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How To Reset A Braeburn Thermostat ? (Complete Guide) – 2024

reset braeburn thermostat

When you want to buy a thermostat for yourself then of course there are plenty of options available for your purchase. Apart from Honeywell, you can also buy a brae burn thermostat which offers nothing but surety, quality and guarantee. But of course there are some issues associated with each model and so does with your brae burn thermostat.

As a personal brae burn thermostat user, I have rarely come across any issue till date. Even if I encountered any issue then the solution of that issue was not more than fixing some internal components. But there are some issues like brae burn thermostat stuck at 80 which require more than this effort and you have to reset your thermostat in order to get your problem fixed.

You can reset brae burn thermostat by pressing β€œReset” button. The reset button is located on the front of thermostat inside a small hole. You can press it by using a toothpick, a paper clip or even a pin.

But to have a more detailed overview on the reset option of brae burn thermostat, do read the below section of this article.


It is true that resetting your thermostat might solve issues like your thermostat showing black screen or your thermostat showing higher temperature than the actual temperature. But what are the details? We will dig into them now.

There are various brae burn thermostat models available which require same method of restarting as told above. The brae burn thermostat brands include Blue-Link model 7205, 7305 and 7500. These thermostats will remove all their programming and other settings once you press the Reset button.

Keep this thing in mind that resetting your brae burn thermostat will not affect any of the installer settings. The programming pattern and other things will be removed and nothing else. So be sure about the time when you really want to reset your thermostat.

braeburn ac not cooling


As discussed above, brae burn touchscreen thermostat have various models but resetting procedure for all the models is same. Brae burn thermostats which come with a touchscreen console includes Brae burn Premier 5320, 6425 and 6100.

These thermostats having a touchscreen console are no different than the ordinary thermostats. Even in touchscreen thermostats you will have to follow the same procedure like you did in normal thermostats. If you don’t know how to turn off program on Brae burn thermostat then simply perform a reset and you are good to go.

One important thing to note here is that your reset procedure will not work if your thermostat is locked. Make sure you have it unlocked before performing the reset process.

Reset Touchscreen Thermostat


Brae burn AC not cooling or Brae burn thermostat fan won’t turn OFF are such problems which have to be solved differently apart from just resetting your thermostat. The idea here is to talk about that not all issues require a restart. There are some issues which cannot be solved by just resetting your thermostat so they require some additional efforts.

There are certain situations where it is recommended to use reset as your problem solver but not all the time. The first thing which you need to do is identify the issue, once you have done this then apply the solution which is given against it.

Suppose there has been a power failure and now your thermostat is not working as it should. There are some problems associated with the heating and cooling units, in this case the safest solution to opt is perform a reset.

If you have performed a factory reset process then all your custom-settings which you have made till now will be lost and there will be nothing left to modify. You will have to provide a new program in order to make your thermostat work.


If your thermostat operates on batteries then the first step which you should perform is remove the batteries and then press the β€œReset” button. If there is any problem then it can be resolved by just doing this (considering the problem as to be minor).

However, if there is any major issue then it is better to consult the technician and get your problem solved without any inconvenience.


Using reset process option for your thermostat is convenient yet a very demanding situation because it demands your attention to solve the issue. You cannot perform a reset for every problem, instead you will have to figure out which problem requires which solution. After doing this math, apply the fix and you will be good to go.


Q – When Should I Reset My Brae burn Thermostat?
A – If you are having any issue with your heating or cooling unit after a power failure then the best solution is to reset your thermostat. Doing this is the safest option to choose.

Q – How Do You Manually Reset A Thermostat?
A – You can reset the thermostat manually by either removing the batteries or placing them back in, pressing the RESET button with a pin or switching off the breaker for a shorter time.

Q – What Happens If I Push The Reset Button On My Thermostat?
A – If you push reset button on your thermostat then if will shut off completely and if you have a different model then it can even enable the factory mode reset option.

Q – Can You Hard Reset A Thermostat?
A – Yes, you will have to remove the batteries first and put them in the wrong way (i.e. negative to positive and positive to negative). Wait for a few seconds and then put them back correctly.

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