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Braeburn Thermostats Not Working – (9 Easy Fixes) 2024

braeburn thermostat troubleshooting

We all have many household appliances in our homes that help us for different purposes. We use different branded appliances that are smart or might also have bugs in them. Braeburn is a popular company that manufactures some amazing home appliances, safe and easy to use.

Still, if we use any electrical device for too long, we can have some problems with it. Thermostats are devices used to automatically control the cooling and heating temperature of your room. If they suddenly stop working, shows a black screen, or reset their readings multiple times, then there must be something wrong with the device.

If your Braeburn thermostats won’t turn on and stop working, don’t worry as it is a very common issue nowadays. We are here to help you out with some useful troubleshooting tips that you can use to fix your Braeburn thermostat reset button that stops working.

Fix A Thermostat That Is Not Working (Troubleshooting Tips)

When you notice that your Braeburn thermostat troubleshooting has stopped working, you want to fix it as soon as possible because dealing with harsh weather can be tough. All you need to do first is locate its components, then you are good to go. Many companies promise reliable appliances still they can have some issues. If the readings are automatically increasing/decreasing, then there must be some problems with your thermostat.

1- Change Poor Batteries:

If your reset Braeburn thermostat stops working, the first reason can be low/poor batteries that may have run out of energy. As most appliances work with batteries, your thermostat screen displays a low battery warning.

The easiest way to fix this issue is to throw poor batteries out and replace them with new ones, even if the thermostat screen does not show a low battery indicator. Prefer smart and reliable batteries that last longer. This step will quickly help you.

2- Reset Your Device:

If everything is in order and still your Braeburn thermostat blacklight not working, then there might be a glitch or bug in your factory resetting system. The simplest step is to reset the factory settings system to its default settings. Every electric appliance has a Reset button on the front or side. For this grab a tool, and open its case.

How do I reset my braeburn thermostat?

The Reset button of the Braeburn thermostat not turning on is located inside a small hole. Grab any tiny tool that can reach the Reset button. When you find your thermostat reset button, hold it for 5 seconds and then release it. This will immediately remove the glitches in your thermostat. Your settings will be set to default and the screen will continue displaying results.

3. Replace the Blown Fuse:

If your thermostat’s display goes blank, then your fuse might have blown out. A fuse damages due to extreme power outrages which can affect the power supplies directly.

Check the fuse in the circuit breaker. If the fuse is out of power, replace it with a new working fuse. Replacing your broken fuse with a new one will get your thermostat back to working again.

4. Check Circuit Breakers:

Another reason for unresponsive thermostats can be disorder circuits. If your batteries are new and still thermostat is not working, check your circuits. Look at the breaker if it’s tripped or turned off. Try to place it back in the order or turn it on.

5. Request Expert’s Help:

If you have tried all the possible troubleshooting steps and still the Braeburn thermostat doesn’t work properly, then this can be due to some severe power issue. For this try reaching out to any technician who can diagnose the actual problem and fix it. Contact support for Help in case you dont want to harm yourself.

6. Unlock Your thermostat:

Every reset Braeburn thermostat has a 3-digit lock system. In Lock Mode, you cannot adjust the temperature. This can be the issue your thermostat has stopped working. You can unlock it anytime by entering the code and resetting it to default settings.

7. Clean AC’s Dirty Air Filter:

Clogged filters can also be the cause of inoperative thermostats or unusual cooling in the room. You need to swap out AC’s air filters thoroughly to clean any dirt or obstructive particles. This will help fix the unusual cooking temperature.

For this, you need to search for the air filters near your thermostat. Open its grills, you’ll find the AC’s air filters. Grab the air filter and clean it with a soft cloth. Place it near the arrows back again. Carefully tighten all the screws of the grill.

8. Set The Thermostat To ‘Cool Mode’:

If the thermostat is not cooling, there must be some issue with the cooling section of the device. Set your thermostat to “Cool Mode” to activate the cooling section of the HVAC system. Check the mode settings. Set the temperature to 3 or lower than room temperature to test its cooling.

9. Check Thermostat’s Settings:

Is your thermostat’s heat not working? For this check “Gas Valve” in Settings. Set the temperature above room temperature. Make sure the heat is set to “Auto” mode. If this doesn’t work try turning ON the gas valve. Be careful or this might end in gas leakage.

Braeburn Thermostat Troubleshooting FAQs:

Q: Why reset Braeburn thermostat stops working?

A: Due to multiple reasons, your thermostat might have stopped working. A good stable connection may not be reaching your thermostat, circuit breaker issue, poor batteries that may have run out of energy or the device is being used for too long.

Q: How often should I reset my thermostat?

A: If your thermostat stops working or you notice faded digits, or frequent temperature changes, reset your Braeburn thermostat troubleshooting, reset the device and you are good to go.

Q: If the thermostat’s screen goes blank, what is the first thing to do?

A: Check the power indicator, if it is low then the battery must have run out. Replace it with new batteries. If still it doesn’t work, try all the possible solutions we have mentioned in the article.

Q: Why does my Braeburn thermostat not turning on need a Reset?

A: By resetting your thermostat to its default settings, it will fix issues like sudden glitches, unresponsive screens, and unusual temperature readings. By resetting, all issues will be fixed in seconds.

Final Thoughts:

It can be frustrating to spend in harsh climates without a stable thermostat. I’m sure that all these troubleshooting steps will help you fix it. Follow them carefully and if you cannot find the problem, try requesting the expert’s help. The best ways are to replace tripped circuits, fuses or poor batteries with smart ones.

Make sure you’ve turned off your device before touching batteries or wires. Keep in mind resetting will remove all the user settings and set it to default. Hope this article helps you fix the Braeburn thermostat won’t turn on using all the handy troubleshooting tips. Stay tuned for more.

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