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Resetting your thermostat might be considered as a good option in most of the cases. For example, if I talk about yesterday then I myself did the resetting of the thermostat because it wasn’t functioning properly. However, if you want to reset your thermostat for another reason then you could do so because there are multiple cases which demand resetting procedure.

If you have been using thermostats for a long time then you must know at least the initial knowledge regarding this. In case if you don’t know anything about resetting procedure then you must give this article a good read!

To Reset Your Ecobee Thermostat Make Sure To Visit The “Main Menu” First. After That Navigate Towards “Settings” And Find The “Reset” Option. Once You Have Found The Reset Option, Select “Reset Schedule And Preferences” Option And Your Thermostat Will Be Reset.


There are different types of reset methods which you might want to choose as per your preferences. Different situation might demand a different method. For this you will have to choose such a method which is demanded by the situation. Below we will be discussing each method in great detail so you don’t have to face confusion while choosing between them.


This reset method is recommended when you want to erase all of the settings of your thermostat and want to reconfigure them again. Before performing this method, make sure to note down all the custom settings in case you want to use them again.

Factory Reset Of Ecobee Thermostat


STEP 1 – Select the “Main Menu” option

STEP 2 – Navigate towards “Settings”

STEP 3 – In the “Settings” section, choose “Reset” option

STEP 4 – Choose “Reset All” option

STEP 5 – Your thermostat will come back to its original default settings


If you are going for this reset process then keep this thing in mind that it will erase all the set preferences and schedule of your thermostat like time, date, day, temperature values etc. You will have to set these parameters again if you want to enjoy the previously configured settings of your thermostat.

Reset Schedule Of Ecobee Thermostat


STEP 1 – Choose the “Main Menu” option

STEP 2 – Select “Settings” option

STEP 3 – Now navigate towards “Reset” menu

STEP 4 – Choose the option “Reset Schedule and Preferences”


This reset procedure is required when you have to reset the account details of your Ecobee thermostat account. Details like email or password can be changed easily without actually deleting your account.

Reset Registration Of Ecobee Thermostat


STEP 1 – Go for the “Main Menu” option

STEP 2 – Select “Settings”

STEP 3 – Choose “Reset” option

STEP 4 – Select “Reset Registration” and make the desired changes


If you ever come across the query “How to reset Ecobee without access code” then you just need to follow the below mentioned steps and you will have the job done in the right way.

Reset Without Access Code Of Ecobee Thermostat


STEP 1 – Find the Ecobee reset button present on the thermostat

STEP 2 – Keep pressing that button for 5 – 10 seconds

STEP 3 – Release the button and you will have your thermostat reset

It could be a case that you are buying a second-hand thermostat and the previous owner has set his own access code. Reset Ecobee for new owner will definitely force you to either factory reset your thermostat or perform a reset registration to change the account details.


Restarting an Ecobee thermostat is far more different than resetting Ecobee thermostat. If you restart Ecobee thermostat then you will have all the settings saved within the system. No settings will be removed or changed. It is just a simple turn OFF and turn ON procedure which can solve various problems like when your Ecobee thermostat keeps getting offline or won’t connect to Wi-Fi.


To reboot Ecobee thermostat, follow the below mentioned methods.


METHOD 1 – Power OFF the breaker, this will cut the power to your thermostat and HVAC system. Leave it for about 30 – 40 seconds and then turn it back ON.

METHOD 2 – In this method, you will have to remove the thermostat from its wall housing. Keep it removed from the wall housing for a few seconds and then place it back in.


Q – How To Reset Ecobee Without Password?
A – Follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Go to “Main Menu”
  • Select “Settings” option and choose “Reset”
  • Go for “Reset Schedule and Preferences”
  • Go back to the “Main Menu” option and select “Settings”
  • Select “Reset” option and tap on “Reset Registration”

Q – How Do I Reboot My Ecobee Thermostat?
A – To reboot your Ecobee thermostat you either have to turn OFF the breaker supply or remove the thermostat from its wall housing.

Q – Can I Reset My Thermostat Account Details?
A – Yes, you can reset your thermostat account details. Visit the reset registration settings and make the required changes from there.


Resetting your Ecobee thermostat might solve many problems. You just need to know the procedure and choose the required one accordingly. Give this article a thorough read to grasp every possible detail.


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