat from the wall plate and then inspect the wiring accordingly. For the identification of wires consider the below mentioned table.

C wireBlue or black
Y or Y1 wireYellow
G wireGreen
W wireWhite
R, RC or RH wireRed



The second situation in which you might encounter Ecobee undergoing the calibrating phase is as soon as it reboots. Now you must be thinking that why would your thermostat reboot? There could be many reasons for this thing. For instance, there might be a power outage in your area and your thermostat is rebooting to ensure its proper working. Another reason might be that your Ecobee is getting the firmware updated. Similarly, the presence of an overheated furnace or faulty wires can make your Ecobee go into the reboot mode and you be all like Why is my Ecobee not turning ON?


Ecobee thermostat problems include Ecobee not connecting to Wi-Fi or getting offline continuously. Similarly, Ecobee calibration could also be considered as one of the problems if it takes too long to get finished. To solve this problem, we have some troubleshooting methods which you can consider using.


If your thermostat keeps on rebooting then it might be concerning for you. If this happens then there must be some problem with your thermostat or with the HVAC system itself. To solve this, the very first thing to do is clean the AC filters, if they need a replacement then do it as soon as possible.

Ecobee Thermostat KEEPS REBOOTING

Secondly check whether the drain pan is filled with water or not. If yes, then empty it to overcome inconveniences. But if the issue lies within the wiring then it is better to call the technician to get the job done.


How long does Ecobee calibration take? If we talk about the ideal case then it should be around 5 – 20 minutes. If the calibration takes time more than this then it is definitely an error. Wait for about 30 minutes, after this duration if your thermostat still doesn’t exit the calibration mode then restart it. Plug the thermostat off the wall and wait for about 5 minutes. After that plug it back in to see the results.

Another way is to unplug your router and modem and wait for 2 minutes. Then do the plugging and see if the problem still exists or not.


As discussed earlier, the benefit of calibration is to acquire the correct temperature reading. If the variation is of 1 or 2 degrees then it is completely fine. However, if there is a prominent variation then it means the calibration process is not correct. To solve this issue follow the below mentioned steps.

Ecobee Thermostat Incorrect Calibration


If the calibration process didn’t work out for you then you can manually set the temperature by performing the below mentioned steps.

STEP 1 – Select the β€œMenu” option

STEP 2 – Navigate to β€œSettings” option and then β€œInstallation Settings”

STEP 3 – Now select β€œThreshold”

STEP 4 – You will see an option saying β€œTemperature Correction”

STEP 5 – Adjust the temperature according to your preferences


Where calibration is extremely beneficial for the measurement of temperature, on the other hand it could become annoying if the process is not performed correctly. Make sure to solve this issue quickly because you cannot use the heating and cooling units as long as this issue exists. Give this article a good read and you will be good to go!


Q – How To Calibrate Ecobee Thermostat?
A – Well you don’t have to manually calibrate the thermostat. If you got your thermostat installed recently then it will definitely undergo the calibration process. But if you reboot it even then the calibration will take place.

Q – How Long Does Ecobee Take To Calibrate?
A – Ecobee takes about 5 – 20 minutes to perform the calibration process.

Q – I Have To Wait How Long For Ecobee To Calibrate?
A – The calibration usually takes about 5 – 20 minutes to finish. If the time exceeds this limit then find the existing error.


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