Funimation Keeps Buffering: 6 Easy Fixes (2022)

Are you an anime fan too? Do you love watching anime series in your free time? Then you must be familiar with Funimation app. Funimation is an online application which contains anime content for you to watch. Anime fans like you want to watch their favorite shows on a stable website because they don’t like to wait while the video is being buffered. Now just imagine you have your food in front of you and you have decided to watch a particular anime show while enjoying dinner. But what happens? The funimation keeps buffering and you have to wait longer than ever.


Lots of questions start to pop-up into your mind like why does Funimation buffer so much or why is Funimation so slow. Right in this situation you suddenly remember the time when your HBO Max app keeps on freezing. You feel frustrated and irritated with all the wait and now you have decided to look for the reasons that why does this keep happening.

The first reason for Funimation lag is the traffic received on this app. Every website has a maximum amount of traffic that it can handle and after that certain type of errors start occurring. This is due to the extra traffic which was not expected but came somehow. Many people must be facing the same issue like you do and for them you must be the cause of extra traffic and for you they are the hurdle.


There are multiple reasons which contribute in Funimation buffering. As technology is getting advanced, the problems which are occurring have become complexed too. Below we have a list of Funimation streaming issues which you need to consider carefully if you want to get rid of this problem.


All applications including Funimation requires a stable internet connection. If the internet connection is weak or not working properly then the app might not work properly. Strong internet signals are demanded by the latest applications so do consider this fact first before jumping on to the conclusion.


One of the reasons why does Funimation buffer so much is the presence of heavy traffic on the single server. Funimation is an app which uses multiple servers to provide the best services to its users. If multiple users are using a single server then all the users will face buffering issue no matter what.


It is your laptop and your choice whatever options you have enabled on it. It is very common for the users to have an ad-blocker enabled to avoid annoying advertisements. However, enabling this feature might cause Funimation lagging issue.


Sometimes the cookies and cache memory of your browser gets so much full that it starts causing errors. The errors are either related to video playing or buffering of the video. You will have to clear the cache memory in order to avoid this issue.


Now as we have listed down the common reasons for Funimation buffering, we will jump on to the fixes quickly so you will have enough time to solve the issue.


If you are using Funimation app on browser then you should know the procedure to clear the cache memory. If the cache memory gets full then it will cause irritating and unexpected errors while you are trying to play videos on Funimation. As Google browser is commonly used so we will tell you the way to perform a cache clear in it.


STEP 1 – Open Google Chrome
STEP 2 – You will see three-dots present at the top right corner of the page, click on it
STEP 3 – Select β€œSettings” and then β€œPrivacy and Security”
STEP 4 – Now click on β€œClear browsing data” with the time range being set to β€œAll-time”
STEP 5 – Check the relevant boxes and then select β€œClear Data” option
After doing this, open your browser again and see if the issue has been resolved or not.


You might get surprised with the fact that refreshing the browser will solve Funimation streaming issues. You just have to close all the tabs which are currently in use and re-open the browser. This will refresh all the content which was currently being used by you and you never know that your issue gets resolved too.


There is a possibility that you might not have checked your browser update for a long time. This is very common because browser updates are handles automatically in most of the cases. However, if this is not the case then you will have to update your browser manually. Here’s how to do it.


STEP 1 – Open Chrome, click on the three-dots present at the top right corner of the page
STEP 2 – Bring your mouse on β€œHelp” option and select β€œAbout Google Chrome”
STEP 3 – Select the option of β€œUpdate Chrome”
STEP 4 – Relaunch the browser and see if the issue has been resolved or not


If you have enabled extensions in your browser then chances are that they might cause problem for you. Unfortunately, you will not be able to know the exact extension which is causing the issue so you will have to disable all of them.


STEP 1 – Make sure your Chrome browser is opened, click on those 3-dots again
STEP 2 – Visit β€œMore Tools” option and then select β€œExtensions”
STEP 3 – Toggle off all the extensions and restart your browser


You might not have heard about this module before but you should know what exactly this module does. This setting allows Google Chrome to play HTML5 audio and video without causing any error.


STEP 1 – Type β€œchrome://components/”in the address bar of the browser
STEP 2 – Hit enter and see for β€œWidevine Content Decryption Module”
STEP 3 – Click on the option β€œCheck for update” and you will have it updated in no time


As the name suggests, this feature allows users to operate Google chrome and other streaming websites smoothly. But this is only possible if your hardware is strong enough. If this is not the case then this feature might become a headache for you. It is better to keep it disabled.


STEP 1 – Click on the three-dots of your browser and head towards β€œSettings” section
STEP 2 – Select β€œAdvanced” and then β€œSystem” option
STEP 3 – Disable the option β€œUse hardware acceleration when available”
This might do the trick!


We have provided you a list of different fixes which you can try to resolve Funimation lagging issues. You can try one or all of the fixes in order to enjoy your favorite anime shows on Funimation. The first and most important solution that you need to consider is checking the internet connection. If the problem is in the bandwidth then try updating it because this might solve your issue.


Q – How Do I Fix Funimation Not Loading?
A – If you have checked for every possible solution and still hasn’t figured out the reason then you should consider checking the outage error. Visit the official Funimation page or website and check for any update that is related to this issue.

Q – Will Funimation Shut Down?
A – The rumour regarding this news was roaming around for quite some time but the truth is that Funimation is not going anywhere. You will be able to stream your favorite anime shows and movies using this website for as long as you want.

Q – Why Does Funimation Keep Freezing?
A – Funimation keeps freezing due to the amount of traffic that it is receiving. Funimation is a popular application and many people consider using it whenever they want to stream anime content. The extra amount of traffic makes the working of this app slower.

Q – How Do I Improve Funimation Quality?
A – You can improve Funimation quality by updating the app often. Don’t pile up the updates otherwise you will not be able to access its additional features. Secondly, if you want to stream higher resolution content then make sure you reduce the video resolution to a reasonable amount.

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