What Is A Good GPU Temperature While Gaming? (2024 Update)

good gpu temp

Dealing with issues is one thing but there is also some essential knowledge that needs to be known by you all. One such factor concerns the good GPU temperature which is suitable while having gaming sessions. What else needs to be known? Well, for now this knowledge must and should be sufficient to keep you going.


In this section of the article we will tell you about the relation between the GPU temperature and performance of your PC. You might not know the importance of GPU temperature unless you are a gamer. The reason for mentioning this fact here is to let you know all about the influence of your gaming sessions on your PC. As we are all familiar with the fact that the latest games have high-quality graphics which of course demand high-processing power and more graphics processing. In this case if your gaming sessions become lengthy then the GPU might experience some unusual changes. This is because you have over-burdened your GPU with high-resolution graphics and now the temperature is not stable at all.

This knowledge is entirely different than installing and watching Paramount Plus on your PS4. Reason being, the PlayStations are solely made to fulfil the gaming requirements. Whereas, PCs have to perform other tasks too along with gaming.


If you are coming across an issue then your next step would be to find its solution or at least gather all the essential information. If your GPU is getting hot then the first thing should be to find the reason behind it and the second thing should be to know the average temperature range of your GPU. In most of the cases the reason is usually long gaming sessions. There’s no harm in enjoying your favorite game but to fix this issue, just limit the time of your gaming sessions. This would definitely help you a lot!

Now discussing the GPU temperature range, if PC is idle and isn’t performing any task at all then your GPU will have a temperature range between 40 – 65 degrees Celsius. However, if you are playing games then the temperature might jump to the range between 65 – 85 degrees Celsius. This is also known to be the normal GPU temperature while gaming.


There are many GPUs available out there but some of them are actually considered the best. Take an example of Radeon RX 5700 and Radeon RX 6000. These are labelled to be the best AMD graphics cards which don’t compromise on performance. Another interesting thing about them is that they run hot. Meaning that if the normal GPUs have a limit of 110 degrees Celsius then this won’t be the limit for Radeon RX 5700 and 6000. Instead, they are labelled to be working safe even under this temperature. In short, for them safe GPU temps while gaming is somewhere near 110 degrees Celsius.


If the GPU exceeds its temperature limit then obviously it will overheat. The clock will start ramping faster than ever and you will notice a significant change in the performance of your system. Overheating is never considered good, so your next question should be to figure out how to control this temperature. If you let your GPU getting over-heated then your PC will become slower and many of your processes will stop running. In worst case scenario, the computer will shut down automatically to prevent any internal damage to the components.


As said above, your main focus should be to figure out what exactly is causing the temperature of your GPU to increase. Once you figure it out, it will become easy for you to control those causes. Following are some of the reasons which contribute in this matter.

  • Presence of dirt and dust in a fairly large amount
  • Running of many background processes
  • Unstable fan speed
  • Damaged GPU
  • Insufficient power supply


Now after discussing the reasons that why your PC’s GPU becomes hot, we are to discuss the fixes to overcome this problem.


If the inside of your computer is dirty and full of dust then now is the time to clean it. The dust particles disturb the working of internal components which might cause several problems for you. Now what you can do is either clean it yourself if you have sufficient experience or get it cleaned from the professionals by paying some extra cash.


Sometimes your PC fan becomes incapable to bear the burden given to it. It doesn’t perform the best under a few circumstances. Those circumstances often involve the complicated tasks due to which the fan speed gets affected and indirectly the temperature of GPU becomes higher. This happens when the fan doesn’t work in the way it was intended to. The fan noise gets much reduced but the temperature of GPU becomes higher. What you can do is check for the fan speed of your PC which must be present on the packet of your GPU. If the speed is low then feel free to increase it.


Excessive background programs can pile up and build a load on GPU. This will cause it to become hotter than it should be. With the advancements, many things have been updated and have become graphically intensive. To overcome this problem, what you can do is press ALT + CTRL + DELETE to open the task manager. From there figure out the programs which are eating much of your PCs memory, end them and you are good to go.


Overclocking is used to get the extra work done by your equipment. It is like you are forcing the equipment to forcefully fulfil the task. This technique can cause a wear and tear situation. Due to this overclocking isn’t recommended at all. Many users have used it and later on they have to get their GPUs replaced or repaired.


Sometimes the fault might be in your GPU. There is a thermal paste present which transfers the heat from units into the air. If that paste dries up then the amount of heat being transferred into the air becomes so much less that it lets the GPU to become hot. In this case scenario either make a thermal paste at home or get yourself a new GPU.


Last but not the least, make sure that the power supply that is reaching your GPU is sufficient enough. If the power supply is insufficient then of course the GPU will not work properly. There should be sufficient power supply present in order to make your GPU work properly.


GPU is a very important part of your PC. It must be protected at all costs. If you face any issue regarding GPU then make sure to get it fixed as soon as possible because without GPU almost everything is impossible. We tried our best to cover the maximum information regarding GPU temperature so make sure to give this article a proper read.


Q – Is 50 degrees Celsius hot for a GPU?
A – If your PC is idle then the temperature range should lie between 40 – 60 degrees Celsius. The temperature should not exceed than this so 50 seems to be a reasonable temperature. So we can say that 50 degrees Celsius is a good temp for GPU.

Q – What GPU temp is too high?
A – It depends on various factors but if we were to give a single answer then temperature range exceeding 110 degrees Celsius should be labelled as a dangerous range.

Q – How do I know if my GPU is overheating?
A – If you come across one of the below mentioned symptoms then it means your GPU is overheating:

  • Fan noise
  • Screen lagging
  • Error warnings

Q – How long a GPU can run at 100?
A – If you are constantly using the GPU in the same condition and at the same temperature then it will last for about 2 years.

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