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Honeywell Thermostat Not Working After Battery Change? (2023)

replace battery in honeywell thermostat

Have you changed the batteries in your thermostat, and now nothing works? There may be technical issues with the battery compartment area or the battery itself. Wait to get a new thermostat until you apply all the helpful tips to fix this issue. How great would it be if the Honeywell thermostats worked perfectly?

Every smart appliance stops working when its lifespan starts to end. Today, we will walk you through one of the main troubles; Honeywell thermostats not working after a battery change. Honeywell thermostats are perfect for keeping your home cozy after a tiring day at work. We have already discussed heat issue of your thermostat, and now it is time to jump onto the next issue.


Is your Honeywell thermostat battery replacement not working? Stay calm, as this is a common issue with Honeywell thermostats. Users must change the batteries of their thermostats once every year else they drain out and make your thermostats faulty. The batteries, after replacement, might need to be inserted correctly or into their correct terminals. If nothing resolves the issue, go for a factory reset.

A quick way to fix this issue is to remove the Honeywell Thermostat changed batteries won’t turn on and then insert them back again, or find the HVAC system in your Honeywell thermostat and turn it off. These will fix your Honeywell thermostat not working after a battery change issue. If this doesn’t work, keep reading our helpful guide that briefly explains multiple troubleshooting tips for your Honeywell thermostat that won’t work after a battery change.


The batteries replacement process includes the following steps.

STEP 1 – You need to remove the battery compartment from the baseplate
STEP 2 – Take out the old batteries
STEP 3 – Replace the batteries with new ones
STEP 4 – Attach the battery compartment to the baseplate
STEP 5 – Turn ON the power at the circuit breakers


Honeywell Thermostats use non-rechargeable batteries (AA/AAA alkaline batteries) that are powerful. Ensure you are using the correct batteries. Otherwise, the wrong batteries will damage your Honeywell Thermostat. Most alkaline batteries are of poor quality. Buy high-quality AA/AAA alkaline batteries from reputable brands. Insert them into your Honeywell Thermostat. This will fix and turn on your thermostat after a battery change.

Use Correct Batteries In Honeywell Thermostat


After inserting them correctly, go back to the battery compartment and see if they are installed correctly and connected to the right terminals, facing the correct orientation. Try this tip and see how your Honeywell Thermostat works again in seconds.

Install Batteries Properly In Honeywell Thermostat


When you change your thermostat’s batteries, you might have mixed the old ones with new ones. This can be one of the causes your Honeywell Thermostat won’t work after a battery change. Using an old battery along with a new one can cause issues like bad performance, screen damage or wiring issues.

Maybe the new batteries aren’t strong enough to operate your Honeywell Thermostat. Check the battery compartment to see how much voltage is required. Purchase smart batteries and see how efficiently your Honeywell thermostat would work with new batteries. Avoid mixing up the old batteries with the new ones.


If your Honeywell Thermostat battery replacement stops working, try this troubleshooting tip to fix this bug. Reboot your thermostat via the circuit breaker. If still, the display doesn’t turn on, move to the next step.


STEP 1 – Open the circuit breaker of your thermostat (this is the main panel).
STEP 2 – Locate the HVAC system (circuit breaker).
STEP 3 – Turn it off, wait for some time and then turn it on again.

Reboot Your Honeywell Thermostat


You may have used your old batteries for too long, leaving dirt on terminals and not letting the new terminals perform well. The clogged dirt between terminals can be one of the reasons Honeywell Thermostat won’t work after a battery change.

Clean the terminals thoroughly for dust using a soft brush and insert new batteries into them. Your thermostat will take some time and then start operating perfectly. Cleaning the dirty terminals will boost the battery performance.


Try every troubleshooting tip to fix the Honeywell thermostat that won’t work after a battery change. Still, if the Honeywell thermostat doesn’t turn on, factory reset your thermostat. This will set your thermostat to its default settings and remove all custom settings. Other heating and cooling issues can be solved by factory resetting. 

This will turn on the display, wait a few seconds and see how you fixed your thermostat. Honeywell Thermostat replace battery reset is a great way to fix any bug in your device.


Follow these steps if you have no idea how to factory reset your Honeywell thermostat:


STEP 1 – First, turn off the HVAC system switch.
STEP 2 – Use a coin to open the battery compartment of Honeywell thermostats.
STEP 3 – Take out the batteries and wait for some time.
STEP 4 – Now insert the batteries back again in their correct order.
STEP 5 – Ensure that the alignments of the terminals are correct.
STEP 6 – The thermostats will start working again.


Q: How To Change Battery In Honeywell Thermostat?
A: Take out the old batteries and throw them away. Buy new batteries from any reputable brand of good quality so your thermostat performs well. Insert new batteries into your Honeywell thermostat. after a few seconds, the display will turn on, and you can see your thermostat.

Q: How To Reset The Thermostat After Replacing Batteries?
A: Go to the battery compartment where you change the batteries. Replace the battery in Honeywell Thermostat. Take out the batteries and keep them away for 5-10 seconds. Now insert them back again. Before doing this process, ensure your Honeywell thermostat’s HVAC system is switched off. Now turn it on. This is how you reset the thermostat after replacing the batteries.

Q: Why Does My Thermostat Not Work After Battery Change?
A: If your thermostat doesn’t work after a battery change, this can indicate incorrect insertion of batteries or clogged terminals. Read the guide given above on how to solve these issues. Follow them and see how the thermostat will turn on and properly function again.

Q: What Is The Purpose Of A Factory Reset?
A: The purpose of the factory reset is to set all the custom settings to their default settings. If none of the troubleshooting tips works, factory reset your Honeywell thermostat. It will fix any glitch in your device that won’t let your thermostat work after a battery change.


Honeywell Thermostats are one of the most intelligent devices to provide users comfort. Is your Honeywell thermostat not heating the room properly? Then kindly read our latest post on this issue. If the Honeywell Thermostat stops working after changing batteries, ensure you use the right/new batteries. Take out the changed batteries and then insert them back again. This will fix any glitch stopping your Honeywell Thermostat from functioning. If none of the troubleshooting tips work, contact the Support Team to resolve your thermostat issues.

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