Braeburn Thermostat Not Cooling: How To Fix (2024)

braeburn thermostat troubleshooting

New Year, new thermostat. I recently switched to Braeburn thermostat from Ecobee thermostat. Purchasing a new thermostat was a demanding task as I didn’t know much about its troubleshooting methods. Although the other things like cleaning the pipes and checking the air filters are similar but the difference occurs in trouble shooting methods.

It was summer time when I realized that my Braeburn air conditioner was not working. This realization took place because I was unable to experience a comfortable temperature in the environment. What was it? Why was my Braeburn thermostat not working? I spent a good amount of time while searching for the fixes and finally got to know them!

Braeburn Air Conditioner Not Cooling Might Be Due To Coolant Leaks Or Insufficient Amount Of Power Supply. Check If The Ac Filters Need A Replacement Or The Thermostat Is In Need Of A Reset Process.


Braeburn thermostat blinking cool is an issue which is faced commonly by most of the users. There is nothing to worry about as we have got it all covered. I came across various trouble shooting methods which I want to share with you all. In the next section of this article I would like to address all the possible reasons for the occurrence of this error along with their fixes.


Following are some of the most commonly adopted troubleshooting methods.


After reading this heading you might have a query in your mind asking β€œHow to reset Braeburn thermostat”? Well, you don’t need to worry at all because we will be explaining the whole process in great detail.

Sometimes your thermostat might be in a need for a reset process. Reason being, with the passage of time some small bugs prevent your thermostat from performing properly. Resetting your thermostat will definitely make these bugs go away.


To reset your thermostat, follow the below mentioned steps.

STEP 1 – Head towards your thermostat and look into its front panel

STEP 2 – Now find the β€œRESET” button

STEP 3 – Press this button using a thin object like a paper clip, pen or a toothpick

STEP 4 – Once you have done this you will see that the reset procedure will start in no time

Resetting the thermostat will bring all the set settings to default and you will have to configure them again.

Checking air filters is another important troubleshooting method to pay attention to. If your thermostat is having dirty AC filters then you need to clean them as soon as possible. Clogged AC filters will block the cool air from reaching the room and eventually you will experience Braeburn thermostat not turning ON AC error.

If the AC filters are dirty then you can clean them by your own. However, if they need a replacement then you will have to do that. There is a specific amount of time after which it becomes compulsory for you to change the AC filters. The replacement process isn’t complicated at all but if you still want to ask for additional help then it is up to you.


STEP 1 – Loose the clamps of your thermostat’s grill and then remove the cover carefully

STEP 2 – Look for the air filters, take them out once you’ve found them

STEP 3 – Examine the condition of the filters accordingly;

If the filters are grayish brown and extremely dirty Γ  make a replacement

If the filters are whitish Γ  just clean them carefully

STEP 4 – Now place back the filters in such a way that the arrows are pointing to the wall

STEP 5 – Make sure you slide in the bottom part first and then the top part of the filters

STEP 6 – Put back the cover and tighten the clamps


If you see your Braeburn thermostat stuck at 80 then it might be due to the presence of coolant leaks. If you have recently got your thermostat installed then there might be a coolant leak due to improper installation. The manufacturing defect in the unit might also result in the occurrence of coolant leaks.

Another possibility is the presence of corrosion. If there is a corrosion then the acid will definitely produce feeds on the metal. As a result, the HVAC system will release the coolant. If your exterior HVAC system is damaged even then there might be coolant leaks.

If your system is delivering warm air or is making weird sounds then it is time to get these issues resolved. It is a technical task to perform so it is recommended that you take help of an expert having sufficient knowledge in this domain.

Another reason why your Braeburn thermostat won’t change the temperature is because it isn’t getting sufficient amount of supply from the source. Braeburn thermostat not heating or cooling might be due to the inadequate amount of power received by the thermostat.

If you see the LED’s and the programming unit being light up then it doesn’t show that the thermostat is working properly. You need to perform some extra steps to be sure of the situation.


Perform the following steps in order to be sure whether your thermostat is getting sufficient power supply or not.


Make sure that the temperature is set to the lowest possible value. After that flip the fan switch to β€œON”. After waiting for some time if you don’t observe any change or hear the blower’s sound then it means there lies an issue.


Make sure you have the mounting plate and cover removed from your thermostat. Remove the red and green wire. Swap these wires and insert them again into the terminals. If you hear a fan start then it means the thermostat is powered ON.


If you don’t want to disconnect the wires then you will need a multi-meter to do the process. Take the probes of the multi-meter and touch one of the probes to the red wire and the other one to either green, white or yellow wire. If the reading is between 22-26V then you don’t need to worry. However a 0V reading might be concerning for you.


If none of the above mentioned fixes work out for you then you can ask for professional help by contacting the customer support. They will tell you the relevant solution to the problem and you will be able to fix it in no time.


There will come days when you will be unable to figure out the root cause for a particular problem. However, if you do a regular practice of solving the issues on your own then you will definitely know how to deal with different errors. Solving Braeburn not cooling error is an easy task, but if you find it difficult then you can always contact the customer care for help on the how to fix Braeburn thermostat topic.


Q – Why Is My Thermostat Not Getting Cooler?
A – If your thermostat is not getting cooler then you might want to check the air vents. The air vents might be blocked due to which the cool air is unable to reach the surrounding.

Q – How Can I Resolve The Issue Of My Thermostat Not Cooling Properly?
A – If your thermostat is not cooling properly then adopt one of the below mentioned troubleshooting methods.

  • Check the AC air vents
  • Check the power supply to the thermostat
  • Look for the coolant leaks
  • Reset the thermostat

Q – How Do I Reset My AC Braeburn?
A – Follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Turn OFF the thermostat
  • Remove the batteries
  • Press the RESET button
  • Now replace the batteries
  • Lastly, switch the position to COOL or HEAT
  • Turn ON the thermostat again

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