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How to Clean Samsung TV Screen? 2024 (Easy Guide)

cleaning a tv screen

Do you also include yourself in that minority who doesn’t know much about tech products? Even if you know about them you have no adequate knowledge regarding their maintenance. Well, don’t consider yourself alone as there are many people who are figuring out the same. Sticking strictly to Samsung products can introduce you to the issues like Samsung TV volume not working or you might also wonder Where is the power button on Samsung TV? You don’t have to worry as we are always present at your service to solve your tech related problems.

One of the most talked about problem is β€œHow to clean smart TV screen?” Should we talk about any screen or it must be Samsung TV screen? You should know that all the latest smart TVs use the same cleaning process. In this article we will tell you about DO’s and DONT’S which you should consider while cleaning a TV screen.


If you are thinking that you can just go and buy a Samsung TV screen cleaner and get the job done then you might be wrong here. This is because there isn’t such thing as Samsung TV cleaner. If you don’t know how to clean Samsung smart TV screen then keep reading this article and you will get the answer within no time!


How do I clean my Samsung flat screen TV? If you are wondering about this query then this section of the article is for you. Cleaning a smart TV screen isn’t much of a task but HOW you do is what matters. With the launch of smart products there comes a price tag too. If you want your smart TV or any other product to last longer then you should know how to keep them maintained. There are some important things to consider if you want to know about the best way to clean Samsung TV screen.


The best cleaning essentials which you should use for cleaning a TV screen Samsung are as follows:

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Distilled water
  • Screen Cleaner
  • Cotton T-Shirt

Microfiber cloth

The best combination to use is Microfiber cloth with a screen cleaner. The reason for using this combination is that Microfiber cloth prevents the screen from getting scratched. If you want to have a scratch less screen then it is better to use the above mentioned combination.


If you don’t have an easy access to microfiber cloth then you can even use a cotton shirt. Cotton also has a soft texture so it won’t make any damage to the screen. However, if we talk about water then you have to be specific about the type. Don’t ever use tap water to clean Samsung TV screen or any other smart screen. Reason being, if you use tap water then you will be exposing the screen to many damages which could be caused by the tiny minerals. So the best choice is to use distilled water.

Dish washers (having low percentage of chemicals) can also be used for the same purpose but this should be listed as your last option. Prioritize the use of microfiber with a screen cleaner to stay on a safer side.


You don’t just pick up the cloth and start cleaning the TV screen. There is a sequence of steps that needs to be followed during the procedure.


Pre-cleaning instructions hold very much importance so you need to read this section carefully. If your TV is ON, then the temperature of the screen increases making it slightly hot. If you start the cleaning in this condition then it will have a direct impact on the screen. It is better to switch OFF the TV, wait for it to cool down and then start the cleaning.

Switch OFF The Smart Tv


As the smart TV screens are fragile and very sensitive so it is better to do the actual cleaning very carefully. Follow the below mentioned steps and get a clear TV screen.

STEP 1: If your TV is ON, it is better to switch it off
STEP 2: Wait for the screen to cool down
STEP 3: Spray the screen cleaner on the cloth and start the cleaning
STEP 4: Move the cloth in circular motion while applying gentle pressure
STEP 5: Once the screen has been cleaned, take another dry cloth to get rid of the wetness if any


It is very important to know about the motion movement which you are going to use for cleaning. All the experts have made it pretty clear that if you do screen cleaning while using a circular motion then the chances of your TV screen getting damaged become relatively less. Doing an up and down motion cleaning can leave the marks on the screen and also gives an untidy look.

Cicular Motion cleaning On Smart Tv


You might get excited while cleaning the screen and apply pressure more than the required amount. Doing this could affect the display and could leave marks all over the screen. Always apply low pressure and use soft hands while cleaning. Applying too much pressure can cost you a heavy price in the future.

Low Pressure On Smart Tv


After cleaning the TV screen thoroughly don’t just switch ON the TV immediately. Wait for around 5-8 minutes and then you can turn it on. By doing so you will be taking some extra care of your TV and will be protecting it from several damages. Once you’ve cleaned the screen with a screen cleaner then you can use a dry cloth to clean off the dust, you don’t have to use the cleaner every time as excessive use can also cause damage.


There are some products which are not at all recommended to use especially when it comes to screen cleaning. Sometimes the screen might be more than just dirty, it could contain smears for which you might want to use some restricted products. So it is really important to address the prohibited products that you should not use for cleaning the TV screens.

    The products which have a very high or medium percentage of alcohol should be avoided at all cost. These products will not only damage the outer part of the screen but can also cause a permanent damage to the displaying power.
    Never use bleach for cleaning the TV screens. The chemicals which are used to make bleach are so strong that they can cause long term damaging effects to your TV. It is also very hard to get your TV screen recovered from its effect.
    Every other cleaner contains a mild percentage of ammonia and alcohol in it. This combination is not good for the TV screens as they cause damage to the anti-reflective layer. Getting the anti-reflective layer damaged means that the overall grace of your screen drops to 0.


If you want to clean a flat screen TV without streaks then it is recommended that you should use a high-quality microfiber cloth. Use a good TV screen cleaner as well but it should not contain alcohol or ammonia as it will damage the screen badly.


We tried our best to answer β€œWhat is the best way to clean my TV screen”. By adopting our ways you will definitely get yourself a clean TV screen. We tried covering all the necessary information regarding the cleaning of not just Samsung TV but also of all other smart TVs. Buying the latest product is one thing, but taking care of it is a whole different thing and we are here to provide knowledge of both. If you are facing some other technical issues like Samsung Tv weak or no signal then checkout our Samsung Tv category. Hope you got what you came for!


Q – How Do You Clean Smears Off A TV Screen?
A – Take a container, prepare a solution of water and vinegar. The solution must have a 50 50 amount of water and vinegar. Take a microfiber cloth and dip it in the prepared solution. Wire the cloth tight enough that no drop should come out of it while cleaning. At last start the cleaning by using a soft hand and applying gentle pressure.

Q – Why Using Tap Water Isn’t Recommended For Cleaning The Smart TV Screens?
A – If you are out of dish wash or screen cleaner then you can also use water for the cleaning. But the water should be distilled and not just the regular tap water. Reason being, tap water contains tiny minerals which would cause scratch on your TV screens.

Q – How Do You Clean Fingerprints Off A TV Screen?
A – The procedure for this is pretty simple and straight-forward. Take a piece of cloth (microfiber or cotton cloth) and dip it in distilled water. Wire the cloth so the water drops don’t enter the TV frame. Move the cloth in circular motion while applying gentle pressure.

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