Does Ring Record 24/7? Explained (2024)

why is my ring not recording everything

Are you curious about whether Ring records 24/7? Well, the answer is a bit more complicated than a simple yes or no.

First, letโ€™s define what Ring is. The Ring is a popular brand of home security cameras and doorbells that allows homeowners to keep an eye on their property remotely. Ring devices are equipped with motion sensors that trigger recordings when movement is detected within the cameraโ€™s field of view.

So, Does Ring Record 24/7?

The Short Answer Is No. Ring Cameras Do Not Record Continuously Around The Clock. Instead, The Ring Only Records When Motion Is Detected. This Means That If There Is No Movement In Front Of The Camera, There Will Be No Recording.

However, Ring does offer a feature called Ring Protect, which allows you to record and store video footage from your Ring cameras. With Ring Protect, you can choose to have your cameras recorded continuously for up to 60 days. This feature is available with a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

How Does Recording Work In Ring Devices?

The majority of Ring Cameras have motion detection and bell button camera recording. Once the Ring camera detects any movement within its field of view, whether itโ€™s a person, animal, or car, or the ring doorbell is pressed the device will automatically start recording a video. Ring users have the option to customize or disable their notification settings if home, so they can receive alerts when needed.

In addition to recorded videos, Ring also allows users to view live video from their doorbell at any time of the day or night. the live video is not saved or stored in the device. Instead, the video is streamed directly to the userโ€™s mobile phone, allowing them to view a real-time feed from the camera.

How Long Do Ring Doorbells And Security Cameras Record?

When the ring device detects any motion it starts recording. Ring Devicesโ€™ recording default setting is for 20 seconds. but, a video clip. that lasts from 15 seconds up to 120 seconds. This duration can be customized by the user within the Ring app, allowing them to adjust the length of time the device records.

However, If the Ring device is connected to a Ring Protect subscription, the recorded video clips are stored in the cloud for up to 60 days. This allows users to access and review their recorded footage at any time within those 60 days.

Why Isnโ€™t The Ring Recording 24/7?

Ring devices do not record 24/7 by default because doing so would require constant power and storage, which is not practical for a battery-powered device.

Instead, Ring devices are designed to conserve battery life and storage by only recording when motion is detected within their field of view. This ensures that the device is only using power and hold when it needs to be, prolonging the battery life and ensuring that the device is always ready to record when it needs to.

Additionally, recording 24/7 would generate a massive amount of data that would quickly fill up the deviceโ€™s internal storage or cloud storage if available, making it difficult for users to manage and access their recorded footage.

As an alternative, Ring devices offer customizable recording settings that allow users to adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor, set specific motion zones, and even schedule when their device is active, providing a more efficient way to capture momentous events without draining the battery or filling up the storage.

Will Ring Ever Make This Continuous Recording Feature Available?

Back in 2019, Ring made a big announcement about a new feature that would allow their devices to record 24/7. Unfortunately, there hasnโ€™t been any sign of this feature yet, and thereโ€™s no telling whether it will ever become available. This is a bit of a letdown since itโ€™s not the first time Ring has announced something and not followed it.


Q: What Can I Do If 24/7 Recording Is Important To Me?

A: If 24/7 recording is important to you, there are a few things you can do:

  1. Set up motion zones: While Ring devices arenโ€™t designed to record 24/7, you can adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor and set specific motion zones to capture important events efficiently. This can help ensure that youโ€™re capturing important events while conserving battery life and storage space.
  2. Upgrade your Ring subscription: While Ring doesnโ€™t offer 24/7 recording, the Ring Protect Plus subscription does offer ring continuous recording for an unlimited number of Ring devices. Keep in mind that this subscription does come with a cost, but it may be worth it if the continuous recording is important to you.
  3. Consider a different brand or model: While Ring doesnโ€™t offer 24/7 recording, some other home security brands do. You can look for brands that specialize in a dedicated security camera that is designed for 24/7 recording. These cameras are typically hard-wired and have larger storage capacities than Ring devices.

Q: Do I Need A Ring Subscription To View Recordings?

A: Yes, to view past recordings of events captured by your Ring device, you will need a Ring Subscription. However, if you donโ€™t have a subscription, you can still view live video and receive notifications when motion is detected. While a Ring doorbell can still be useful without a subscription, you wonโ€™t be able to access all of the features it offers without one.

Q: What Subscriptions Does Ring Offer?

A: Ring provides its users with two subscription plans to choose from Ring Protect Basic and Ring Protect Plus. With the Ring Protect Basic subscription, users can enjoy ringing continuous video recording, unlimited cloud storage for 60 days, and access to video reviews and sharing features. However, these features are limited to only one Ring camera.

In contrast, the Ring Protect Plus subscription provides users with all the features of Ring Protect Basic, but for an unlimited number of Ring devices. Additionally, this subscription also includes a lifetime warranty for all Ring devices registered under the account.


So, to wrap it up, Ring devices are not designed to record 24/7 because it would drain the battery too quickly and require too much storage space. While Ring promised a 24/7 recording feature in 2019, it has yet to be released. However, Ring offers customizable recording settings that allow users to capture important events efficiently, as well as two subscription plans, Ring Protect Basic and Ring Protect Plus, that offer various features to meet different needs. Overall, Ring remains a popular and reliable choice for many people seeking home security solutions.

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