All 4 Not Working On Smart TV? (5 Fixes Explained) 2024

all 4 channel not working

When you buy any smart product especially smart TV then you decide that each and every app should be installed on it. If any application is not available for downloading then you could also use it online. Buying a smart TV is a heavy investment but you afford it somehow because of the perks which come along with it.

Installing an app like Peloton on your smart TV is not a very demanding task. But what if sometimes your installed app doesnโ€™t work on your TV? What will you do then? Today we are here to talk about such an application which creates hurdles and generates several errors. All 4 app is a smart TV application which provides a wide range of channels to its users. Let it be sports channel, entertainment channel or any other channel, you will have an access to all of them.


There is a possibility that all 4 streaming app doesnโ€™t work on your smart TV. The reason for this isnโ€™t just a single reason but multiple. You cannot just pin point one reason and blame it for the cause. There are many reasons for this problem which we will be discussing one by one. Against every reason we will provide its respective fix which you can perform to get rid of this problem.


Down below we have a list of reasons prepared which is preventing the channel app to work smoothly on your smart TV.


The biggest and first reason that why the all 4 app isnโ€™t working is because your TV is of an older version. According to the Samsung terms and conditions, it was decided that all the Samsung TV models of 2011 and 2012 will not be able to run all 4 channel app. Reason being that all 4 channel app finds it difficult to maintain its working in these older versions. Thatโ€™s why if your TV model lies between 2011 and 2012 then chances are that you might not be able to see this channel app working on your TV.



Well, the only sensible solution for this problem is to change your TV and buy an upgraded model instead. We know that this is a very expensive investment to make thatโ€™s why we have an alternative solution as well. If you canโ€™t afford to buy a new TV then by using third-party applications like Firestick or Chromecast, you can easily make this app to work on your TV.


In most of the cases, if an app isnโ€™t working then the reason might be that the application isnโ€™t in its latest version. This pending update stops the working of the app and will continue to do so until and unless it is updated.

Using smart products is comparatively easy than maintaining them. You will have to keep a constant check and balance on the updates and other stuff so the apps donโ€™t stop working. You have two solutions for this; either enable the auto-update option of your smart TV or regularly update them.

Upgradation Requirement


To update the all 4 channel app just follow the below mentioned steps and you will be good to go.

STEP 1 โ€“ Make sure your TV is turned ON
STEP 2 โ€“ Take the remote and look for โ€œHomeโ€ button, press it
STEP 3 โ€“ Navigate towards โ€œMy Appsโ€ section
STEP 4 โ€“ Look for โ€œUpdatesโ€ option, click on it
STEP 5 โ€“ If your app has a pending update then make the update quickly
Updating the all 4 app might do the trick and you could enjoy a wide range of channels on your TV.


If the channel 4 streaming app is already in its latest version then the issue might be with your smart TV. Just like apps, smart TVs also require frequent updates. If they are not updated on time then a compatibility issue might arise and your desired app will stop working. The simplest solution of this problem is to update your TV according to the latest technology. If your TV is using the latest version then you donโ€™t have to worry as the origin of the problem is another one. But, if youโ€™r Tv screen turns green after update then solve this problem first.

Software Update Of SMart Tv


Updating your smart TV is a very easy-to do task. Just follow the below instructions and you will get the job done in no time.

STEP 1 โ€“ Make sure you have your TV switched ON
STEP 2 โ€“ Take your remote and press โ€œMenuโ€ button
STEP 3 โ€“ Now look for โ€œSettingsโ€ and then click on โ€œSupportโ€
STEP 4 โ€“ You will see an option which says โ€œSoftware Updatesโ€, visit this section
STEP 5 โ€“ Click on โ€œUpdate Nowโ€ and you will have your TV using the latest version

After updating your TVโ€™s software, you now will be able to access all 4 app on your smart TV.


Is all 4 not available in your location? Well this issue might occur when your PC has a different IP address. Due to this difference, the app becomes unavailable in your region or location causing several errors. However, the fix of this problem is an easy one to solve so let us discuss it, shall we?


What do you do when your desired app isnโ€™t working in your location? Obviously you opt for another way to get the app working. That โ€œAnother wayโ€ is using a VPN. Yes, you heard it right! If the app is not supported in your area then use an external VPN to get the app working. By doing this you will not have to put additional efforts into it, just install an authentic VPN and you are good to go.


Resetting a smart hub might do the trick as well. During this process if any temporary bugs are causing some kind of problem then they will be fixed quickly. So do consider this fix as well while trying other fixes as well.


To reset your smart hub, a series of sequence has to be followed carefully.

STEP 1 โ€“ Find the โ€œMenuโ€ button on your smart remote
STEP 2 โ€“ Visit the โ€œSettingsโ€ section
STEP 3 โ€“ Now select โ€œSupportโ€ and then go for โ€œDevice Careโ€ option
STEP 4 โ€“ You will see an option of โ€œSelf-Diagnosisโ€, click on it
STEP 5 โ€“ Click on the โ€œReset Smart Hubโ€ option and the job will be done accordingly


We didnโ€™t mention resetting your TV because it is a very common fix to perform. In most of the cases, it is the first and most common fix that users usually give a try to. Other than this, we have told you about every possibility that could be the reason for why your all 4 app isnโ€™t working on your Samsung TV.


Q โ€“ Why canโ€™t I get all 4 on my smart TV?
A โ€“ If you canโ€™t get all 4 on your smart TV then the reason could be one of the following:
โ€ข Software update requirement
โ€ข Older TV models
โ€ข Compatibility issue
โ€ข Location unavailability

Q โ€“ How do I update all 4 apps on Samsung TV?
A โ€“ For updating the all 4 apps on Samsung TV perform the following steps:
STEP 1 โ€“ Turn ON your TV
STEP 2 โ€“ Look for โ€œHomeโ€ button, press it
STEP 3 โ€“ Navigate towards โ€œMy Appsโ€
STEP 4 โ€“ Search for โ€œUpdatesโ€ option, click on it
STEP 5 โ€“ If your app has a pending update then make the update and if not then leave it

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