Cancelled Calls On iPhone And How to Fix it? (2024)

what does canceled call mean

It is a very common fact that most of the users are using android mobile phones. But now with the advancement in technology, people are preferring to buy iPhones for their use. What is so special about these IOS devices? Well, if you are asking this question then you will have to restructure it. Firstly, you need to know this that iPhones are not at all an easy investment to make. They are highly expensive. This high price is due to the mind-blowing features which they have to provide. But of course, nothing is perfect. You will come across minute issues even with the use of this model.


Dealing with freezing issues of HBO Max and buffering issues of Funimation might have made you capable enough that now you can solve other issues too. However, if we specifically talk about iPhone and its cancelled calls then we have so much to discuss! Before jumping forward, we need to know what exactly cancelled calls on iPhone are. This will also answer your query of “What does cancelled call mean” generically and specifically as well.

Suppose if you call someone and it rang for a few seconds. But before the receiver side could answer it, you chose to hang up. What will happen now? Yes, you are right! Your call will be placed in the “Cancelled Calls” section of your call logs. The reason for this call placement is because you decided to hang up. Not because the receiver end decided not to pick up your call.


Now as you are familiar with what cancelled calls are, next step would be telling you about missed calls and the difference between these two. As the name suggests “Missed Call”; the call which wasn’t answer or received. If you are the calling side, then you will witness the call as a cancelled one. On the other hand, if you are the receiving side, then you will witness the call as a missed one. Makes sense, does it?

So till now we have concluded that cancelled calls and missed calls are not at all same. They have different meanings on multiple sides (sending or receiving).


If it is a pain for you to look at the call information every time you open your call logs then what you can do is remember the colors associated with different calls. Suppose if you answer or dial a call then it will appear in black. If you have missed any call then it will appear in red. As long as outgoing calls are concerned, they will have a small headset icon present on the left side. Now it is up to you to decide whether it is easier to remember the color scheme or go through the details.


It is not always compulsory that the cancelled call will be considered as a cancelled one just because you hung up real quick. Sometimes there could be a network error, it means the call never reached the receiving side and you cancelled it thinking they won’t pick up. The second reason could be that you call a person, he declines it and the call doesn’t get a chance to go into the voicemail. This type of calls will also be labelled as cancelled call IPhone.


There is a high probability for you to think that you are blocked when your calls are not being answered. But are you sure regarding this matter? I mean there could be other explanations too, then how could you say that the other person has blocked your number? If you want to know more about this issue then here’s what to do!


  • Single Ring:

If you call a person and you only hear a single ring, after that your call goes straight into the voice mail. If this keeps happening then you are smart enough to understand the reason behind it. Even if you are given the option to leave a voice mail message, the other person will never receive it because your number is in their blocked list. It could be a big indication that your number has been blocked. The trick here is to consider the pattern carefully.

  • Recording:

Another trick to know whether your number is blocked or not is encountering a recording. If you call someone and right after calling them, you hear a recording saying “The number isn’t available” then consider it as an indirect way to say “Your number is blocked”.

  • Text Messages:

Before telling about this hack, we must tell you that it is not 100% authentic. There might be some different cases regarding this. The trick is to send a text message to another person. If the message gets successfully delivered then it means your number isn’t blocked. But if you get no notices then sorry to say, chances are that you might have your number blocked. There could be another case that if you come across no notices then maybe the receiver has put his IPhone on “Do not disturb” mode.

Now after reading this section of the article you might be able to answer your query saying “Does cancelled call mean blocked”? If you can differentiate between the two of them then you can actually figure out whether your number is blocked or not.


If you don’t want your calls to be labelled as “Cancelled” then you can do one thing. If you call a person and you let it ring for more than 5 seconds then definitely it will be considered as a cancelled call. But if you hang up right before the first ring then it won’t be labelled as a cancelled one. However, this is not an efficient solution because many external factors are involved. For instance, there are many network companies which transfer the ring at the second you call. So you have to be quick enough to do a hang-up process.

Secondly, some companies inform their customers that xyz called you at this time and you missed the call. This type of call will also be considered as a cancelled one. So you can avoid this scenario in only two cases – either you encounter a network issue or it is your luck!


We cannot give a definite answer of this question but we can address different reasons for this. Following are some of the reasons why would someone cancel the call.


Sometimes you don’t have enough call credit so instead of doing anything else you just call the person wondering that they will give a call back.


It might have happened to everyone that instead of calling the right person they call the wrong number. Sometimes it is the similarity in names or the confusion between numbers which lets a person to have his/her call being labelled as cancelled.


As discussed earlier, if you face a network inconvenience then at that time too you will have your call labelled as “Cancelled”. The call doesn’t reach to the receiving side if your network has some trouble issues. You won’t even get a chance to hear the ring and the call will be cancelled within no time.


There are some people who experience fun by calling a random number and hanging up immediately. So this could be another reason for why would someone cancel the call.


There is a big difference between the blocked calls and the declined ones. If your number has been blocked then the call will only ring once and then it will go straight to the voice mail. However, if someone is ignoring your calls or declining them then it will ring for a few times and then will get transferred to the voice mail.

There are some apps like WhatsApp which explicitly tells whether the other person has declined your call or hasn’t answered it. If it is the decline then surely you will be notified as “Call Declined”. If the call keeps on ringing then there will come a time when the call automatically ends and you witness a “Not Answering” message.


There are various ways out of which some of them are in receiver’s control and the remaining ones have sender control. Cancelled calls are normally not considered very important and everyone thinks that they know everything about them. But sometimes we ignore the small details and later they become a reason for our inconvenience. So make sure to give this article a read and expand your knowledge!


Q – Will I Have My Call Cancelled If Someone Has Blocked Me?
A – Well it depends. If you hear a single ring and then your call goes to the voicemail then yes chances are that you have your number blocked.

Q – How Will I Know If Someone Is Declining My Calls?
A – If you want to know whether someone is declining your calls or not, just observe the pattern carefully. Make a call and let it ring for a few seconds. After it the call will automatically go into the voice mail. If this keeps on happening that the other person might be declining your calls.

Q – Are Prank Calls Considered As Cancelled Ones?
A – Yes, most of the people call the person and right after the single ring they hang up. This is the exact same pattern which is followed by a cancelled call.


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