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Honeywell Thermostat Blank Screen – (Easy Fixes) 2024

Reason why Honeywell Thermostat Blank Screen

The weather was a bit different than usual so I decided to change my thermostat’s settings. I got up and went straight to my thermostat, what I saw was that Honeywell thermostat goes blank. What was it? Any glitch or any fault?

I kept on thinking about it for quite some time and after that I remembered the day when one of my friends dealt with thermostat screen not responding issue.

He helped me a lot and finally I was able to solve the issue. Now I would like to convey that information to you all so next time if you face similar issues like thermostat not working even after the battery change you know at least the basic knowledge to solve it.

If Your Thermostat Is Operating By Consuming Battery Power Then Check For Your Batteries And If The Power Consumption Source Is The Electricity Then The Issue Could Be In The House Wiring As Well.


Dealing with such issues when you are using smart products is pretty common. Instead of getting angry or frustrated what you can do is gather up enough knowledge so next time you won’t have to face such inconvenience. Before jumping on to the solving part of blank screen first we need to figure out the reasons of its occurrence. In the next section of this article we will be discussing the reasons that why Honeywell thermostat not showing display.


There could be multiple reasons for the occurrence of blank screen on your thermostat. We have figured out the most common and possible reasons of this cause. Following are the reasons for why your thermostat is showing a blank display.


The most logical reason which one could think of for this issue is that your thermostat might be turned OFF. If you live on your own then you shouldn’t consider this reason for the issue. But if you have other people around you then there might be a chance that someone else has turned OFF the thermostat by mistake.


With so many other functionalities, thermostats also adjust the brightness according to the room light. If the light in the room is too bright then the thermostat will automatically reduce the brightness. Due to the low brightness you might not see anything on the screen. So you must check the brightness before making any final decision.


If your thermostat operates using battery power then there are 99.9% chances that the batteries have completed their life time. If this is the issue then you can easily resolve it by testing the batteries. If they are damaged replace them, if not then jump on to the next reason.


There is a special feature in Honeywell thermostat that they will shut off completely if the furnace door is not completely closed. It means if the furnace door is opened, your thermostat screen will go blank within a second. So make sure to check the furnace door in order to avoid this issue.


Sometimes all the electrical devices of your home are connected to a breaker. This breaker could be tripped or damaged due to many reasons. If the breaker becomes damaged then of course the thermostat will also not work and will stop showing the display.


My Honeywell thermostat is blank. What should I do now? Well, there are high chances that you need to get your thermostat replaced. These smart products have a specific life time, once they have completed this time they will eventually stop working. So replacing your thermostat might help you to fix your problem.


After knowing the exact reason for your problem, the next step is to find the suitable fix for it. We will be presenting a list of fixes which you could try for your related issue.


If your thermostat’s display has completely gone or you are seeing fading digits then check the battery of your thermostat. Chances are that the batteries have completed their time and now they need a replacement. So it is best to replace them as soon as possible.


Another fix which you can perform is check for the loose connections. If the connections are loose then you can easily fix them without possessing any special tech skills. You just need to take off the thermostat cover and unscrew it. At the back you will see a bundle of wires which might be lose. Adjust them properly and fix your thermostat again as before.


Sometimes your circuit breaker could be damaged due to the power breakout or power surge. Because of this reason your Honeywell thermostat might stop working. So it is important to get your circuit breaker checked as soon as possible.


There might be an issue with the touchscreen cable. The fault in this touchscreen cable could prevent the display to show the content. What you can do is remove the thermostat from the wall and remove its cover as well. After removing the circuit board you will come across two ribbon cables. One cable is for the LED connection while the second one is for the touchscreen. Make sure both of them are properly connected. After ensuring its seating, put back all the components in their place and set the unit in the wall. It might solve your issue.


Restarting your thermostat could also help you to fix this issue. Follow the below mentioned steps to restart your thermostat.


STEP 1 – Keep your thermostat switched ON
STEP 2 – Keep pressing the β€œMenu” button for about 5 seconds
STEP 3 – From the available options, select β€œReset” option and then β€œFactory”
STEP 4 – Finalize your setting by pressing β€œYes” option

You have successfully done the procedure!


After going through the possible reasons and their respective fixes you now must be able to figure out what to do if your thermostat screen goes blank. Having this initial knowledge is very important because it lets you decide whether to make an investment or solve the problem without making an actual investment.


Q – Thermostat Screen Blank Honeywell, What To Do?
A – If your thermostat’s screen goes blank then you need to check the batteries first and then the wiring of your house. If they are faulty then try replacing them or fixing them as soon as possible.

Q – How Do You Reset A Blank Thermostat?
A – For this, first you need to make sure that the HVAC system of your thermostat is not in working mode. Now locate the thermostat switch in the breaker box and flip it OFF. Keep it closed for about 20-30 seconds and then flip it ON.

Q – Will Replacing The Thermostat Solve The Issue?
A – It depends, if your thermostat has completed its duration then it is time to get it replaced. But if this is not the issue then try other fixes for this cause.

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