How To Watch FuboTV On VIZIO Smart TV ? – (2022 Updated)

In this time, every single app has its second version. With this much variety it becomes difficult to make a choice between them. So if we talk about online streaming services then we have a variety of them. But is there any application which is specifically related to a single genre? Can we say that this particular application is the best one for sports or movies or some thing else? Well, you will be happy to know that we have such an application with the name β€œFubo TV”.


Fubo TV is an application for all the crazy sports fans. If you love sports and want to stay updated with the latest sports news then Fubo TV is the right choice for you! Now some of you might think that Fubo TV is only concerned with the Sports section. But hey! The good news is that you can have an easy access to many other perks like watching movies and even kid’s programs as well.


We are discussing each and everything about Fubo TV in this article so there must be something special about this application. Some of the features which Fubo TV has to offer are as follows:

  • Live Streaming functionality
  • Providence of cloud storage to save your data
  • Multiple devices can access its features using a single account
  • Content can be viewed in 4K quality
  • Pocket-friendly subscription
  • Premium package is also available if you want to go for the ad-free content


Now after knowing each and everything about Fubo TV, our next concern is to know whether it is compatible with Vizio Smart TV or not. Unfortunately, Fubo TV app isn’t available on Vizio smart TV, it means the users won’t be able to download the application directly. This might be a bad-news for Fubo TV app lovers because now they can’t access their favorite application on smart TV.


Having Fubo TV on vizio smart TV is a big deal if you don’t have any prior knowledge. Well, even if you don’t have it we are here to help you through this. Now we are well aware that the users of vizio cannot operate this application on their smart TVs, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t any other way to make it happen. We have a variety of solutions which you can try if you want Fubo TV app get working on vizio smart TV.


In order to install Fubo TV on your vizio smart TV, you will need to follow the steps of the below mentioned fixes.


We can manually install Fubo on vizio smart TV by following a series of steps. Those steps are mentioned below, you just need to follow them in order to have a smooth installation.


STEP 1 – Grab the remote and press β€œHome” button
STEP 2 – You will see an β€œAll Apps” option, select it
STEP 3 – In the search bar type β€œFubo TV”
STEP 4 – From the available list, select the Fubo app
STEP 5 – Now click on β€œAdd to Home” button, after this open the application

can i watch fubo on my vizio smart tv
STEP 6 – You will get two sign-in options; either with a code or with an email
STEP 7 – If you go for the email option then you will have to enter the Fubo TV credentials
STEP 8 – In case of code sign-up, an activation code will be generated
STEP 9 – Enter the provided code on the Fubo activation website
STEP 10 – Submit the code and wait for the confirmation screen to appear

fubotv vizio connect
STEP 11 – Now you can easily access the app and its features

Fubotv screen


There might come an issue where your vizio smart TV model isn’t supported by the Fubo TV application. For this issue you can perform casting. The casting can be done through your cell phone. Here’s how to do it!


STEP 1 – Make sure your TV is connected to Wi-Fi connection
STEP 2 – Now connect your cell phone to the same Wi-Fi
STEP 3 – Install Fubo TV application on your cell phone through the recommended app store
STEP 4 – Now open the app and provide the log-in credentials
STEP 5 – Select any video and play it, on the screen you will see a small cast icon. Click on it
STEP 6 – If you are an IPhone user then you will have to click on AirPlay icon
STEP 7 – Pair with vizio smart TV from the available devices
STEP 8 – You will see that your video is playing perfectly on the TV


By now you must be able to perform Fubo TV vizio connect fixes. If you really want to get this app working on your smart TV then you must try the above fixes. It is guaranteed that after performing them you will have an access to the Fubo TV app. Let us know if this article was helpful in any way for you!


Q – Can I watch Fubo on my vizio smart TV?
A – Yes, you can definitely watch Fubo on your vizio smart TV. If your smart TV is of 2016 model or newer than this then you can easily install the app from the app store. If this is not the case then the β€œCasting Option” is always available for you.

Q – Does vizio smart TV show compatibility with other streaming apps?
A – Yes, vizio smart TV shows compatibility with other streaming apps. It means you can add the streaming apps to your vizio smart TV.

Q – How do I add apps to my vizio TV without the V button?
A – To add apps to your vizio TV without the V button, you will have to use Vizio Internet Apps plus platform.

Q – Where is the app store on vizio TV?
A – Visit the Home Screen of your TV by pressing the V button. Using Vizio Internet Apps, select connected TV store, then all apps. Now choose an app category and you are good to go!


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