How Big Is A 32-Inch TV? – What Are The Dimensions?

You now have various options with the invention of smart TVs. Previously, there was only a standard-sized TV available but now you have plenty of options. The TV you choose to buy depends on your preferences. Some people demand a big screen while others are comfortable with a normal-sized TV.

One day you decide to replace your old TV because it has been showing multiple problems. You are tired of resolving the issues so now you decide to buy a 32-inch TV. Jumping from a small TV size to a bigger one might be a little unassuming because you wouldn’t know how wide is a 32 inch TV. But you don’t need to worry as this article will cover maximum information regarding such TVs.


A 32 inch TV how big query can be answered easily. One thing which you must keep in mind is that there isn’t any concrete answer to this query. Reason being, every 32-inch TV that is being manufactured at various companies will have a different size. This is because every company gives different dimensions so the size of the TV becomes different from one another.


Figuring out the dimensions of a particular TV model requires the same efforts as getting Peloton app on Samsung TV. The process for finding out the dimension of 32 inch TV is pretty straight forward. If you know about the height, width and depth of a TV then measuring the size is just a piece of cake.

dimensions of 32 inch tv

Roughly speaking, TV 32 inch measurements include; 3 inches thickness, 29 inches width and 17 inches height. If we include the TV stand as well then the depth becomes 8 inches. These numbers could show a variation depending upon the model or brand of your TV.


You can measure 32 inch TV dimensions length and width (height as well) by following the below guide.

32 inch tv dimensions length and width


If you want to measure the depth of your TV then you will have to measure the thickness starting from the front to back.


If you measure from the top to bottom then you will be measuring the height of your TV.


Wanting to measure the width of your TV will require you to take the measurements from edge to edge. You can also measure the width from one side to another.


You must be familiar with Samsung TV models. If you have been an owner of Samsung TV then you might have come across its no signal issue. If you have this level of knowledge then you must know its dimensions as well. In case you don’t know about it, we will tell you everything in great detail.


Talking about the dimensions of Q604 tells us that it is 6.07 inches deep, 28.47 inches wide and 18.20 inches high. These dimensions are when we include the stand. Excluding the stand will change the dimensions a little bit. The width will remain the same, the depth will be reduced to 1.17 inches and the height will become 16.7 inches.


how wide is a 32 inch tv

The maximum height of a 32-inch TV is 15.7 inches. This measurement tells us that the TV is perfectly suitable for small space areas. These areas could include your living room, small kitchen or small apartments. 32 inch TVs are not too big so you can place them wherever you want.


So if you decide to buy a TV but you are not sure which size to buy then we will recommend you to consider the table below so that you can easily decide from the available options.

TV SizeTV TypePlacement Areas
24 inches – 32 inchesSmall-sized categoryLiving room, small apartment, small bedroom
40 inches – 45 inchesMedium-sized categoryOpen spaces, large rooms and living rooms
55 inches – 80 inchesLarge-sized categoryIdeal for home theaters and large setups


After you have decided that which TV model you want to buy, now is the time to decide where to set your TV. The table above will also help you in this matter but it alone is not enough. You need to consider other factors as well.

The most important factor of all is the position of your smart TV. You would want to set your TV in such a place from where you can have a clear view. Setting your TV at a bad angle will annoy you. So make sure to pick a worthy position for your TV so its purpose gets fulfilled.

Now there isn’t any solution for this case scenario because you will have to choose the position of your TV according to your home space. The furniture, free space and other factors must be considered before choosing a permanent position for you smart TV.


You might want to check that how far you will have to sit in order to have a clear screen view. Even if you have decided a good position for your TV but the view angles are not suitable then all your efforts and investments will be in vain. 30 degrees is the recommended view angle for small and medium-sized categories whereas if you want to know the view angle for large-sized TVs then you will have to go for 40 degrees.


This consideration is totally up to you. If you want your smart TV of the best quality, regardless of its price, then you don’t need to consider the money factor. But if you are budget conscious and want to buy a TV by staying in your budget then you will have to compromise some of the features.

32 inches in feet

An expensive TV will provide you with higher resolution and advanced features. Whereas, small or medium sized-TVs will offer a lower resolution and limited functionality. So if you can compromise on the resolution and functionality factor then go for the 32 inch TV otherwise invest into another model.


Q – What Size Is A 32 Inch Tv?
A – The size of a 32-inch TV depends on its dimensions. It has a width of 27.9 inches and a height of 15.7 inches. These measurements make up a total of 439.6 square inches of screen size.

Q – How Much Is A 32 Inch Tv?
A – The updated price for a 32 inch LED smart TV starts from $159. The price will get increased if you buy your TV from a renowned brand like Samsung.

Q – Is 32 Inch Big Enough For A Tv?
A – 32 inch is big enough for a TV if you have placed it in a small space. These TVs are not suitable to be placed in larger spaces because then you will have to experience a bad view angle.


Despite all the information provided above, you yourself have to put in some efforts too in order to decide whether to purchase a 32-inch TV or not. There are some factors which only you can take into consideration before making this investment. So make sure you consider each and every aspect carefully.

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