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What Is Emergency Heat On Honeywell Thermostat? 2024 Guide

what is em heat honeywell thermostat

Using smart or programmed thermostats are very common these days. If you want to switch to a latest technology then using Honeywell thermostats is the correct way for it. Honeywell thermostats provide great features to its users. If you want to enjoy maximum features while sticking to the latest technology then don’t even hesitate to pick Honeywell thermostat as your purchase option.

Today we are not going to discuss issues like Honeywell thermostat’s screen is not responding or Braeburn thermostat is not working, instead we are going to talk about another feature which is Honeywell EM Heat or you can even say Emergency Heat. What is emergency heat, when to use it and what does Honeywell thermostat EM heat do, all these things will be covered in the next section of this article.


The EM heat on Honeywell thermostat is basically a mode which changes the primary mode of a thermostat to an auxiliary mode. In this process, the Honeywell thermostat uses a furnace or an electric strip to do the heating process. In this auxiliary mode, the ordinary method is not used for heating the room. Instead an electric strip or gas furnace is used depending upon the functionality provided by your thermostat.


If we put this thing into simple words we would say that in ordinary days your thermostat will operate by using the old method i.e. pulling warm air from outside your room. But if the temperature outside falls too low then the conventional method will be of no use. Instead, it will start operating using EM heat in which the primary mode gets switched to auxiliary mode.


If you are living in an area where the temperature is way too low then it becomes a compulsion for you to use EM Heat most of the time. But you should remember one thing that whenever you are using EM Heat on your thermostat then the cost operation will rise significantly due to the usage of gas furnace or electric strip. So if you can afford the bill cost then using Honeywell thermostat emergency heat won’t be a bad deal at all.


There are 3 heat pump modes offered by Honeywell thermostat and those are Primary heat pump, auxiliary heating and backup furnace. We will be discussing each and every mode in great detail so let’s get started!


The working of this mode is similar to an ordinary air conditioner. If you want to cool down your room then it will expel the hot air outside your room and will bring cool air in. Similarly, if you want to heat up your room then it will send the cool air out and will bring the hot air inside your room.


Here auxiliary heating means EM heat. This mode is useful when the temperature outside is too low or too high that the ordinary primary mode isn’t of any use. So the electric strip comes into picture and does the additional efforts. But using this mode will of course rise the cost bar so you should be very cautious while using this mode.


Where electric strip uses electricity, backup furnace uses gas. The working of these two is different because backup furnace uses gas and with the help of that it heats up the room. This process is cheaper as it involves less electricity and more gas. We all know that the gas is comparatively cheaper so it’s a win-win.


Another great thing about Honeywell emergency heat is that you don’t have to turn it ON manually. Not because you cannot do it but because it is not recommended at all. If the temperature outside reaches a limit where the conventional method of heating or cooling isn’t supported, the thermostat will automatically switch to EM heat mode. The advantage of this automatic feature is that firstly, it will save you a lot of money. Secondly, you don’t have to switch it OFF because it will do this task itself once the temperature becomes moderate.


After learning almost everything about Honeywell thermostat, it is now the time to figure out the activation of this mode. Well, figuring this out isn’t much of a demanding task because you just have to witness a red light on your heat pump. If you see such a light then it means the EM Heat is currently ON. If you don’t need it according to your preferences then it is a good idea to turn it OFF to save operation cost.


EM Heat mode offers many features, some of them are listed below.

  • It normalize the temperature when the outside temperature falls too low or gets too high
  • It moderates the temperature within a short duration
  • It is very beneficial if you are living in an area having extreme temperature


We have mentioned all the pros and cons of EM heat in the above section of this article. After reading those we will have a conclusion that you should use EM Heat only in case of emergency. Now what β€œEmergency” actually means here? Emergency could be that you are living in an area which is having extreme climate conditions. In such circumstances you can always consider using EM Heat because that is when you need it the most. The second emergency could be that you have the heat pump of your thermostat damaged so the only possible way now is to turn ON the EM heat. But you must get your heat pump repaired as soon as possible because otherwise you will have to pay a lot of money.


All in all, using EM Heat seems to be very beneficial in most of the cases. The only drawback of this feature or mode is that it will cost you a lot of money if you use it for a longer duration. But if you are using the backup gas furnace then you could overcome even this issue too. Use this mode carefully only when required and also don’t try to turn ON the EM Heat manually because then you will face various inconveniences in the future.


Q – What Is EM Heat?
A – EM Heat is a mode in which the thermostat shifts from its primary mode to an auxiliary mode. Instead of using old conventional method, an electric strip or backup gas furnace is used to normalize the room temperature.

Q – How To Turn ON Emergency Heat On Honeywell Thermostat?
A – Well, turning ON the emergency heat manually isn’t recommended at all because then your thermostat will shift completely to an auxiliary mode. Even if you perform this manually then you will also have to switch OFF the EM heat when not required. If you forget about it then it is going to cost you a lot of money.

Q – Should I Use EM Heat?
A – EM Heat should only be used when the temperature outside is too extreme to handle. If the situation is reversed then there is no need to use this mode.

Q – Can I Run Emergency Heat Overnight?
A – The emergency heat should not be used as a normal heat. Emergency heat should only be used under emergency circumstances i.e. when the climate is extreme or when the heat pump is damaged.

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