How To Cast Safari Browser To Chromecast – Quick Guide (2024)

how to Chromecast from safari

The technical world is divided into 2 separate mini-worlds; one is for android/windows users and the other one is for apple/Mac users. The reason for this separation depends on many factors like some features which are present in one model and are missing from another one. Both the operating systems have their own browsers as well. For instance, Window users mostly use Google Chrome as their default browser whereas Apple users use Safari as their default browser.


Before proceeding further, it is important to first gather all the essential knowledge regarding these two.


Safari is a web-browser that is available for apple users. Users can use this to do their routine browsing and for other purposes too. Safari has lots of amazing features which might be absent in ordinary browsers. It is same as Google Chrome but with some additional features and available for Mac users.


Google Chromecast is a device that helps to transform your ordinary TV into a smart TV. You can stream different content on your TV as well. It is a very straight-forward application to use, you can use any device like smartphone, tablet or laptop for this purpose.


It is indeed possible to cast safari to Chromecast. Now you must be thinking what is the procedure to follow for this? Don’t worry we will guide you through this like we did when you wanted to watch Fubo on vizio smart TV and the time when you wanted to install Paramount plus on PS4.

Just follow the below mentioned steps in order to Chromecast from safari. Read the steps carefully so you don’t have to face any future inconvenience.


STEP 1 – Search for the HDMI port on your TV and connect Chromecast to it
STEP 2 – Install the HDMI by visiting the β€œTV Source”
STEP 3 – Make sure your MacBook and Chromecast device is connected to the same Wi-Fi
STEP 4 – Now download Google Chromecast from your Safari browser
STEP 5 – After that download Google Chrome and open it.
STEP 6 – Select the 3 dots present at the top right corner of your screen, select β€œCast” option
STEP 7 – From the available options, go for β€œCast Desktop”, your Chromecast device will be shown
STEP 8 – Click on it and connect it
STEP 9 – Open the Safari browser and play your favorite content over there
STEP 10 – You will see that your content is being played on the TV as well

By following the above procedure you will surely be able to cast from Safari without any trouble. The main hack to Chromecast on safari is to follow the steps sequentially without missing any of it.


There is another way to cast from Safari and that is through your IPhone. We have mentioned this fact earlier that you can use any device like laptop, tablet and even IPhone. So this section deals with the procedure to Chromecast Safari from IPhone.


STEP 1 – Grab your IPhone and download Google Chromecast Streamer app
STEP 2 – Connect your Chromecast device with the HDMI port of the TV
STEP 3 – Finish the setup by visiting the β€œTV Source” section and selecting HDMI
STEP 4 – Make sure your Chromecast device and IPhone is connected to the same Wi-Fi
STEP 5 – Open your streamer app, it will show you your Chromecast device. Connect with it
STEP 6 – Select β€œScreen Mirror” from the available options
STEP 7 – Make the required changes and click on β€œMirror” icon
STEP 8 – Select β€œStart Broadcasting”
STEP 9 – The IPhone screen will be displayed on the TV and you can enjoy your favorite content


After answering your query which says β€œHow to Chromecast from Safari” we are now here to solve another query. It is definitely possible to mirror your IPhone to TV even if you don’t own an apple TV. We will be listing several ways one by one which would contribute in this cause.


  1. You can mirror your IPhone to your TV by using an external cable. Establish a connection between your IPhone and TV with the help of AV adapter. Select HDMI from the β€œTV Source” option. Now power up your AV Adapter and you will see the content on your TV in no time.
  2. You can even perform the mirror process with the help of Roku
  3. Chromecast can also be used for this cause (other third-party applications can be used as well)


It is really easy to perform the procedure of casting Safari to Chromecast. All the essential and required information is present above which will get you through this phase. The steps are extremely simple and straight-forward. They just need your undivided attention and you are good to go.


Q – Is Chromecast Compatible With Apple?
A – Yes, Chromecast is not just compatible with Apple but with Android and Windows as well.

Q – Why Won’t Chromecast Cast My Desktop?
A – The reason why your Chromecast isn’t casting your desktop is due to the fact that your Chrome Browser isn’t up to date. Make sure you are using the latest version and secondly establish the connection of your Chromecast and device with the same Wi-Fi connection.

Q – What Apps Work With Chromecast?
A – The following apps work best with Chromecast.

  • Disney++
  • YouTube
  • Netflix
  • Prime Video
  • HBO Max
  • Hulu

Q – How Do I Cast From Safari To TV?
A – Follow the steps in order to cast from Safari to TV.

  • Select β€œControl Center” icon present in the menu bar
  • Choose β€œScreen Mirroring” option
  • Select the desired device from the available devices

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